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 implosion clarification

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PostSubject: implosion clarification   implosion clarification I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 16 2012, 07:57

ok so after reading one of the threads here i started to think about it,

an implosion missile fired at, by example some wolf guard terminators from a void raven, hits 3, all fail the wound test of 1, 1 makes his invulnerable save, 2 die. HAHA.

same situation as above but logan is the closest model to raven, no wounds are applied due to eternal warrior rule from faq. technically this is the ruling, how do others perceive this?

is this just another glitch in the rules that we need to "move" around or will GW faq again
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Tiri Rana
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PostSubject: Re: implosion clarification   implosion clarification I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 16 2012, 08:55

This may sound strange, but it's correct. The implosion missile is used, as if it caused wounds, even though it technically doesn't.
That can lead to a situation, where some instant death 'wounds' are caused, but they have no effect, because they can't affect the model, they are allocated to.

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implosion clarification
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