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 Project: warhammer veteran / 40k novice

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Project: warhammer veteran / 40k novice Empty
PostSubject: Project: warhammer veteran / 40k novice   Project: warhammer veteran / 40k novice I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 01 2012, 12:04

Well I've been 20 years playing warhammer, skaven, high elves, ogre kingdoms, night goblins and of course Dark elves. I've always been one of those players who paints to play, a couple of base colors and a few washes and I'm spent - particularly when you're trying to paint 150 nigh identical clan rats.

With a new edition and after getting really excited about Dark Heresy i decided to kill three birds with one stone. Start warhammer 40, put some real effort into painting, and collect the coolest looking army GW have produced.

I'm starting simple, I bought the new painting guide and I'm gonna see whether I can turn out a fun army with some decent conversions to a good standard. Today I spent an hour with the guy in GW Leicester working out which of the 52 paints in the book I had already (or which we're particularly good). 25 new paints a couple of brushes and the painting station in the bag.

Oh yeah, I also bought a box of Kabalite warriors. So I've made up 5 models and cleaned them. They're basic warriors with splinter rifles only. Lastly I need a name for this Kabal, something to strike fear into the hearts of the Tau (that my brother is starting at the same time). More on that soon!
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Project: warhammer veteran / 40k novice
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