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 FW 6th FAQ is out

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PostSubject: Re: FW 6th FAQ is out   FW 6th FAQ is out - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09 2012, 21:18

Eldar Titans still got nerfed as they're quite hard to stick in cover, but the tanks, having quite low profile, are pretty easy to get 25% coverage, atleast from the front. And their fliers essentially have a better version of flickerfield now (sa save, but upgraded to 3+ cover if they avoid).

Edit: Looking at the psyker FAQ, the Corsair Void Dreamer hasn't got access to the new powers, and now has to take psychic test to use his old ones. The Wraithseer got a buff, since he can still give 4+ fnp, but now it's only denied by weapons that cause instant death (and not many things can intakill Wraith constructs). The special character Farseer also got better since his normal power selection was less than stellar and now he can get 3 new powers (including being the only Eldar with the pyromancy school. Not that it matters since telepathy and divination are far more useful, but it's a cool addition).

Also, apparently Red Scorpions have the most powerful psyker in the game now. Who knew? (their librarian has 6 new powers, while Tigurus, canonically the strongest Marine psyker, has only 3).

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FW 6th FAQ is out
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