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 A Challenge too far!

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A Challenge too far! Empty
PostSubject: A Challenge too far!   A Challenge too far! I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16 2012, 00:03

A character based description of a couple of epic combats in one of my tournament games today :}

The Huntress watched from her skiff as the uncouth thing plummeted from the sky and slammed into the earth, distracting her from the oncoming mon-keigh army. A hideous armoured pod-thing painted black, still glowing from the heat of its harsh journey down from orbit, the new arrived thing's sides blasted open and slammed down and black armoured mon-keigh elite came bounding out with a battle roar.

The human warriors fired their weapons with suprising discipline and scored several hits on one of the Kabal's Venoms zooming past their pod, which exploded spectacularly. Through the flames the Huntress could see an ornately armoured mon-keigh barking orders in that guttural tongue of the humans, and brandishing a mighty dark blade.

With a signal to the pilot the skiff swooped towards the human warriors and slowed slightly. With a gesture with her spear to the Archon's Incubi clustered behind her she leapt from the still moving skimmer, with the bodyguard acrobatically flipping off behind her and following in her wake as she and the Striking Shadow Incubi broke into a sprint towards the newcomers that the barbaric humans could barely follow with their eyes. The black-armoured Space Marines seen them coming at the last moment and opened fire, but such was the speed of the onrushing Dark Eldar that the majority of the shots found no purchase save for one Incubi took two fist-sized holes through his chest and went down without a sound. The Human leader with the black sword stepped forth to meet her head on, and the Incubi smashed into his squad around them.

The human champion swung the mighty blade at the Huntress' head as she came at him, but to her it was almost as if he were moving through water it appeared that slow. She rolled under the swing, and before the mon-keigh could turn and face her she landed several strikes with her poison bladed spear. The prey-thing's armour was of suprisingly good quality and held, though the succubus found a weak point under the arm and sunk the blade in deep, before retracting it as the warrior turned to face her. She had fought space marines before however, and was not overly suprised when the champion fought on after such a wound, fainting with the blade - which she fell for - then landing a vicious kick into her abdomen. As she stumbled back the mon-keigh came after her, and brought the mighty black sword down towards her. At the last moment the Huntress backflipped out of his range, the blade smashing into the ground where she had just stood. The Huntress leapt forward as the champion tried to return his sword so guard position and just as she knew she would be she was too fast for him. She ran up the flat of the blade of the sword as he tried to raise it, and with all her strength she thrust her venom spear straight through the space marine's helmet. The Huntress flipped from her dying opponent and as she landed howled a banshee cry of victory as she drunk in the essence of her enemy's agonising death.
As she looked on one of her Incubi swung his Punisher and delivered a decapitating stroke to the last of the Marines in the human champion's squad.

A deep roar of challenge caught the attention of the Huntress and she turned to see another space marine leader crashing out of woods up ahead, leading a very large squad of the lightly armoured mon-keigh elite. The leader was different to other marines though - its helmet faceplate had the rictus grin of a skull and it carried a large sparking war mace.

Already the Incubi were breaking into a run towards the new human warriors and the Huntress joined them. The Incubi were outnumbered almost three to one by the newcomers, though the Huntress knew that their numbers would count as nothing compared to the bladecraft of her silent bodyguards. But the leader was hers again.

Enriched by the soul-capture of their previous foes the Incubi struck the space marines with a ferocity that their opponents could not hope to match, and waded deep into their mass with Punishers rising, falling and hacking as human limbs and heads flew everywhere. Again the human leader stepped out to meet the Huntress and she leapt at the last minute, driving her spear towards the enemy's chest. Like the last time however she found it difficult to penetrate the armour. Again and again she struck to no avail whilst dodging the lumbering mace blows of her slower opponent. Becoming frustrated she swept her spear up in a clumsy thrust at the Skull-faced marine's head. Suprisingly, the marine leader grasps the spear haft and holds it in an iron grip. As she tries in vain to pull it from him the human leader pulls the spear towards him and then lets go, jerking the succubus closer and as she loses her footing delivers a hammer blow with his crozius.

As the the weapon connects with the Huntress' light arena helmet a shock burst detonates, caving in her skull. The Huntress is distantly aware of her Incubi finishing the last of the space marines in the combat, but the last thing she sees before losing conciousness permanently is the rictus Skull-faced Marine leader glaring down at her triumphantly with its vindictive green-lit eyepieces.

Death? You want death?
I'm afraid that would be far too
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A Challenge too far!
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