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 Kabal of the Screaming Blade

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Kabal of the Screaming Blade Empty
PostSubject: Kabal of the Screaming Blade   Kabal of the Screaming Blade I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 12 2012, 06:47

My Dark Eldar are of the Kabal of the Screaming Blade.

I have a bit of background worked out for my Kabal and its ruler(s), notable characters, and units, along with its history and overall standing in the twisted and ever-shifting hierarchy of Commorragh and beyond. However, I'm not quite ready to share it...almost, but not quite there. I'm strange in that, to me, once something is written, it is, you know? If that somehow makes any sense...

That said, I'm hard at work on it, and as soon as I have the chance to truly sort it out and finish things up to my satisfaction, I'll be posting it here in this thread, for the approval and entertainment of my esteemed fellow Archons and Archites.

Needless to say, more on the mysterious upstarts of the Screaming Blade and its myriad "allies" is forthcoming...stay tuned, brothers and sisters...


Dominex of the Kabal of the Screaming Blade
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Kabal of the Screaming Blade
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