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 Hedonisius Vex and Kabal of the Red Shadow

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Hedonisius Vex and Kabal of the Red Shadow Empty
PostSubject: Hedonisius Vex and Kabal of the Red Shadow   Hedonisius Vex and Kabal of the Red Shadow I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 17 2012, 09:15

In a nutshell: Kabal of the Red Shadow is under the reign of Archon Hedonisius Vex. The Kabal is one of the younguest, formed by citizens of Commorragh. It is led by an Archon, but consists mainly of Wyches, Hellions, and Scourges. Kabalite warriors are present, but in few numbers. Incubi roam the territory freely, called upon when needed. Vex's favourite partner, Lilith Slyxus, has a large influence in the Kabal. Kabal of the Red Shadow dwells in the deepest shadows of Commorragh, and appears from the shadows in battle and recedes back into them before enemies even have time to realize what is happening.

More detailed story and backgrounds to come Wink

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Hedonisius Vex and Kabal of the Red Shadow
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