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 2000 points Vs. space Wolves

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2000 points Vs. space Wolves Empty
PostSubject: 2000 points Vs. space Wolves   2000 points Vs. space Wolves I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 15 2012, 15:09

My List -
Jetseer fortune, doom, spear, RoWarding, spirit stones
3 jetlocks , embolden, 3 spears
3 guardian jetbikes, shuriken cannon

Archon huskblade, drugs, soul trap, PGL, shadow field, WARLORD

2x 4 trueborn, 2 splinter cannon, HWG, Venom w/ extra cannon
5 incubi in a raider w/ aethersails

3x 5 warriors in a venom w/ extra cannon

2x ravager with disintegrator cannons

9 reavers 3 HL, 1 champ w/ venom blade

Ive been playing this list for a couple weeks so I'm getting the hang of it. It appeals to my playstyle.

His list(going by memory on this, he was using double force org also)

RP with Jaws and LL, chooser
RP with LL and hurricane

2x lone wolves with chain fist and SS
3 wolf guard in PA

2x 10 GH, plasma, melta, mark of wolfen, wolf standard
2x 5GH melta

landspeeder MM, Typhoon ML
landspeeder HB and Typhoon ML

2x 5 long fangs 3 ML, 2 plasma cannon(1 squad has TL las razorback)
2x vindicators w/ dozer blades.

2x (yes two) Aegis Defense lines with quad guns

Just look at all that badness in his list. Look at it. Then imagine the WORST mission and table set up you can get, and that's what we rolled. Purge the alien with vanguard deployment. Kill points (which I give up easier than a drunk prom date) and a narrow table setting to keep me bottled up and in range of most of his shooting. Oh and he got first turn. We did have a fairly good amount of terrain so I knew I could get cover saves at least for most of it. I roll for drugs (+1wpn skill) and warlord (outflanking units blah blah blah, dosent matter). Oh and just to add some more salt to the wound, no night fighting.

I'll base this off my point of view looking down the table toward his edge.

He sets up his defense lines at the 24" mark, an almost unbroken chain of them across the table. Working left to right behind the line we have Quad gun manned by RP and 5 GH squad Land speeder behind then, Vindicator with laz razorback behind it) LF squad, 10 GH squad, lone wolf, Vindicator, Lone wolf, LF squad, 10 GH squad, MM landspeeder, 5 GH squad and RP on Quad gun.

I set up aggressively, I figure if we're gonna do it, lets do it. I set up on the 24" line, iall the way on the left side of the board so as to deny him bringing the full weight of his army against my paper planes. That far right quad gun and vindi wouldent be shooting at anything for a turn or 2. In some area terrain I park my raider with archon, haem and incubi. In the same terrain I put a squad of SC trueborn. I reserved 2 squads of warriors in their venoms and the guardian jetbikes. Everything else deploys in or behind terrain on the left side of the board except for the reavers, which I nominate to try and tie up his right flank for a couple turns so I place them in area terrain on the far right.

I try to steal the initiative and roll a "2".

SW turn 1, or "take all your crap and put it back in the case"
quad gun assplodes a ravager. Vindi moves up, laz razorback moves up and immobilizes itself, then blows up the archons raider out of spite killing an incubi. Long fangs explode warrior venom killing 3, other quad gun kills 3 reavers, RP takes a would from perils. Lone wolves move up and run, right side Vindi move up. Landspeeders turbo up. First blood space wolves.

DE turn 1- Please stop shooting me Sad
Jetseer and his council turbo up the left side, its a bold move but I'm not going to get anywhere sitting them in the back and he's brought more vehicles than I usually see and I need to get those spears working. Venoms shuffle around to lget LoS to the far left quad gun and it dies in a hail of splinter fire. Reavers turbo up the right side and over the line, doing 6d3 bladevanes and killing 1 dude. Way to go guys. Archon and group shuffle around, try to get out of LoS and stay in cover while realizing they brought a knife to a gun fight. Ravager shoots ap2 at left hand LF squad and they go to ground but still lose a guy.

SW turn 2-
More stuff shuffles around, 10 GH squad on the right shoots pistols at the reavers then charges them, I kill a couple with overwatch and arena champ but they are wiped. He glances a venom, lone wolves move up some more. He shoots the left side GH squad at my jetseer council and dosent kill anything (rerollable 3+ for the win). The GH squad loses a couple to overwatch and fails their charge. More incubi die to vindicator cannon as well as a venom, killing 2 warriors. he moves the RP from the LF squad to the 10 man GH squad

DE turn 2-
None of my units come in. Hooray. Jetseer council put 4 spears into the back of the left vindi and wreck it then use their jetbike move to get out of range of assault(i hope). More shooting from the venoms sees the far left 5 man GH squad shot off the board. He goes to ground with the LF squad again.

SW turn 3-
Stuff moves around, 10 man GH squad shoots at the jetseer and kills 2. Lone wolf charges them, takes a wound on overwatch and makes it to CC. 2+ and FNP saves him and he whiffs on me, we are stuck in. His far right flank is prettymuch out of the fight. They dont have any real way to move other than footslogging(which is what I was going for) so his quad gun takes some pot shots at random warriors in terrain and kills a couple. Other vindi moves around to get shots at my stuff and puts a glance on a venom with its stormbolter.

DE turn 3-
I'm thinking this isnt too bad, I might be able to squeak out a draw if I play smart. Reserves sees a warrior squad in a venom arrive along with Guardian jetbike squad. Guardian jetbikes move up and just get in range with their cannon to get shots on a speeder. Assploded it. Jetseer dies a horrible death from a chainfist to the face. Venoms keep shooting, kill a few more. I make a mistake here and I'd like to point it out. I ended up shooting my ravager at his lone remaning speeder. I figured 9 shots, strength 5 vs. av10 I can get a couple glances at least, right? Nope, waste of shots.

SW turn 4-
His landspeeder returns the favor by exploding my ravager. Las razorback takes out a venom, terminators move up, the wounded one gets in charge distance of the 2 warriors, I overwatch and kill it. This was another mistake. At this point he's kinda out of steam. His big hitters are dead and I'm still flopping around.

DE turn 4-
My last squad of warriors come in with their venom. I shoot everything into the last remaining squad on the left, killing a few more. Guardian jetbikes wreck the other landspeeder and use their jetbike move to get farther up the board to threaten the las razorback.

SW turn 5-
He shoots the other quad gun at the incubi, killing several. LL sees more die, only archon and haem are left. His Gh squad stands up from when they had gone to ground.

DE turn 5-
guardian jetbikes are on a frak ROLL. get rear shots on the immobilized laz razorback and wreck it. Archon runs into some LoS blocking terrain. I'm playing denial here now, I shoot 2 venoms and 2 splinter cannon trueborn into his last squad and kill his RP warlord. Yay me. We roll and game continues.

SW turn 6
He moves his lone wolf to try and get a charge on my last remaining squad of warriors, I do NOT overwatch and he fails the charge range. He shoots at the Archon and Haem but I pass my cover saves like a boss.

DE turn 6-
Venoms and trueborn finish off the squad in the open. There really isnt anything left for me to shoot at, I dont want to risk exposing myself to the LoS of that remaining quad gun on the hope I might get another kill point. We roll it and game ends!

SW's got first blood, I killed a Lone wolf and he got 9 KP off me = 11
DE got warlord, he had a Lone wolf alive at the end and I got linebreaker with the guadian jetbikes = 11

I'm happy with a draw!!

That's a very very tough list, and I really dont think I could have gotten a worse set of missions, table set up and warlord traits but I feel like that was a learning experience.

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2000 points Vs. space Wolves Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2000 points Vs. space Wolves   2000 points Vs. space Wolves I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 17 2012, 17:47

I ended up with Vanguard Strike last time I played, and I actually quite enjoyed it, it was a bit different. I lost, but hey ho...

His list sounds murderous though, well done to get a draw!

My other car is a Ravager
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2000 points Vs. space Wolves
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