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 Stepping out of the shadows...

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PostSubject: Stepping out of the shadows...   Stepping out of the shadows... I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 10 2012, 22:45

Hello fellow denizens of the Dark City.

I've only recently stumbled upon this amazing forum and, until now, was content to lurk, read, and absorb all there is here.


Brief history;

I stumbled on to the world of tabletop war games when a friend of the family was cleaning out their attic and found a box of old Marines. I immediately took to them, being a scale model enthusiast already. But there was something tantalizing. I knew that these were more than just artful miniatures, they had to have a purpose. I finally tracked it down and found out about about the GrimDark through a local comic book store and a TA at my high school. This must have been about 95/96 because I remember Necromunda being a big deal at the time. So, slightly before the release of 3ED. I learned the game playing my inherited Marines but it never felt quite right. Something about being fascist super-human nominal do-gooders just didn't appeal to me. Even then I made up all sorts of heretical rebellious fluff for my chapter.

And then the rumors started. A new edition was coming out. A new race was on the books and likely going to be part of the original line. And they were frak space elf pirate slavers. Could things get any better? I was hooked. My best friend and I decided to throw down and buy two starters and trade DE for Marines since he was already becoming a hardcore DA player. We played a few games with the new book and the models provided and of course, I was ROFLStomped repeatedly by mass bolter fire. But I was not deterred! I knew I just had to be more devious and more creative. My love affair with the Dark Eldar had begun.

Flash forward to last year, over a decade later and said friend is getting married so a trip has already been planned. And what's this? Dark Eldar are being re-released just in time. Out comes the box, the brushes, the dice. Wow my original paint jobs were terrible. But the models and fluff and schemes I loved were there, and about to get a shot in the arm. Plus, I knew there'd be a whole nother batch of flavor of the month pretenders who bought a few dozen androgynous 80's hair band models and then gave up because they "sucked" and went back to their Marines.

TLDR; I love DE always have and always will. While my game-play knowledge has waxed and waned (I entirely skipped 4ED for various reasons) because of an inability to play I'm back at the table rolling too many ones and I couldn't be happier. This is compounded by finding this amazing community.

Cheers! I look forward to civilly arguing with as many of you as possible.

No one escapes the Dark City.
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Stepping out of the shadows... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stepping out of the shadows...   Stepping out of the shadows... I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 10 2012, 23:02

Welcome back to Commorragh. It's always nice to see people pick up their brushes once more and rush to their beloved Ynneas Eldarith. I hope they are looking after you!

There is always plenty of Dark Eldar knowledge here and I'm sure that you will learn the best ways to curbstomp theose pesky Dark Angels!
I've already spoken to you down in the mystical chat box, so I hope that your painting is going well and I am looking forward what you can contribrute to The Dark City and how many people you can argue with. Very Happy

Enjoy The Dark City!


Stepping out of the shadows... YiVCUio
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Stepping out of the shadows...
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