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 Stories & Art - All Rules and Legal Information For Work In This Forum

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PostSubject: Stories & Art - All Rules and Legal Information For Work In This Forum   Stories & Art - All Rules and Legal Information For Work In This Forum I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 06 2012, 13:41

Rules, Regulations, and Warnings for the Stories & Art Forum

DISCLAIMER - All stories and art which are posted here in this section of The Dark City have been posted by the respective Denizen (member) are  unofficial and derived, without permission, upon the Warhammer intellectual property owned by Games Workshop Ltd.

No challenge is intended.

Though we accept that the stories and art posted here tend to be about the Dark Eldar, and as such we do allow a certain leeway as far as what is posted, this is still a part of the forum and can be policed under the rules of the overall forum.

*That said*

We do recognize that certain acts, suggestions, and behavior may wish to be expressed in the art/story that move beyond our own forum ruleset. We allow this guardedly with the following system;


At the beginning of any story (and, if you think it apropos, any art post) we would like to see you include a brief warning about what the reader is about to experience. The following letter codes are stolen lovingly homaged from the MPAA ratings association with a few modifications.


A – signifies content with adult themes or dangerous stunts;
GV – used for stories depicting graphic violence (stabbing someone is meh, describing the specifics of the blow, the viscerae and the pain is graphic);
L – used for dialogue containing coarse language;
S – used for stories with sexual references/situations;
D – used for stories with explicit drug references or drug use; (the difference between saying wyches use drugs, and treating them like junkies)
N – used for stories containing nudity;
SV – used for stories containing depictions of sexual violence;


Here is an example of what we'd like to see - the story in question is tagged, and a brief explanation is given for why each code was chosen;

We do suggest you just put them in a spoiler, you can use this code;

[spoiler="Objectionable Content Warnings"]
Just as a warning to others the following story contains;

*Put whatever appropriate information you need to here.*
*You can (and should) use a separate line for each one*
*Remember to give brief examples - the goal here is to help warn (or entice...I guess) people about what they may experience when reading your story/viewing your art*



This is the spoiler tag;

[spoiler="Objectionable Content Warnings"]
Just as a warning to others the following story contains;

Bad stuff!


Here is what it looks like;

Objectionable Content Warnings:

If you have any artwork that shows anything that might be against forum rules...use the spoiler tag.
To be frank, we probably appreciate you just linking it to an off-site hosting location, but if you're going to post something and you don't want the mods to freak out and potentially ban you - then you should probably try to show awareness that what you're posting might be objectionable.

Stories do not need to be spoilered, but should contain the above mentioned warnings.

Art that does not break or bend any forum rules is perfectly fine to post without spoilering. In fact, we encourage it.


Failure to comply by these guidelines and rules can result in moderation of your post, potential warnings, and possible bans.

I'll keep this area super wide open to interpretation because we have a pretty decent mod staff, and I choose to think that most people know when they're breaking the rules.

Basically don't be a twit and you should be fine.
Or be a twit and we'll ban you and you can go be a twit on sites that aren't as evil and controlling as us, and we can have a site that's safe for viewing at work or with kids - really a win/win for both parties (though why are you here if you think that  scratch  )

Moderation Staff.

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Stories & Art - All Rules and Legal Information For Work In This Forum
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