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 1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan!

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Archon Ten'Dhariis
Archon Ten'Dhariis

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1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan! Empty
PostSubject: 1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan!   1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan! I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 03 2012, 04:34

Greetings Dark Kin! This is a 1500-ish point battle report of The Kabal of Warped Lucidity against some Salamanders! It was my third Sixth Edition game and was a hella fine learning experience.

Kabal of the Warped Lucidity

Archon Ten'Dhariis with Drugs, Soul Trap, Husk Blade, Shadowfield - With the Incubi!

Four Incubi with a Venom with two cannons and Nightshields

Two ten man squads of Kabalite Warriors with a Splinter Cannon and Blaster in each, both in Raiders with Nightshields, Flickerfields, and Splinter Racks

Six man squad of Reavers with two Heat Lances

Five Scourges with two Haywire Blasters

Ravager with three Dark Lances, Flickerfield, and Nightshields

And some renegade Craftworld Eldar!

Farseer on a Jetbike with Spirit Stones, Singing Spear, Doom, and Fortune.

Six Guardian Jetbikers with two Shuriken Cannons along with a Warlock with Embolden and a Singing Spear.

Salamanders! (My opponent was indeed over points, but uh, I turned out okay I think!)

Vulkan Poophead

Two Squads of Five Shooty Terminators with one Heavy Flamer in each squad. Both were in Land Raiders.

Two Squads of 10 Tactical Marines with one Missile Launcher and Flamer in each, as well as a Sergeant with a Power Fist. Both squads were in Rhinos with Storm Bolters

Three Space Marine Bikers with one Meltagun.

I apologize for no pictures, I've been meaning to bring a camera to my games but I keep forgetting. Here's a crappy cell phone picture of the wonderful board.

1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan! 0910021849

For our mission we rolled Crusade and got three objectives, I got to place two. Vulkan's warlord trait made him a scoring unit, my Archon's was useless so I immediately forgot about it. For deployment we just did the good old 12 inches in.

My opponent, the guy in orange chose the side he's standing near, while I got the opposite side. I placed my objectives near that building with the hallway to the left of the picture, and the other just south of the crater to the right. He placed his near the building to the right of the statue.

Here's a point of some confusion. I think he got Fantasy and 40k rules mixed up, but my opponent said that in this edition, whoever finishes deploying first gets a +1 to the roll to see who gets to GO first. I deployed first, but using that rule, he went first. We later found out this was false.


I rolled for drugs and got Painbringer. The three objectives were Scatterfield, Scatterfield, and Skyfire Nexus.

I placed my Eldar Jetbikes and Reavers near the building with the hallway. The Ravager was placed in the middle of the road that goes down the table edge. One Raider was placed behind the Jetbikes, the other was placed near my crater objective. My Scourges were placed behind the building near the crater on the right. The Venom was placed near the Ravager.

My opponent's deployment was simple. Three bikes near where the other guy in the photo is standing, Land Raider with termies near the statue objective, and one rhino next to the red building to the left of the statue. Vulkan's Land Raider was placed near the bikers, as was the Rhino.

We rolled off for first turn and he got it. Night Fighting was in effect.

Salamanders Turn 1

Everything moved a little bit closer or into cover. Vulkan's Land Raider shot at my right Raider and blew it up with a Lascannon, killing all but four of the occupants and earning First Blood. They made both their pinning and leadership.

Dark Eldar Turn 1

The Farseer fortuned her jetbikers.

The Scourges moved up next to the crater on the right to get a good shot at the Land Raider. I was WAY in range, and probably didn't even have to move, so one mistake there. The Reavers moved and then turbo boosted in the shooting phase into the building the Scourges just left. The Eldar jetbikes moved toward the Rhino on the left. The Ravager shifted a bit to get some cover against the Land Raider near the statue. The Raider on the left moved up towards the intersection, while the four surviving kabalites moved behind that tiny ruin near the crater objective.

In the shooting phase, my Scourges took two hull points off Vulkan's Land Raider. My Reavers turbo boosted. My Guardian Jetbikes fired their Shuriken Cannons at his left Rhino and penned, but he saved it on a 4+ cover due to Night Fighting and the fact that he was almost completely obscured by a building. My Ravager stripped one hull point off the Land Raider to the left. My two Raider Dark Lances did nothing. The four surviving kabalites on the ground shot their blaster at the Land Raider that wrecked their Raider and did nothing. The healthy gunboat squad single-shot at the enemy bikers and killed one. The Venom then unloaded into them and killed the last two.

In the Assault Phase, I moved 11 inches in a better position with my Eldar Jetbikes.

Salamanders Turn 2

Vulkan and his squad disembarked after their Land Raider moved. Both of his tactical marine squads disembarked and moved closer. The left marine squad headed into the red ruins in the top left corner. The Land Raider on the left moved into the patch of trees and got immobilized, losing a hull point.

In the Shooting Phase, the Marines on the left shot into my Jetbikes and killed nothing thanks to Fortune. The marines on the right single shot into the Venom and did nothing. Vulkan and his squad shot their Storm Bolters into the Venom, but were found to be out of range thanks to Night Shields. The left Land Raider shot its Assault Cannon and single shot with Hurricane Bolters(thank you night shields) into the surviving Raider and took a hull point off. The Land Raider on the right shot into the Scourges and killed all of them. Sad

Nothing of note happened in the assault phase.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

I fortuned the Jetbikes and Doomed the marines in the ruins. He failed his Deny the Witch roll.

Venom moved six inches closer to Vulkan and the Archon and his Incubi got out six...heeeheeeheee. Twisted Evil The Reavers went into the crater near the right Land Raider near Vulkan so they could Heat Lance it. The surviving Raider got within rapid fire range of the right-side marines. The Eldar Jetbikes moved closer to the marines in the building. The Ravager moved back a little.

In the Shooting Phase, my Eldar jetbikes shot into the marines in the ruins and killed two of them. The Venom shot into Vulkan's squad and took out one Terminator. The four kabalites shot into Vulkan's squad and killed another termie. The Ravager shot into the immobilized Land Raider and brought it down to one hull point. The Raider shot into the Rhino on the right and blew it up. My Archon shot his pistol at Vulcan but the wound was saved. The healthy gunboat Raider squad rapid fired into the marines next to the tower on the right and killed five. The Reavers premeasured and weren't going to be able to Heat Lance the Land Raider, so they shot at Vulcan's squad but killed nothing. Damn those 5+ invuln saves! Evil or Very Mad

In the Assault Phase, the Eldar Jetbikes foolishly charged the marines they shot, losing nothing to Overwatch despite the nasty Twin-Linked Flamer. The Warlock challenged the P-fist sergeant, who accepted. I managed to kill two marines with Hammer of Wrath. In the ensuing combat, I killed two more Marines, though my Warlock was killed by the Sergeant. He failed his leadership and was caught, but is a marine, so he stood.

My Archon and his squad charged Vulkan and lost two Incubi to the two Heavy Flamers. Ouch! I challenged Vulkan out, but he accepted with his Termie Sergeant. My Archon easily killed the Sergeant. The two remaining Incubi killed the last two Termies, earning a pain token, but Vulkan smashed them to bits. He made his leadership and stood.

Salamanders Turn 3

The Land Raider on the right moved toward the objective the four kabalites were holding. The Terminators in the immobilized Land Raider disembarked. The Rhino on the left moved toward his objective. The marines to the right jostled a bit, but the Missile Launcher guy stood still.

In the Shooting Phase, the Assault Cannon on the Land Raider blew up my healthy Raider, killed five occupants, who were then pinned. The Heavy Flamer from the Terminator squad finished them off no problem. The Land Raider on the right shot into my four kabalites, killing them all. The Rhino on the left had nothing to shoot at. The marines on the right side of the board shot a frag grenade and single shot into the Reavers, killing three. They failed their morale and zoomed off the board.

In the Assault Phase, my Farseer challenged his P-fist Sergeant who accepted, I lost a jetbike in that combat but held.

Here's the bit you've been waiting for. Vulkan vs Archon Ten'Dhariis! Archon goes first, of course. He rolls five dice, hitting on threes, and only hits TWICE! Rolls to wound, needing a five and gets nothing! But thanks to Painbringer, he rerolls, getting one wound! Vulkan goes to make his 3+ invulnerable save aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand....!

ROLLS A ONE!!!! BAM! STRENGTH SIX ARCHON! (I think I rolled a 10 for his leadership check, too)

Mission accomplished, let's go home!

The Archon consolidated one inch, obviously too engorged on epic soul power to move further.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

Fortuned my Jetbikes, Doom got Denied on the marine squad.

Ravager moved back a bit more, Venom moved on top of the ruins near the crater to the bottom right, passed his dangerous terrain test. Archon moved toward the surviving Marine Squad.

In the Shooting Phase, my Archon threw a plasma grenade at the marines and failed to wound. My Ravager shot at the immobilized Land Raider and blew it up. My Venom shot into the healthy Termie squad and killed one.

In the Assault Phase, my Archon charged into the nearby marine squad and got his Shadowfield stripped off as well as one wound by the Twin-Linked Flamer. >.< The P-Fist Sergeant then challenged him, but was quickly destroyed. That squad held. Nothing happened in the Jetbike/Marine combat thanks to Doom failing and Fortune being amazing.

Salamanders Turn 4

The Rhino moved up toward my Ravager, the surviving Land Raider moved toward the Venom but in my Deployment Zone. The Terminators moved toward my Ravager, only 11 inches away from it.

In the Shooting Phase the Land Raider completely destroyed my Venom, the Rhino moved again.

In the Assault Phase, my Farseer finally managed to kill the P-Fist Sergeant and the rest held, however, he failed his leadership on a 9 and I did NOT catch him, so he ran five inches, almost off the board, I consolidated toward his objective. In some sick Karmic twist of faith, my Archon whiffed terribly hitting three times but only killing one marine and was then KILLED by the Marines. He dealt two wounds to me and I failed both my 4+ save and my FnP. The Marines consolidated toward my objectives. (It's okay kids, those dumb Marines forgot to destroy the Archon's body, so he'll be back next time! cheers )

And then, through some bizarre twist of fate, the terminators charged TWELVE INCHES into my Ravager and blew it up with their Power Fists!

Dark Eldar Turn 4

So at this point, all I had left were the Jetbikes hugging the Scatterfield Objective with three grunts, the Farseer, and one Shuriken Cannon. They were Fortuned. All they were able to do is jostle around.

I want to stress how...well... STRESSED I was at this point. I had Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker, as did he. However, he also had First Blood, so he was one point ahead of me. I held his objective, but still had to weather one, two, or THREE more turns of firepower. What I thought was going to be an easy game two minutes ago suddenly turned around on me HARD.

I managed to finish off his nearby Marine squad with shooting, and in the assault phase I scooted around the objective.

Salamanders Turn 5

Everything moved toward me save for the surviving Land Raider and his remaining Marine squad, which hurried for my objective. They were about 10 inches away.

In the Shooting Phase, I was fired at by four Storm Bolters and two Lascannons and only lost one grunt thanks to a Fortuned 5+ jink save. His marines ran 4 inches toward my objective. If the game goes on to turn 6, I lose.

Dark Eldar Turn 5

I fortune my jetbikes.

My bikes moved around a bit and managed to blow up his Rhino with both a Singing Spear and Shuriken Cannon fire.

I peed my pants in the Assault Phase and prayed. Also scooted back toward the objective again.

We roll to see if the game continues...and...

We roll a two! The game ends with a very close Dark Eldar Victory! The final score is 5 to 3.

Holy crap was this game fun. I learned a lot about 6th edition in this game and made some mistakes that I will not make again. I forgot about premeasuring about half the time. If I hadn't, my Scourges and Reavers would've lasted a lot longer. I absolutely love Challenges and hate them at the same time. I also really hate flamers and Strength 4 Raider explosions. Sad

All in all, I had an absolute blast. I don't think I'd change anything in this list for our rematch next week. However, if my opponent keeps his army comp the same even if he knows he's over by about 180 points, I'm definitely going to bring another six-man squad of Reavers.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tremendous read!
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1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan!   1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan! I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 03 2012, 11:44

Sounds like a blast and you are right about the terrain.
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1500 Points! An Archon meets Vulkan!
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