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 New to Dark Eldar (1000pts)

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PostSubject: New to Dark Eldar (1000pts)   New to Dark Eldar (1000pts) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07 2012, 13:39

I've been thinking about collecting a Dark Eldar army for some great length of time now, and I've finally given in to it. This will be my 3rd army I will have collected. And because of the constant Games workshop price increases I’m deciding to only go for one thousand points with these guys.

So I’ve bought the codex about a week ago and after continual re-reads of the units profiles. I’ve created an Idea of how I want my army to look and play. I do realise that it’s about collecting models and trial and error about what works against what and what doesn’t work at all. So I was hoping by displaying my Ideas you guys could give me some feedback and help me on how and what I should get.

HQ: Archon 60pts - Soul trap, Huskblade, Ghostplate Armour, Webway Portal


Elites: Incubi X4 - (Joined with Archon) Venom


Wracks X5 50pts

Troops: Kabalite Warriors X10 - Splinter Cannon, Raider


Wychs X10 - Hydra Gauntlets X2, Raider


Fast Attack: Scourges X5 - Splinter Cannon Heat Lance


Heavy Support: Ravager 105pts

Cronos 80pts

Total: 1000pts

So this is what I was thinking....

Archon and his Incubi Ride the Venom
Warriors and Wychs Ride the Raiders
Scourges Fly
Ravager rides itself
Cronos + Wracks enter play through Webway Portal

Everything can move quickly around the map. And the Cronos and Wracks are 2 surprise units.

Close Combat:
Archon + 4Incubi for the heavy commander units or tough armoured Infantry.
10 Wychs anti-infantry
5 Wracks anti-infantry (I suppose more shooty guys that aren’t armed with close combat weapons)

10 Warriors anti-infantry
5 Scourges anti-infantry + anti-vehicle weapon (melta+lance)
2 Raiders anti-vehicle (once the troops have disembarked)
Ravager anti-vehicle

Cronos anti infantry (supports wracks + Archon/Incubi)

15 close combat guys for all kinds of infantry
15 shooters anti infantry (scourges have an anti-vehicle weapon as well)
5 dark lances (3 on ravager, 1 on both raiders)

I was trying to get a good balance of close combat guys and shooters and I usually dont give squads loads of upgrades because I like have a strong number of models in the unit. I think that the Incubi and the Archon are badass, they look so damn cool, and I think the scourges and the warriors are really amazing, aesthetically. I’m not too fussed about Wychs but I do need a balance of Close combat guys so that’s why I chose them (and they're troops) I'm not so sure about the Wracks, are they too weak to gun fire? I thought the Cronos could make them stronger. The Archon would use the Webway portal to bring out the Wracks and the Cronos in the middle of the battle at full strength.

An alternative would be to remove the wracks and upgrade the Cronos and the warrior raider with splinter racks. Maybe as well to equip the Wychs with a leader plus upgraded weapons?

Let me hear what you guys think Smile

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PostSubject: Re: New to Dark Eldar (1000pts)   New to Dark Eldar (1000pts) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 10 2012, 09:05

In 1000pts I would drop the WW, the wracks and the cronos altogether and go with something like this........

Archon 135pts
Husk blade
Soul trap
Shadow field

4 incubi 153pts
Splinter cannon

8 wyches 206pts
Haywire grenades
Shardnet & impaler

6 warriors 139pts

5 scourges 134pts
2 heat lances

2 ravagers 230pts

This totals in at 997pts

What do you think?

The bigger they are, the more I'll enjoy this.
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PostSubject: Re: New to Dark Eldar (1000pts)   New to Dark Eldar (1000pts) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 10 2012, 13:13

@War: almost, though i would drop the warriors down with one model, put them in a venom and give it cannon, remove the scourges, put in a nother ravager with ff, and use the spare points to give the arcgon PGL. I in realspace raids dont use it, but since we are getting more terrain, i think i might have to use it after all.
The soul trap only works with IC and MC. You wont deal any damage to MC with s3, and the ICs are usually drable, to withstand s3 attacks, but a hiskblade can change that, if he fails even 1 save.

I seriously dont like playing low point games. Takes away the fun part of being a DE. And that is to mutilate the opposition, massacre the millions of troops, slay more and more legendairy figures, torture those in the bunkers firing heavy weapons, burning the vehicles to dust and finally but most importantly: mocking your enemy to death by laughing.


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PostSubject: Re: New to Dark Eldar (1000pts)   New to Dark Eldar (1000pts) I_icon_minitime

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New to Dark Eldar (1000pts)
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