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 Wych Cults of Commorragh: The Cursed Blade

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Wych Cults of Commorragh: The Cursed Blade Empty
PostSubject: Wych Cults of Commorragh: The Cursed Blade   Wych Cults of Commorragh: The Cursed Blade I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10 2011, 12:45


In Commorragh, the term 'cursed blade' does not refer to a physical weapon, but instead to an individual or organisation that rebels against its masters. The Cult of the Cursed Blade has earned its name many times over, so much so that even for a well-protected Archon to invite Wyches from this Cult into his palace is tantamount to cutting his own throat. Treachery is held as the greatest of all virtues by the Cursed Blade, for by a process of hyper-accelerated natural selection, the warrior women of the cult ensure that only the strongest and most cunning survive within their ranks. Weapons that deceive and wrong-foot the foe are almost universal within their warrior cliques - a great many Lacerai. refine their razorflail skills within the blade-lined colonnades of the Nhexus arena, and many a harmless-looking ornament worn by the Wyches contains a hidden snap-sword, a poison barb or a pair of flickblades.

Wych Cults of Commorragh: The Cursed Blade Scanne21 Wych Cults of Commorragh: The Cursed Blade Scanne22

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Wych Cults of Commorragh: The Cursed Blade
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