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 Welcome to Commorragh!

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Welcome to Commorragh! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Commorragh!   Welcome to Commorragh! I_icon_minitimeFri May 18 2012, 20:55

Welcome, and greetings to the Dark City, a haven for all things Dark Eldar.
It is always nice to see new faces here in our shadowy corner of the Webway, and on behalf of everyone here, I extend the warmest of welcomes.

The Dark City is filled with outstanding fluff and story writers for those of you who are searching for inspiration for your own Kabals.
We also have some brilliant strategists and awesome army list writers whom are eager and willing to help you with any dilemmas or issues you have, whether it's deciding what to get next for your raiding force, or desire the knowledge needed to enslave your most troublesome foe.

Whatever your needs, I'm sure that you will find a solution in these twisted Torture-Labs and Pain-Gardens.

So, if it is more Mon-Keigh slaves you bring, or more knowledge, we are happy to have you here.

If you have any issues or queries feel free to send a message to a member of staff.

Welcome to Commorragh.


Welcome to Commorragh! YiVCUio
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Welcome to Commorragh!
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