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 Conflicting elements

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PostSubject: Conflicting elements   Conflicting elements I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 28 2012, 07:33

Hey guys, I am rather new to Dark Eldar and coming over from a Nurlge army I'm at quite the tactical disadvantage. When I first decided to start DE I thought that spamming Warriors would be a good idea (half of the decision was made by the fact that the store was out of Wyches, and I just wanted to buy models lol) So I'm left with quite the disarray of models that I have no idea how to use.

Available to me are:

1 Archon
1 Succubus

9 Wychs (one was converted to a Succubus)
20 Warriors

9 Trueborn

5 Mandrakes

1 Raider

Now when I played with this list, it fared rather poorly, so my regular opponent (who plays Tyranids) told me to make a larger list, proxy models, and we'd get back to the table in a few weeks. With that in mind I created a list that had all kinds of elements that shouldn't have worked on paper, and yet it absolutely performed wonders!!

If I can recall correctly (which I probably wont) it contained the following:


20 warriors in raiders
30 wyches in raiders

5 Grotesques (accompanied by the Archon)

2 Cronos Pain Engines

There may have been a unit or two I missed but I remember this as being the basis of my list.

I found with this list that Warriors still did not perform as intended. I had been trying to use them as a gun boat to target MCs and they just failed miserably. Part of that I admit was the lack of actually shooting. By the time they saw any action, it was too late for them to be effective.

I loved how the Pain Engines functioned. I used them slightly behind my front line dropping pie plates and handing out Pain Tokens to any unit that needed them. I found this buffed up my Archon with the Grotesques rather quickly (as well as my Wyches), and despite being hindered by their lack of mobility made them a pivotal unit on the front lines.

The Wyches....they stole my heart!! With more tactical thought then in previous games, I outmaneuvered my Tyranid opponent (which never happens!) and by choosing my when and wheres as well as how many, I was able to shut down half the table and take out his scoring units. Alas once his Trygon and Hive Tyrant joined the fray, I was grossly outmatched at that point.

Now, the question remains. I keep reading this book and I like almost everything about it, and consequently when trying to decide on a nice, decent sized list I'm left with too many points spent in one place and not enough spent elsewhere. I want to stay heavy on the Wyches, but I don't want my Warriors and converted Trueborn to go to waste. I really like the idea of a Haemonculus army, but I'm not 100% sold on wracks yet and an Archon seems out of place. I love the Grotesques, and Cronos Engines, but I feel that with the introduction of Flyers, I will be at quite a disadvantage if I took a CC route.

So with that said, how could I find a possible middle ground with all this?? How can I be able to maintain some control in CC without relinquishing my Anti-Tank or Anti-Flier abilities? Currently my only opponent is Tyranids, due to us both not really wanting to resort to suffering smelly, whiney, rules lawyering pubescent teenagers (like we once were) in favor of more friendly and relaxed games, but I find myself wanting to explore the webways and try my hand with other opponents and prove my mettle. I currently try and limit my lists to 1500pts as this is the most common size we play, but I would also love to explore larger games all the way up to Apocolypse.
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Conflicting elements
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