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 Kabal of the Snarling Wolf

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PostSubject: Kabal of the Snarling Wolf   Kabal of the Snarling Wolf I_icon_minitimeTue May 29 2012, 16:24

I posted this in my Project Log but thought it might be better here. This is my preliminary army list based on the models I've collected.

Duke Sliscus - 150
Haemonculi - 235
Shattershard, 2 x Liquifier Gun, Scissorhand, Webway Portal

Kabalite Trueborn - 158
4 Trueborn, 3 Blasters, Venom with 2 x Splinter Cannon
Kabalite Trueborn - 158
4 Trueborn, 3 Blasters, Venom with 2 x Splinter Cannon

Kabalite Warriors - 171
9 Warriors, Raider with Shock Prow, Enhanced Aethersails, Splinter Racks and Flickerfield
Wyches - 170
10 Wyches, Haywire Grenades, 2 x Shardnet & Impaler, Hekatrix with Agoniser
Wracks – 30
3 Wracks

Fast Attack
Beastmasters – 120
2 Beastmasters, 8 Khymerae

Reavers – 78
3 Reavers, Heat Lance

Heavy Support
Ravager – 115
Ravager – 115

Points Total - 1500

The plan here would be for the Ravagers to stay in the back to take out vehicles. The Duke deploys with the Warriors in their raider to give them the 3+ poisoned shooting. The Haemonculi would each go with a Trueborn unit and these would all advance into midfield to deploy the webway portals asap and allow the rest of the army to come in from either the WWP or the table edge as required. The Wyches, Beasts and Reavers ideally want to arrive via the WWP asap so as to get into combat quickly. The Duke would then hopefully leave the warriors and join the Wyches for the assault. The beasts provide a bubblewrap for my shooting units as the 4++ save will hopefully give them some decent survivability. The Wracks are a cheap scoring unit to hang back in cover (or preferably out of LOS completely) and hold an objective. The sails and shock prow on the Raider are purely for laughs in the event that it suffers a Weapon Destroyed. It should be able to get an almighty ram attack in on something Very Happy

As the army expands I will add another Battleforce to add more Reavers, Warriors and Wyches and then maybe some Harlequins and a Cronos. I know these are not necessarily considered competitive but I love the Harlequin models and the Cronos will hopefully be able to dish out a few pain tokens, both coming out of the Webway Portal.

Any comments?

Kabal of the Snarling Wolf YhBv3Wk
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Kabal of the Snarling Wolf
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