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 My First Battle

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My First Battle  Empty
PostSubject: My First Battle    My First Battle  I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 05 2012, 16:17

So a couple of days ago I had my first 6th edition battle and it was also the first time I was able to use my Dark Eldar army! I have to say I absolutely LOVE using dark eldar - it feels like the rules and the background really match. I LOVED playing 6th edition as well. The rules make so much more sense and are really cinematic.

I ultimately lost my fight because I of mission type really. I managed to kill most of my opponent's Necrons and didn't really loose many models in return. He managed to grab the relic objective early on and keep hold of it in a ruined block of flats and could get close. I did however spend most of the games zooming about in my transports staying just out of his weapons range whilst enjoying returning fire easily.

Here are some things I've discovered fighting Necrons/using Dark Eldar:

  • Raider with disintegrator cannon are totally underated.

  • My kabalite warriors can dish out 21 poisoned shooting attacks each turn.

  • Archon with blaster BS7 never misses and gives him something to do before the assault phase.

  • Night shields are AMAZE BALLS

  • Lance weapons don't care about quantum shielding.

I have to say I totally forgot about pain tokens, combat drugs and the ability to move reavers after they have fired at someone. I think the only thing I really struggled with was using my Reavers effectively. I feel like they'd be more effective with blasters rather than a heat lance so I might break it of and use the blaster model. Oh I only lost 10 wyches, 1 incubi and a venom. All my opponent had left was 10 immortals and his overlord! DE are well killy!

This is my current army:

Archon [blaster, pgl, shadowfield, agonsier]
4 Incubi
Venom [2 splainter cannon]

10 kab warriors [splinter cannon, agoniser, blaster, pgl]
Raider [dark lance, flickerfield, night shields]

10 wyches [agonsier, shardnet + impaler]
Raider [disintegrator, flickerfield, night shields]

5 trueborn [2 darklances]

3 reavers [heat lance]

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My First Battle
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