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 WWP vs Mechanized Orks

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PostSubject: WWP vs Mechanized Orks   WWP vs Mechanized Orks I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04 2012, 07:51

I played a game tonight vs orks. Annihilation/Spearhead. Facing a full mechanized army in battlewagons, only 2 loota squads are out in the open. He takes the bottom right quadrant. I seize.

Turn 1 I move one WWP into upper right and lower left quadrant, allowing me access points from all 3 sides. Over my turn he immobilizes a raider and kills one wrack squad, but fails to take either of the haems with liquifiers.

Turn 2 gives me a unit of wyches, 2 trueborn squads, and unit of scourges (deepstriking). The wyches move forward, but blow out an 8 man loota squad, leaving them open to counterfire. One unit of trueborn targets a battlewagon with nobs that has broken away from the main force scoring a immob and shaking, while the other goes after a battlewagon in the main group. The Scourges fire at the rear armor of a battlewagon, but fail to get past a cover save. The orks turn makes things take a turn for the worst. A tanks shock into the wyches from two deffrollas (and a poor understanding of the rules) leaves my wych squad with a mere 2 models, while concentrated fire into scourges completely wipes them out.

Turn 3 does me the favor of giving me absolutely no reinforcements, the haem to the south takes out 4 lootas with a liquifier, and my northern unit of blasterborn are able to take out a battlewagon, however this give my opponent the opportunity to surround my upper webway portal. My northern haem is able to take a pop shot at the newly emerged squad of boyz with a liquifier, only taking out 2. Turn 3 allows him to use grot riggas to fix his immobilized battlewagon, move his nobz out of said battlewagon to take out a wrack squad, and destroy my raiders, and make my upper webway portal unusable.

Turn 4 gives me a 2 talos, a chronos, and a wych squad. However due to my closed off WWP to the north, I am forced to walk the chronos and one of the talos onto the board. The walk on talos is able to take aim and kill a couple of the orks surrounding the top WWP, the haem who had been hiding in his raider up top until it was destroyed gets to also use his liquifier, taking out about 1/4 of the ork boyz between the two, the chronos fails miserably. Meanwhile on the bottom half of the board, the haem who was/is still alive, gets into place to liquify the nobs, as does the second talos, and the southern blasterborn get in range to use their shredder. The wyches set up for a dual assault against the nobs and their battlewagon. The talos, haem, and blasterborn work together to put 1 wound on each of the nobs, and the wyches take them out, while stunning the battlewagon.

Turn 5 finally sees Vect enter the fray, charging an awesome 16" to haywire a battlewagon into oblivion, and the resulting explosion takes out 2 bloodbrides and 3 boyz. The talos to the north moves toward the remaining boyz in that area, liquifying them to just under 1/2 before assaulting them. The talos to the south moves to take out the nobz battlewagon, but isnt successful and the wyches roll a 1 on their diff terrain check to charge the remaining loota squad. The chronos continues to fail miserably. The orks turn 5 focuses everything he can muster on vects squad, but only results in 2 dead bloodbrides. His remaining lootas fire at the wych squad that failed to assault them in the previous turn, and take out 3 of them. His now wide open big mek assaults vect and bounces off it his squad suffering 10 wounds, and not scoring a single wound in return. He is subsequently killed as he tries to flee. The talos and the boyz continue their stalemate, and the chronos continues to be completely useless.

Since my opponent lives in germany right now, he was not able to continue to turn 6, and we saved out game to finish later.

WWP vs Mechanized Orks Orksde10

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WWP vs Mechanized Orks
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