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 Kabal of the Burning Rose

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PostSubject: Kabal of the Burning Rose   Kabal of the Burning Rose I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 08 2012, 00:39

Ever since I picked up last week Dark Eldar Battleforce and Codex I've decided to create my own Kabal. Version 1 of the Fluff. I will edit this as I get ideas and such. Thanks for reading.

Name: Kabal of the Burning Rose
Archon: Unknown
Dracons: Unknown
Haemonculi coven: Unknwon
Colors: Dark almost black Green with Deep Orange Trims.
Speciality: Uknown but acts of brutality capable of striking fear even into their Dark Kindred has been observed.

Kabal of the Burning Rose is one of those Kabals nobody ever seem to mention or whom never seem to be around and involved with Commorragh's politics, even less have seemed to plot against the current leadershipship of the Commorragh, unusual for the Dark Kindred, relief to those in higher power but also leaving chill in background: If they are not interested in power struggle and dominance for the Commorragh what are they interested?

Ever since the foundation of the Dark City, now and then has the Kabal of the Burning Rose mentioned here are there. Only sure thing what is known for them is that their colors are dark almost pitch-black green with dark orange trimming.

Foor not interveaning the politics oof the Commorragh openly or seemingly even try to pull strings behind scenes is not making them weak. Anyone uttering words against Kabal of the Burning Rose usually ends up fate worse than death and swift public demonstration of sadism and brutality that makes even most battle hardened dark eldar veteran shriver slightly. All bodies had a rose of all shades of oranges, making it look like burning stuffed into mouths of the victims as signature who did it. So swift and horrible has been Kabals retribution that most Dark Eldars of fear being targeted them, started toi pretend entire Kabal didn't exist and thus they woud not mention it.

Over the centuries Kabal of the Burning Rose became first a public secret then descending into boogey man status used for ghost stories or such. Many began to think the Kabal of Brunig Rose didn't even existed, till Vects plan to take over The Dark City which lead imperial raid of the City, Vects ascension into power, amongst the chaos the warriors wearing Dark Green armors and deep orange trimming entered into combat against imperial forces... and other Dark Kin. Many swear they had seen warriors strike down imperial intruders, their dark kin and level enter city blocks of Commorragh during the battle.

After the battle was over, imperial withdrawn, Vect de facto ruler of the Dark City and cleaning started, the fact Kabal had showed itself and showed itself with terrifying force was something rather disturbing for the city who had already though Kabal were nothing but mythical boogey men.

The Burning Rose vanished as swiftly as it had appeared before order was fully restored. Vect and new leaders of the Dark City decided not to pursue matter anymore, as they had to consolidate new power and protect it. A strong Kabal which was not challenging their power or seemingly not wanting to involve daily politics of the dark city was easier to leave them be than start poking around and perhaps invoke internal strife inside the City. Therefore any mentions of the Kabal warriors actions were dismissed as hallucinations and side effects of combat drugs rather than actual happenings. All destruction were blaimed for the imperial forces.

Past centuries and millenias people have been thinking who and what the Kabal of the Burning Rose serve. There are many rumors about them. Some say they have found a webway portal inside the Dark City and have made their home inside the webway, Some say they are Slaanesh worshippers, others say they worship Khorne, some say they are followers of Cegorach the laughing God... More disturbing rumors claim that they are dark kindred cult dedicated for creation of god Ynnead. However anyone mentioning Ynnead and Kabal of the Burning rose same sentence can be expecting swift silencing the most painful ways Dark Eldar can imagine.

What little is known the Kabal of the Burning Rose is that they are ferocious warriors, capable of striking fear even into sadistic hearts of their Dark Kindred. They have shown very little interest in the Dark City's power struggle and its politics, thus making them not priorty for the ruling class of the Dark City. And residents of Dark City have opted it is easier not to mention them and avoid their colors than risk anything. Keeping silence does not risk anything while speaking of the matters might have most dire consequences... Because just sometimes its just not worth to poke matters. The Dark city have many secrets, one more deadly than other and hold little reward for finder. For It is not possible to rise in power in The Dark City if you are dead...
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Kabal of the Burning Rose
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