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 barrage weapons.

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barrage weapons. Empty
PostSubject: barrage weapons.   barrage weapons. I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 10 2012, 23:44

so a friend of mine kicked off the dust on his tyranids... so he was using the old codex.
no big deal... till the biovores hit. they got this nifty weapon with vague wording.
is whats the deal with barrage weapons? they are a Los weapon that does not require LoS, but is not ordinance ( Guess weaponry in the older rules) guess im just confused.

Moving to Rules queries section. Gob.

may their gods have mercy on my enemies for i shall...... ooh blood!

let me make myself perfectly clear. if i ever kill you; you are gonna be awake, you are gonna be armed, you are gonna be facing me; only Then u will realize i poisoned the grip of your weapon. Subtlety is not deception.
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barrage weapons.
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