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 How to build my DE army?

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How to build my DE army? Empty
PostSubject: How to build my DE army?   How to build my DE army? I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29 2012, 05:28

Greetings all,
My first post and I am happy to have found the community!!
I picked Up a huge amount of Dark Eldar at the bring and buy at MOAB a local games show today.
What I am looking for is some advice on how to kit out the raiders and the Kabalite squads
4 of the raiders have dark lances and i has the dis-integrator. What upgrades should I now take on them? I was thinking Splinter Racks and Night shields?
The three squads of Kabalites I have, what is the best heavy weapons loadout for them and is the sybarite a worthwhile upgrade?
The army at this points also has the archon and 9 Incubi in their own Raider (one of the dark lances) plus a 10 strong unit of scourges with 2 heat lances and 2 haywire blasters. The models are all made up like that and so cant be changed.
All of this comes to 1400 pts and I want to go up to 1500 for starters whats does the army need first?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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How to build my DE army? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to build my DE army?   How to build my DE army? I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29 2012, 10:52

You're on the right track with the Raiders. Night shields make your army mobile for much longer into a game, sometimes even all the way through. Splinter racks are very good now, if you want to just put ten rifle Warriors on a Raider and kite right around that 24" range.

Large squads of Incubi are great, as they will quickly rack up the pain tokens, making them even harder to kill or stop. Just be mindful of what they are charging. They can still be overwhelmed by shear numbers or models with invul saves. Make sure also that your Archon is sporting the PGL for assault & defensive grenades for the whole squad. Very handy, if not mandatory.

10 Scourges is a lot. The mixture of special weapons is odd, but it could certainly work. They're operating differently at 24", 18", and 9", depending on how badly you want to destroy a particular vehicle and how much risk you want them taking. 4+ armor is nice, but it's not power armor, so you can't really afford to be bold with them at that many points. Versatility is going to be their biggest asset they bring to your games. Try to push bigger threats in your opponent's face so that they last as long as possible.

What you are missing is some heavy support. There's currently a thread on this board about those very units, so take a gander. I'm partial to the flyers, particularly the Voidraven (though it has no official model yet). You could also do with some true-to-form fast attack units. This is not necessarily talking about the FOC slot, but rather the role of a unit to rush quickly at enemy lines and disrupt their gameplan. Reavers are the quintessential unit, and they are best at either a couple of x6 squads or a single x9 squad. I prefer to go with just heat lances on them, but caltrops are also good if you want to focus on turbo boosting over infantry with them.

Wyches are another option for the fast attack role. I know Mushkilla has had a lot more success with them lead by a Succubus, since she's cheap for what you get and she lets them last a bit longer. They are good because they are a cheap way to pose a threat. They can tarpit heavy assault units with the best of em, and should have haywire grenades to put the fear into every tank crew out there. Trueborn are also a great choice if you wish to match more of a shooty style to a unit that can take haywire grenades (though they don't always need them).

There are tons of really good choices in the codex, so pick what strikes your fancy. Just stay clear of Mandrakes and Kheradruakh. They are the unfortunate bastard children of 40k until GW decides to fix them.

Edit: Forgot to mention Warrior weapons and Sybarites. My preferred choice is, either a splinter cannon or a dark lance. I pick them because what Warriors have going for them is their range. It more than anything else keeps them safe (though cover is also very helpful). Sybarites are a controversial subject. Most players will say they are not worth taking. A few say they can actually hold that heavy weapon (I fall in this camp), and probably even fewer try to put any kind of ccws on him. Warriors are not great at assault. The most common use is in large on-foot squads, where they can be protected by the PGL defensive grenades teamed up with lots of overwatch shots (and usually a Haemonculus for the pain token).

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PostSubject: Re: How to build my DE army?   How to build my DE army? I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29 2012, 12:17

Krovin-Rezh hit it on the nail! Smile

The only thing I can really reiterate/suggest is that the mixed scourge weapons are a bit weird, your best bet would be to split them into two separate units, one with heat lances that can deapstrike and take out a tank and another with haywire blasters. Investing in heavy support choices would be a sensible course of action.

Hope that helps. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: How to build my DE army?   How to build my DE army? I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29 2012, 13:49

Did u play at MOAB today?
I actually live in Sutherland but can't make it at all this weekend and therefore unable to play Sad Might drop in on Monday sometime...

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How to build my DE army? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to build my DE army?   How to build my DE army? I_icon_minitime

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How to build my DE army?
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