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 The first action.

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PostSubject: The first action.   The first action. I_icon_minitimeThu May 10 2012, 23:24

This is a novel in the Warhammer 40.000 setting (which is a work in process so if you like it, but don't wanna comment you are more than welcome to view it, though I would like some feedback) I concocted about the early life of the two of the three Commissars I'm writing about. It will take on the background of Carrus and Ionza and shows a bit of the motivation and drive for Harken who are the mentor and superior of the aforementioned Commissars. It follows the couple from their graduation to when they land at Tanibus Alpha and has to war against the insidious and brutal Dark Eldar.

Chapter I

Dismounting from the Valkyrie in a ball of smoke the two Commissar-cadets Zachary Carrus a man of a little under 1.8 meter tall, athletic build, blue eyes, rather long dark blonde hair, dressed in a blackish Commissar-uniform with black carapace protecting everything important like the torso, arms and legs and Michelle Ionza about 1.67 meter tall, long brown hair to the middle of the back, athletic, quite attractive, dressed in a similar blackish Commissar-uniform as Carrus, but with less armour as she weren't strong enough to wear carapace and still fight efficiently. As weapons Carrus carried his trusty meltagun, laspistol and his family heirloom the power sword Bringer of Insanity. Ionza carried the longlas she had been practicing with for the last three years, a bolt pistol, a laspistol and her power sword.

Both the cadets were 19 with the squad of Storm Trooper-cadets about 16-17 dressed up in badly fitting green Storm-Trooper garbs with beads incorporated into their helmets quickly hit the ground, while rapidly taking cover while setting up firing-lanes. Other squads dismounted nearby. Carrus was immediately on the move helping the inexperienced cadets in taking cover, the Drill Abbot Brother Thoray, a tall lanky fellow with a balding head, brown eyes and goatee, dressed in the same ill-fitting Storm-Trooper-garb dismounted from another Valkyrie ordering his men to take cover. While he headed right for Carrus.

"That's a nice place for cover, right Commissar?" Thoray pointed at a bush.

"Yes, but-" Carrus was stopped mid-sentence .

"Excellent." Thoray jumped into the bush while Carrus just dove for cover. *KABOOOM!!!* Bloody chunks of Thoray rained over the place as he triggered the melta-trap Carrus had placed there earlier that week at the previous patrol.

"Emperor, what an idiot!" Carrus snarled as he picked himself up, he knew their ambush had been foiled. The feral cannibals would be at them. Not a long distance ago Ionza snickered wearing her perpetual smile, which tended to unnerve anyone but Carrus.

Worse the nutty Priest-cadet Jaan Vorlen (19) a personal rival of Carrus, quite tall, black hair, fair complexion, brown eyes, quite a lot of scars (Carrus don't like rivals, they are hospitalized), dressed in a brown robe while handling an Eviscerator started to chant. Both Carrus and Ionza had warned Vorlen about that behavior before this patrol. Both the Commissars were inching their way towards him. Ionza got there first, coldly drawing her bolt pistol. With a blast the head of the young, nutty though promising Eccleserian were split open as Ionza executed him for incompetence on the battlefield. Ionza span around, her cold brown eyes ran right at the soft, blue, peering eyes of Carrus. They swiftly exchanged smiles.

"Well, the ambush is foiled. We are to head north-northeast double-quick." Carrus told with a clear voice. He was worried. The worst of the Storm Trooper cadets were with him. He and and Ionza would clearly survive alone, as she was a deathworlder while he had extensive training in the jungle by his deathworld friends in these jungles, and not to mention his practical knowledge that was built up over the last three years warring there, often against Feral Orks as well.

The Storm-Troopers with them were nobles. Bribed into the Schola Progenium, not unlike how he himself were recruited (though the recommendation from Commissar-General Nathan Harken really flipped the scale). In opposition to Carrus they lacked every essential skill to survive here, as the jungles of Freudakia were ripe with not just feral cannibals, but also poisonous cats and the dreaded Shadow-Tiger which Carrus had fashioned his cape out of, after killing and skinning one two years ago, Ionza of course carried a very similar cape.

Carrus and Ionza sat a good pace as they heard explosions from behind them, the feral cannibals were closing in fast.

"No d-dont go-" Carrus was interrupted as five of the teenagers ran in a tight formation into another booby-trap. A loud boom later and the 30 Storm-Troopers were down by seven more.

"Emperor, you guys are morons." Carrus recovered with a quick grunt as he stated that after jumping behind a rock.

"AIIIIIIIEK, THE PAIN IT'S-" *Tchock* Carrus pulled out his laspistol giving the legless student the Emperor's peace.

"Michelle take the rest and try to convince them to not die." Getting up and looking agitated Carrus spoke again.

"And please try to listen if me or Ionza are telling you something, as me, her and people that know what they are doing actually have booby-trapped and mined the area."

"Sir. Enemy contact!!!" A Storm-Trooper-cadet yelled and started firing at moving shades at the treeline. He was joined with three more who enthusiastically and badly took positions and started to fire their lasguns at persons they couldn't see.

"CEASE FIRE IMMEDIATELY, ORDER BELAYED" Ionza roared with her shrieking voice which rang in people's ears, though normally it was mellow and pleasant to hear. Using her the sight on her longlas she scanned the woods looking for enemies.

"We must always ascertain enemy contact." Both the Commissar-cadets looked irritated.

"You three, search-party." Ionza pointed angrily at them, Carrus already veered at a course where he easily could give supporting fire, drawing with him about 10 of the Storm-Trooper-cadet.

"Me and Carrus will keep you covered." Ionza looked like she wanted to kill them, which weren't unusual as she was known as a particular draconian Commissar-cadet. As she slinked off, while ten more or so followed roughly in her path.

The budding Storm-Troopers incompetently tried to give each other cover while arching forward, while Carrus and Ionza stealthily followed.

"Glarrgh!!" the Roamers rushed forwards towards the teenagers while both the Commissar-cadets scoring effective kills quickly with meltagun and bolt pistol. As they were too close for Ionza to effectively use her longlas The meltablasts quickly turned three into sludge, while the precise bolt pistol brought down four more in a messy torrid of blood and guts. The lasgun-fire from the Storm-Trooper-cadets on the other hand were less than accurate, but it pinned down the feral cannibals for Carrus and Ionza to finish off.

Unfortunately the three cadets forgot about the two Commissars they couldn't see, and fear overcame them as they saw the savage cannibals all mutilated, knives sticking out of everywhere, growling showing off their knife-sharp teeth. Worse they dressed themselves in the flayed skin of their slain opponents. They fled. One of them ran past Ionza who promptly killed him with her bolter splitting the body in half. The other two ran into Carrus who bodyslammed them so they fell to the floor of the jungle writhing in pain.

"You did right in falling back, wrong in routing Uriel and Derek. Repeat it and die." Carrus told them with a flat voice totally devoid of feelings as he killed two more cannibals with laspistol leaving just a cauterized wound at the throat of the vile creature and meltagun melting down the second cannibal possibly a female as he placed himself right behind the two frightened teenagers.

"Up now and fight for the Emperor and thyselves." The two boys slowly rose to their feet shivering, they knew Carrus were lenient unlike Ionza who would have drawn her power sword and sliced both apart, but he like every Commissar never suffered fools lightly. So they started to fire at the enclosing cannibals, getting courage from their effective lasguns actually scoring kills while they tried to remain calm with Carrus and Ionza slowly organizing the battle-line into a kind of half-moon to deflect the head-on charge of the Roamers.

Problem was that the lasguns and armour the Storm-Trooper cadets were of low quality. The lasguns had little stopping-power. Even direct hits to the head of the rushing cannibals sometimes just left a scar. Also, they rapidly expanded their ammunition as only Carrus and Ionza carried spare ammunition. Three more of them lost their nerve. All where about to be cut down by Ionza who drew her power sword.

"I don't think so dear, we might need them." Carrus said softly while grabbing her wrist. With his free hand he hefted the meltagun with pistol-grip aiming it straight at the troopers who had just tried to flee. Then he raised his voice to such a level everyone heard it

"The next to try to retreat without orders WILL have their legs severed so the rest of us can withdraw and he WILL be raped, eaten and killed." Ionza hesitated a second then she simply said. 'Order seconded.' She shrugged visibly as Carrus drew his own jet-black power sword with the characteristic guard forged out of a skull made of adamnite, the progenia at the Schola called it the Bringer of Insanity due to it radiated a fear which normal humans shouldn't wield yet that irresponsible young man often had it in his hand wielding his family heirloom with a skill only talent and the training of a master could do. The troopers fought harder, but despite the cannibals suffering grievous wounds they arched closer into the range of close-combat.

Carrus and Ionza swiftly entered close-combat as two of the three cadets they were putting the Emperor's fear into died screaming as a feral cannibal slid his knifed hands under their armour gutting them. With their bellies sliced open and guts danging freely with the knifed hands deep inside of them, they shrieked in fear and pain, slowly dying as Carrus beheaded the cannibal responsible which head flew off in a torrent of blood.

"You shall die!!!! YOU SHALL ALL DIE!!!" Ionza shouted while eviscerating two while a third died in a torrent of blood as her bolter snapped and tore a body into gory pieces.

"YEAARGH!!!" The last trooper charged in, bayonet mounted. His inexperience was his doom as the nearby cannibal took out his legs, the good thing was that his bloody and painful death was quick. Carrus killed the cannibal doing that at range with his trusty melta turning it into a mix of metallic and organic goo. Three more rapidly followed as Carrus sprang into action with his sword leaving the field around him slippery with the blood, guts and brainmatter as he methodically with precise strikes quickly began to slay opponents left an right in his brutal style of fencing which included his meltagun as much as his sword during strikes. Another cannibal was killed by Carrus caving in it's face with the meltagun as it tried to assault him from above.

Carrus and Ionza were close-combat-specialists, so they managed greatly despite their young age, but both had been able to stand up to all but the very best fighters of the Schola since they were 15-16. By now as senior cadets they were regarded hands down as the finest save for some of the of the most senior staff. The other troopers fared far worse. During the four years there the 30 boys had been some of the worst recruits the Schola Progenium had ever had. And it didn't help that their parents got Thoray, a man who had never shot a gun in anger, never mind much at all installed as their Drill Abbot. He taught them badly. The drilling the pair did of them the last week before they went in improved somewhat the meager combat-skills of those youths, but both cadets wanted to flush them out while complaining loudly to the principal about their lack of talent. Thoray were under pressure from the parents of those kids to bring home some honors of battle. Of course Thoray just got the two finest and most combat-experienced Commissar-cadets plus a quite good Priest except for at war as that Priest was a good friend and drinking-buddy of Thoray to help them out. It didn't work very well, but that was actually Carrus' fault as he believed a frequent patrol-route where they countless times had gotten Storm Troopers cheap combat-experience in the past years would work wonders for them. He didn't know of the size of the Roamer-clan in the region, which had just taken out the much smaller clan Carrus was used in fighting.

The Storm-Trooper Cadets: Herri Clinton, Thierri Merc, Gav Nerva and Kaldor Flinch were the only ones at least Carrus didn't mean were better off dead as they at least got mild praise from him during their drills at occasion. Ionza thought they all were hopeless and even executed a member of the Royal Storm Troopers (which that gang were called) when he managed to discharge a lasgun at his foot when they first were inspected by both cadets.

At the flank where the Storm Troopers were holding alone Clinton, Merc, Nerva and Flinch where doing their best. They fired time and time again with their underpowered lasguns often only leaving scorchmarks. Worse nobody were there to give them any advice, as the Commissars were over at the other flank. Jack Pomona one of their number decided to stupidly charge the enemy. It didn't help that he moronically charged right into the firing-lane of Merc.

"Holy crap, Jack-- I-I" Merc looked perplexed, he shivered.

"Thierri regain you composure. I don't wanna be devoured while I'm raped, and neither do you!" Flinch answered angrily while slowly learning the phases of his lasgun. Firing it into the chest of a Roamer leaving a neat cauterized hole there.

He then called: "Fall back, but remain organized." The teenagers slowly began to let their flank slide slowly.

"W-what a-about C-Carrus? His order-" A glance from Flinch cut the cadet's word short.

"I will answer to him if we survive. The retreat is ordered." Flinch didn't exactly look forward to answer to Carrus for cowardice as he remembered the harsh floggings Carrus had issued for the slightest breach of conduct, even through Thoray usually intervened.

It was too little too late, as they started to turn back three of their number along with Nerva were caught by the Roamers in close-combat. Nerva managed to strike out and kill one with his ornate sword, but they all were promptly devoured alive while screaming in pain.

Herri Clinton tried to lob off a grenade as he and two more were caught in a ditch by the Roamers, but a lucky arrow pierced his throwing arm, so he and the two other cadets lived their last moment in extreme agony.

Everyone including the two Commissars fell back. Both Carrus and Ionza knew they couldn't go on forever, and the last five Storm-Trooper-cadets they saw were messily killed by Heavy Bolter-fire. So they both withdrew as they had no plans to die that day.

Merc (a tall, wiry, olive complexion almost 10 cms taller than Carrus, brown a bit bulging eyes, black short well-groomed hair, actually quite handsome) and Flinch (same height as Merc, fair-skinned, dark blonde hair, more bulky, green eyes pock-marked face full of scars from a nest of Freudakian bees that almost killed him when he was a small boy) by the Emperor's miracle ran into the couple several kilometers away from where they fought the Roamers, the forest were less dense more open. It was obvious that the clearing was a rendezvous-point. Both the Commissars were smoking Ciralixian lho-rods. They were rested, looking relaxed, not that they five hours earlier had fought a foe out to violate them at every opportunity. Merc were shivering visibly, sobbing and tears ran freely down his cheeks. That quickly got the attention of Ionza.

"Battle-stress?" Her merciless brown eyes peered deep into the man's soul. Her voice was so soft and melodic, it was almost singing.

"Ehm he-he shot his best mate by accident." Flinch flinched with abject fear as Carrus stared into his soul. He sweated and felt really uncomfortable.

"Is that so?" Carrus made his voice needlessly sweet. Flinch merely nodded, the devilish smile of Carrus with the ignited lho-rod burned itself into the mind of Flinch.

"P-please d-don't *SOB* kill me." Merc squirmed under her gaze as he wet himself in abject terror of her.

"Concentrate soldier, a soldier having a psychic break are worse than none." Merc's body tightened as he heard the hammer at her bolt pistol get cocked. He shivered uncontrollably. When he opened his eyes it got far worse. Flinch shook with fear as he saw first Ionza who were fearful enough taking aim and threatening to shoot Merc, but now Carrus were lifting up his meltagun as well, taking careful aim.

"Girly is right. Concentrate. BEAT IT!" Pointed right at one eye were the bolt pistol of Ionza, at the other were Carrus hefting his meltagun. Merc saw the evil grins with ignited lho-rods of both Commissars. Telling him in his soothing voice to beat his last experience, where he shot his best friend by accident in the back of his head. Merc managed to beat it, stopped shivering and managed to meet the glances of the two Commissars without having a mental meltdown.

Swallowing heavily. Merc said: 'O-okay I-I s-shall beat this, I-I have little less to lose.' Carrus relented his aim lowering the meltagun. Ionza still kept her aim, while she said: 'And?' Merc looked confused back at the merciless girl. Carrus lowered her arm saying. 'Relax girly, we have survived, and Nate awaits our report.' Ionza merely nodded. Both of them had wicked grins running across their faces.

"Want a rod?" Carrus extended two lho-rods in his hand. He smirked, same with Ionza.
Both Flinch and Merc shiveringly accepted Carrus' two extended lho-rods, letting him ignite them with his laschisel.

"Congrats" Carrus grinned.
"You have both managed to survive your first battle, tomorrow your school really begins as you will then be full members of this proud Schola, not just the toy-soldiers who went into the jungle." Carrus exclaimed with pleasure.

"Excuse me, lady." Flinch shifted nervously, looking at Ionza.

"Speak your mind soldier." The coldness of Ionza's voice and attitude were clear for all to see and hear.

Flinch swallowed heavily. "I-I t-think there are other survivors left behind." He shrugged fearfully under the glare of Carrus who simply blew smoke in his face, as he went up to stand right in front of him.

"Is Nerva or Clinton alive?" Flinch shivered a bit under Carrus' gaze.

"N-no s-sir, b-but-" Carrus cut him off.

"No buts, the rest were a disgrace to this Schola."

Ionza cut in. "They are better off dead, so never talk about them again, unless you want to die." She gave them a grim look. Then Merc and Flinch froze in terror

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PostSubject: Re: The first action.   The first action. I_icon_minitimeThu May 10 2012, 23:26

The Valkyries landed. Ionza gestured that Flinch and Merc were to enter the one farthest away, as they unlikely wanted a ride with both her, Carrus and Harken as the massive frame of Harken were standing in the doorway of the nearest Valkyrie. He was smoking a lho-rod, this was not of the Ciralixian stock Ionza and Carrus preferred, but from Hymeria, the home-planet of Harken. A death world. Harken's harsh steel-blue eyes met the glare of both Carrus and Ionza. Carrus held the glare for a while, while Ionza quickly looked away.

Ionza thought about how unsimilar, yet alike the two men were. Harken had a massively muscled body where Carrus were more built for speed and agility, Harken was well over 2 meter tall a full head taller than Carrus. Harken's broad and scarred features greatly contrasted Carrus' more delicate and quite unscarred face. The bronzed skin of Harken were the greatest contrast, as Carrus had a paler skin-tone. Carrus wore much armour, Harken never wore any, his muscles were very visible through the colorful uniform, in battle he tended to wear a more practical one akin to the uniforms Carrus and Ionza were wearing now, though only rarely could Carrus get him to wear something protective aside from the Rosariuses all three of them carried around their necks. Yet their similarities were there, the smiles were the same, The facial expressions of both men were much the same. Their eyes, though Harken's were steely were Carrus had a deeper hue, they still had the same merciless look. Their fighting styles were similar, brutal, both relied much on strength and agility when fighting and fought as dirty as possible no matter what.

"Michelle!" The harsh voice of Harken snapped through the air, like the sound of her favorite whip when she whipped cadets for missing targets at the firing-range, or for other mundane stuff like not knotting the shoes right, open uniforms and such. She rapidly snapped out of her line thoughts.

"Michelle, give those two-" Carrus interrupted Harken.

"They have names now boss." Harken looked angrily at the unflinching Carrus, which eyes peered right back at Harken.

"The names are Kaldor Flinch and Thierri Merc, now they are soldiers by my decree." Harken's response were a broad smile, Carrus as always was every bit as audacious and unflinching as he has taught him to be.

"Yes, Michelle and Carrus give Flinch and Merc a bottle each of the finest Freudakian wine." With a grace unbecoming of such a large man he handed them each a bottle of fine Freudakian wine.

Almost as one Carrus and Ionza yelled: "Catch!!!" The bottles quickly and precisely were airborne, and both the budding Storm-Troopers struggled with catching the bottles.

"Ehm thank you, sirs....lady." Flinch answered hardly shivering at all, which Carrus granted him a nod and a smile of grace with. Both Merc and Flinch quickly entered their own Valkyrie. As Carrus smilingly knew Flinch would be a good soldier, he could lead and was brave for a sixteen year old.

Harken stepped aside, and his two proteges jumped inside just as the Valkyrie took off. The ramp quickly closed as all three calmly sat down at the uncomfortable metal-seats within the Valkyrie. Harken calmly handed his two favorites a bottle of Freudakian wine each. Then he ignited a lho-rod with his las-chisel. He watched Carrus remove his armoured gloves and softly stroke through Ionza's long hair. She smiled back while snickering. They were two of the deadliest fighters at the Schola Freudakia.

Harken remembered full and well how he had recruited Carrus for killing a Genestealer rushing him when he was ten with only a laspistol to defend himself, three accurate shots later it died, all three were accurate hitting it's head with enough power for each to be deadly. Of course it helped that that old woman of the Sisters Frateris Joanna taught Carrus the basics. Harken had only to polish the teenager into the fine warrior he now were.

Ionza were recruited for coldly shooting an Ork Warboss he himself almost died fighting a year later. It also helped that she was an orphan, because unlike Carrus she didn't have to be bribed in. Ionza were initially placed in the Sororita-program, she didn't fit in. Too primitive beliefs to be a good Sororita, the Emperor like him and Carrus as well believed now was a scary god, not one you ran to and prayed needlessly to when you shouldn't, that only would bring down his vengeance upon you.

As for Carrus, there couldn't been a worse Storm-Trooper. Carrus was brave, but he questioned orders, he was a leader, not a follower. Harken had almost beaten the Drill-Abbot ordering that recommendation to death. That man was only saved due to the Enginseer Lucius telling him about Carrus' aptitude with meltaguns, then Harken joined the staff as the headmaster of the Commissar-cadets, with the permission of Head-Missionary James Natrax an old associate of his.

Ionza spoke first. "I assume you want our battle-report, boss?" Harken merely nodded as she took a good sip of the bottle. She continued. "First the moron Thoray committed suicide due to stupidity, then I executed that total jackass Vorlen who started chanting: The Emperor will help us! The Emperor will save us! Loudly. A bolter-shell to his brain provided what he needed, lobotomy and death."

Carrus snickered as Ionza gave her report, she also had trouble being serious. "Then we lost eight more to another trap of Carrus due to them being frakking idiots." Harken laughed harshly, this was hilarious to listen to.

Carrus now spoke. "Then we made contact with the Roamers. No less than six of the Emperor-cursed gretchins we led tried to flee. Michelle executed one of them, I rallied the five other, despite stopping Ionza in-"

Harken interrupted. "You are a fine cadet Carrus, but Ionza has seniority over you due to-"

Ionza interrupted Harken. "Boss if I may, our styles mesh well. He takes some edge out of my style, and keeps me from making mistakes. I bring some much needed hardness to his style, so Carrus is of equal rank as me no matter your orders and personal feelings Nate. He is so alike you, and you hate that, in your mind-"

Harken cut her off despite feeling uncomfortable under her gaze, he also knew her was right. She was easier to mold, less stubborn than Carrus. 'Yes, yes I know me and Carrus is well alike, sorry, I-I just think you are more mat-'

Master and students exchanged looks. Ionza continued. "Carrus rallied the troops. The first two who tried to flee he bodyslammed, then he inched over to my position. Three of them were fleeing towards me. Carrus stopped me in killing them, but it was for naught. They died screaming while the Roamers cut them open moments later." She shrugged and blew deeply of her lho-rod making a smoke-ring.

Harken then eying both spoke. "Flinch and Merc, tell me Carrus."

"Merc has a certain mercurial side, not much of a frontline soldier, but I think the Imperial Navy might be a good fit, and Flinch, well three months with me and his nick-name will be Never Flinch Flinch. He can be conditioned to be absolutely fearless, fine at a trench, fine in a comfortable war-room." Carrus stretched as he spoke. He looked as smug as usual holding a lit lho-rod in one hand, in the other he held a fine bottle of wine which he unceremoniously drank of.

Harken spoke. "Agreed, I will see-"

Carrus interrupted Harken, putting one finger to his lips he hissed: "Shh!" Then he got up, shambled a bit before he reached the Vox-caster onboard the Valkyrie, he started dialing his personal code, then the code for the Schola Freudakia. *dit-dit-dat-dit-dat-dit-dit* A harsh mechanical voice almost screamed. 'Access-code accepted, speak your mind Cadet-Commissar Zachary Carrus.'

Visibly shrugging when hearing his first-name, Carrus followed up with a slurry voice if a person listened carefully. "Cadet-Commissar Zachary Carrus here, I request psychiatric assistance for the cargo of Valkyrie K-1341X9, name Thierri Merc class D Storm-Trooper cadet. Cadet-Commissar Zachary Carrus over and out."

The metallic voice answered. "Order accepted, medical staff will be waiting for Thierri Merc, Schola Freudakia over and out."

"I just don't want the nervous Merc to off himself, rough day boss, killed his best mate by accident. Delicate mind, you know boss, we just don't want another Rienne." Carrus smiled smugly before deftly jumping back to his seat before sipping more of the fine wine. "I shall cut to the chase. You didn't fly all the way out here to hear our report about this action with the most horrid students this fine Schola have ever had boss. Was it something urgent you would have visited us at the Hole in the Wall (their room(s) Carrus blew the hole when he and Ionza started dating, was never punished for that damage on Schola-property). No Nate you are here for pressing business." His eyes gazed straight at Harken's.

"Yes my young protege. You always speak you mind, even when you shouldn't." Harken thought about how annoying Carrus could be with his frankness, he still wore the scars from when he and Carrus fought at the Hole in The Wall a year ago, after Carrus bluntly told him many women likely would lead to Slaanesh. It wasn't the lad's fault, he didn't know that Slaanesh-worshipers one hundred years earlier had slit his throat, and let his three kids and wife be possessed by demons while he watched. Carrus was almost killed, only Ionza shooting off Harken's hand with a bolt pistol stopped that fight, the wat-grown left hand of Harken had just been implanted. If he removed his leather-glove he could see it being a tad different in skin-color than the rest of his body due to the recent implantation. Harken continued. "It's time for you to graduate my young cadets, I have got us all assigned to the Freudakian 81st. Shadow-Tigers, we are in fact on the way there now."

Carrus rapidly snapped. "I still think I have duties to learn Flinch and Merc certain things-"

"Yes my hot-blooded young protege, I will grant you the three months, Ionza will help you out with Flinch and Merc. But that's your last duties as Drill-Abbots of this honorable Schola Progenium." Harken interrupted Carrus then he reached into his jacket-pocket proceeding drag out two scarlet sashes. "You are not cadets anymore Zachary Carrus and Michelle Ionza, now you are full Commissars on my decree, the decree of Commissar-General Nathan Harken." Harken smiled as he watched the surprised faces of his students.

Both Ionza and Carrus sat in stunned silence. They knew they had both been fine students of the Schola Freudakia, but neither thought they would graduate two years before their time. Especially not Carrus who basically was king fratboy which Harken countless times had admonished him about. His relationship with Ionza kept him grounded enough to mature into the excellent cadet he was slowly becoming.

Ionza finally spoke. "Excuse me master, but ain't the Freudakian 81st. some of the very elite I have heard the legends of the things they can do, I know me and Carrus are good troopers, but are we that good? What about the test? It's rumored that we have to kill daemons or worse." She looked worried at Harken.

Harken smugly smiled back and stretched while groaning. "Relax Michelle, you will both pass the test. Truth be told, you have already passed. Colonel James Stremm himself has requested us to be attached to the regiment as they are very elite, but also lacks Commissars to set limits for them." Harken comfortably made a smoke-ring before continuing. "The scouts you briefly tracked Carrus after destroying that Roamer-camp, no mean feat actually was the judges of if you should qualify or not. You passed with flying colors Carrus."

"As for you Michelle, the sniper-training you have done over the last three years have been very effective. Drill-Abbess Gabrielle McLandi, your trainer have told me that she have never had a better trainee with a longlas. That's no small compliment from a sniper of the 81st. Your part in destroying that Roamer-camp settled your attachment to the regiment as well."

Snickering Carrus deftly wrapped on the scarlet sash around his waist, Ionza smiled as she also got the scarlet sash on knowing well what her boy would say next. "Fine praise indeed boss, and it doesn't hurt that McLandi is your latest flame. Maybe you can finally-" The harsh glare in Harken's eyes shut him off. "Ehm I'm just joking my liege." Carrus smiled disarmingly.

"I know you are joking Carrus, it just ain't funny. You know fully well the reason for me to not settle down, last time we spoke about that I lost my hand. So learn to watch your frakking mouth if you want to survive." The harsh glare of Harken's eyes made it abundantly clear that his relationship with Carrus had soured lately.

"We are landing at Echo-Tango-Foxtrot 43-26-80-92. Base-Camp 81." The pilot's voice were heard over the internal vox of the Valkyrie. Carrus and Ionza dizzily checked their gear as they prepared for drunkenly inspect the troopers while Harken picked up his sword-belt and put it on swooning a bit as he felt the wine going to his head as he got up.
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Main problem I see are some glaring grammatical errors and a few poorly constructed sentences. Otherwise, it's a good start. Going by the forum you're putting this up in, I'm interested to see how you introduce the Dark Eldar into this.

"Let the vermin burn. We shall drink deep of their screams this night." Archon Farath Müre, High Archon of the Kabal of the Consuming Flame
(11/5/2013: A few things have been added to the Kabal's fluff, most notably shifting their base of operations into the Webway, sort of, and adding an alliance with the Alpha Legion, or at least a few heads of the hydra.)
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They will be coming long into the future. Smile
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Chapter II

The Valkyrie landed. The three Commissars disembarked. Carrus and Ionza both displayed obvious signs of having just devoured a bottle of wine each the last hour as they inelegantly jumped out of the hovering Valkyrie not tripping as they landed. Harken at least didn't seem visibly drunk as he landed just behind Carrus.

Colonel James Stremm a huge Ogryn of a man stood smoking a fat lho-rod at the landing zone. He was very muscled, fair complexion, short hair of blackish color, massively scarred face, brown soulless eyes, easily as tall as Harken. Carrus wondered how they had managed to clean up the Ogryn so well as he had seen Ogryns before. He was dressed in some sort undisciplined green uniform that look like they never would fit anyone and some light armour of a green-black design at places where he felt the recoil of the Heavy Bolter who hung from leather-straps over his shoulder, he had a few other weapons like a laspistol and a monofilament knife clearly hanging in his belt, his left fist was a massive metallic power fist. The Shadow-Tiger cloak of his looked small on his huge body.

Next to him Scout-Captain Thomas Smith stood, narrow-faced and pale, about the height of Carrus, but looked a lot leaner and meaner. Fair complexion, long black hair in a pig-tail, brown eyes that held no compassion whatsoever, he was dressed in some sort of green-dark uniform with carapace armour greenish of design covering most of his body, his Shadow-Tiger cloak were carefully designed by him to wrap quite ably around his body. He didn't look much older than Carrus and Ionza, yet they couldn't determine his age. He hefted a boltgun in his hands, and Ionza thought he possibly had a few other weapons on him as well. Better left unchecked and this was Carrus' responsibility, not her's.

A foot or so behind Stremm Sniper-Captain Gabrielle McLandi were present. Dark-skinned, about 10 cm taller than Carrus, muscular, a few scars ran across her face but they were nothing compared to the heavily scarred faces of Harken and Stremm, long black hair in rasta-style, actually quite pretty, she were dressed in an unarmoured camouflage garb of grey-brown color, her longlas dangled behind her shoulder along with her cloak made of the hide of a Shadow-Tiger which expertly were wrapped around her. Her mellow brown eyes peered right at Ionza who felt a tad relaxed as she unlike Carrus actually had someone she knew inside the regiment already.

"As you see kids, this is your new employer." Harken let his hand go over the horizon, the camp was well hidden. "The Freudakian 81st. Shadow-Tigers." He smiled at Carrus as he continued. "Scout-Captain Thomas Smith is the finest tracker this proud regiment has ever produced, and I shall know, I have served in this unit before. He is the commanding officer of your section of this regiment the Scout-platoons." Nobody could hear that he had just taken in a full bottle of wine.

This part will tell about Carrus' first meeting with the soldiers he would go on to discipline.

Carrus went forward. Flashing a fast smile at Smith while nodding at him, which Smith returned. Carrus let his eyes peer into the soul of the man. He was used to this, most backed away even if he drunkenly stared into their eyes. Smith stared right back at Carrus. This was unexpected. Carrus eventually broke that contact puzzled about the hard eyes of Smith. Smith waved to Carrus to come with him, which he did.

Smith actually thought Carrus didn't actually look half-bad for a Cadet-Commissar. He knew Carrus were more than a mere peacock with nice feathers as he regarded the gritty uniform of Carrus. It was dirty and smelled of battle and blood.

"I guess we shall just drop the niceties?" Carrus looked bemused at Smith who merely nodded as they trailed into the jungle. "So give me the number of men I'm supposed to discipline Scout-Captain." Carrus let his soft voice seem disarming.

"993 men and women including me Cadet-" Carrus cut Smith off. "See this sash?" He let his cloak and greatcoat go aside. "That's the mark of a fully fledged Commissar, never forget that. Now give me a proper report Scout-Captain." He stopped Smith at the track, Carrus smiled bleakly as he saw the look of surprise crossing the face of Smith.

"Yes Commissar, there are 336 women and 657 men in the Scout-Platoons. Lieutenants Klarry Bolstrom, Nuts McHendrix not his real first-name, honestly I don't know what it is, Sammy McAllister, Jerome Pax and Lilly James are my COs of the scouts." Carrus glanced at Smith watching his Rosarius. He smiled knowing they would get along fine, eventually. But for now he was the new thing for the scouts to hate.

"Hm I can't say I feel wanted." Carrus smirked as he took a deep drag of his lho-rod before discarding it not igniting a new one while he drank of the wine watching the soldiers gazing at him from a distance with hateful eyes. He recognized that hatred, it was the seething hatred he felt when he done one of his many pranks on the Eccleserial cadets like utilizing the fire-hose as a way of waking them up or he made sure really high-born officer cadets were scrubbing floors with toothbrushes and working at the sewers for failing his most stringent test of mattresses or having a speck of dust at some unreachable place where only he could find it. Carrus decided to not tend to matters about dust at the windowstills as dying would be a rather poor start of this relationship.

"No wonder Commissar, the last we were having were absolute morons who killed brave men for idiotic reasons-" Carrus cut Smith short with a hand-wave. "You are frank Smith I'll give you that, it's actually the finest ability a man can possess." Carrus trailed on as they walked, playing his trump making sure he spoke loudly enough at his vox-beads so they heard him loud and clear, deliberately changing the channel to general as he saw the vox-station nearby. "Remember you picked me Scout-Captain Thomas Smith, not the other way around. I have qualified for this regiment, so have Ionza. We have slain a Shadow-Tiger each and not long ago we alone took out a whole camp of Roamers." Carrus fluffed his coat and cloak so the troopers clearly saw the shimmering fur on his cape, which were a conscious choice as he had to gain their respect, and quite fast.

The wild-eyed McHendrix stepped out of his quarters. About as tall as Ionza, an unruly crop of orange hair on the top of his head with an equally wild beard. He glared challenging straight into the gaze of Carrus. McHendrix was dressed in some sort of blackish battlesuit, not too different from Carrus' own sort of armour. Carrus shuddered a bit as he realized the man wore things he had pried from the dead hands of Commissars. The cold and mad eyes of McHendrix gazed straight at Carrus' more glazed eyes as he was both drunk and tired. He looked like he was between 40 to 50.

"Lieutenant McHendrix." Carrus nodded with his trademark smile at him, voice all calm and soothing. McHendrix lit up in a mad smile with yellow teeth before he spat some chewing tabac towards the boots of Carrus, who surprisingly managed to jump a step back avoiding that. Not that it was strictly necessary as the boots he wore were well dirty because of him playing in the mud of the jungle all day. It was a triumph for Carrus, now the troopers had seen that even when drunk he still reacted fast as quicksilver.

"McHendrix." Carrus laid his voice heavy with authority. "Don't try to spit on me again. Next time you will thank the God-Emperor if I doesn't just knock you out cold. I'm a Commissar not a spit-bucket." Carrus briskly turned. "I will meet the rest of your guys during the following months Smith." Carrus smiled his smug smile, his authority was secured. "I will find my way back to the LZ alone." He made his trademark nod with smile to Smith before trailing off into the night drinking the fine wine.

McHendrix stood in the night looking at the Commissar walking away from him. He knew Carrus were a dangerous man, worse a man that knew the truth. He wasn't like the other Commissars, not by a longshot, he had felt the gaze of Carrus peer through his soul. McHendrix feared the fun were over now with a stern fast-reacting new disciplinarian.

As for Ionza's meeting with the snipers it went a lot more differently than Carrus' meeting with the scouts. She sheepishly followed McLandi wondering how the hell she should be able to assert any authority over the sharpshooters, not that she was too bad in that herself. Even worse her friend and mentor was the one she had to execute if she failed in her sworn duty.

"We doesn't have quite the numbers of the other two branches, only 318 snipers are in this regiment. Most are female. It's 254 females and 64 males serving as the snipers both of us included." McLandi spoke softly while Ionza smiled bleakly.

"Name your lieutenants or whatever you call them McLandi." Ionza calmly inhaled deeply from her lho-rod as they entered the camp of the snipers. She took note of how disciplined they seemed to be.

"Gavin Grey and Patrice Mackey are my chief-snipers, both have over one thousand confirmed kills at battles going back over twenty years." Ionza whistled pretending to be impressed shifting a tad with her longlas. "Let me meet them Gabby." Ionza calmly inched her way over towards their quarters.

"Oh are those the quarters?" Ionza smiled sadistically, pointing straight at the second finest barrack at the compound, while she fished up her hidden lockpick from a pocket in her greatcoat which she was damn glad he carried on her now. As Carrus had told her it would be stupid to carry as they were more likely to run for their lives after everyone died than breaking and entering again.

"Yes, but we can't just-" McLandi started. Ionza swiftly cut her off. "We can't just what?" With a small groan from it she had picked the lock. "I'm a full Commissar Gabby now, so this isn't breaking and entering it's investigation." Ionza opened up the door and slipped inside after discarding her lho-rod, while she smiled a wolf-like smile as she knew she now had McLandi unsettled.

She found both Gray and Mackey asleep, with an evil grin she turned on the lights. "Is this the sort of welcome your new head of discipline is getting?" Ionza seriously wondered how in the Emperor's name she managed to utter that sentence without keeling over and laughing, she had never been happier that the many years of training had instilled in her good emotion-suppressors.

The look on the couple's faces said it all. They had messed up, gone to sleep when the new Commissars arrived. Ionza thought they looked too similar. Almost like brother and sister. Both were blonde about 1.7 meters tall, their faces, and general body-shapes were the same, neither was very attractive.

"I'm the new Commissar of the Sniper-wing, Michelle Ionza, you can call me Commissar, Ionza or lady. Now get dressed, we have business to attend to." Ionza unblinkingly looked at both who tried to cover behind the duvet looking at her with eyes buring of cold hatred. They uneasily saw mud slipped off her onto the clean floor, noting the longlas she were hefting along with other equipment. The longlas was for the new protege of McLandi, they had heard good things about that one. They didn't know she was the charge of their old Commissar. Ionza exited their house with a smug grin.

"McLandi." Ionza nodded flashing the same type of smile Carrus tended to flash when he nodded. "Well the turtle-doves should be freshed up now, why weren't they alerted of my arrival?" She let her merciless eyes peer deeply into the soul of McLandi who shrugged nervously.

"Ehm I-I alerted them, but they haven't had a Commissar here for three years, and Harken-" Ionza interrupted McLandi. "Now that I'm of rank, it's not Harken anymore, it's Commissar Harken, same goes for Carrus, it's Commissar Carrus when you are addressing him or talking about him. Understood?" McLandi resisted the urge to strangle the young woman. "Understood lady."

"Also at a more personal note Captain Gabrielle McLandi, your relationship with Commissar Harken ends here and now. From now of your relationship are strictly professional. Understood?" Ionza looked annoying at McLandi as she had never fancied that relationship and it would undermine unit-morale if allowed to go on. McLandi looked back. She so much wanted to murder her former protege, yet in the core she was right. Her jaw tightened, she nodded a consent, unlike Carrus and Ionza this wasn't a relationship she knew would last. Hell Harken never tended to land at one woman for long anyway, so it was a good way out for her without wondering if Harken would be pissed off.

Gray and Mackey yawned as they got out, they dressed up in grey greatcoats obviously intending to go to sleep as soon as the troublesome brat left the camp. Ionza flashed a wide grin at them. "Aaah nothing is like a little night-action? Right?" She smiled at them, seeming like she had never invaded their privacy and waken them up. Ionza saw they were between 30 and 40.

"I apologize for my breach of privacy and conduct, but it's unacceptable that I shouldn't be able to meet the officers in my command." Ionza again looked at McLandi. Gray spoke instead, his voice were hoarse and gravelly, Ionza could see that he hadn't shaven in a few days. "Commissar I'm sorry. We knew you would come, but Commissars due to their nature rarely serves with the snipers. Anyway-" Ionza interrupted him. "Excuse accepted, we will get to know each other the next few months. I won't hold your relationship against you, and Commissar Carrus won't either. If you catches flak for it let me or him know." Ionza stretched and yawned hefting the longlas, the day had been very long for her.

"Gabby, I will take my leave now. Gray and Mackey, dismissed." Ionza trailed back towards the LZ studying her longlas. It felt nicely as always, Enginseer Lucius himself had made it, and the special sight on it made sure she could trail anything. She was a bit mournful over being so bitchy towards McLandi, but she had to in order to get the fear of the Emperor into her. Carrus no doubt established his authority in a similar manner. Now she just looked forward to get some sleep after a good warm bath, or maybe she would just plunder the wine-cellar of the Schola Freudakia again as there were a fortythree year old red wine screaming for her down there. Though now as a fully fledged Commissar she could just confiscate it.
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I will now take on the relationship between Stremm and Harken.

Watching the two teenagers with their respective officers trail off at hidden tracks Stremm and Harken was left. They grinned hard grins as they saw the two inebriated young commissars follow the two captains.

"Do you think they will manage?" Harken looked a bit perplexed at Stremm. "Oh they will old friend, have no doubt about that. You have trained them well Nate." Stremm answered with his harsh, growling voice. It was as pleasant to listen to as a fist hitting your ear.

"I have some Freudakian wine you shall taste Nate, it has been so long since we spoke." Stremm was happy, sure Harken was a Commissar, but lenient for a Commissar, better yet he actually had a sense of humor. He waved to Harken to follow him, which he did.

"It has been nearly over twenty years now old friend, apart from bits and pieces from time to time of course." Stremm laughed harshly. "Damn, both of the kids weren't even born yet when we fought together on Zidon." Harken smiled as they trailed on towards the HQ of Stremm, then Harken said. "Oh I found Ionza there by the way, cold girl that one. Rest assured never found a finer candidate." "What about Carrus?" Stremm looked quzzingly at Harken who just grinned. "Carrus coldly killed a charging Genestealer the year before I found Ionza, no-one keeps his cool in close range firefights like him. He ain't insanely brave, and actually a master in taking cover. That's why he is so good at close range, his ability to shield himself comes with an instinct nothing can teach any man nor woman."

Patting on his fat lho-rod, Stremm liked what he heard. He briefly saluted the two sentries outside his HQ. "Describe their styles as Commissars." Harken smirked. "Relax old buddy, they will mesh, nether is stupid enough to be hardliners. Ionza is a tad more draconian than Carrus, but neither will flog your soldiers for small matters, and if they do, I sure as hell will flog them."

They entered the office of Stremm in the grey bunker. The office were surprisingly elaborate and nice for such a roughhewn fellow. The office-desk was of some grayish marble. Stacks of papers were surprisingly orderly laid up on it. A nice red carpet lined from the entrance to the fine skin-chairs Stremm had his guests sink into. He himself had a red-clothed office-chair which made him look even more impressive as his guests even Harken sank into the soft chairs there. Bookcases and computers were also present there.

"Just sit down Nate." Stremm calmly got out a set of keys and unlocked one of the bookcases. It was a hidden bar. He got a fine 37 year old Freudakaian red out. It was quickly opened, and following that he poured into two crystal glasses. One were handed to Harken.

"Cheers for the future of Freudakia and the Imperium." Harken and Stremm said as one just before they swallowed the expensive liquid in a manner which would have most wine-knowers cringe. "Aaah that was good. I have the data-slates here, Ionza should be able to choose where she ends up. Top marks in every category. Hm her disciplinary chart is squeaky clean, same with Carrus." Stremm glanced skeptical at Harken before continuing. "Same with Carrus, not impressive in the theoretical department, borderline insubordinate and squeaky clean record?" "Forgive an old thief Commissar, but he can't quite believe that." Stremm grinned.

"They are the best cadets of the Schola Freudakia right now. Both have passed the test just as I did when I first entered this honored regiment almost 100 years ago." Harken knew Stremm had seen through the cover of the two new Commissars, sure they were widely regarded as the finest cadets. Few cadets were allowed so much leeway and responsibility as them, yet they were known to steal like ravens, though they called it confiscations.

"You are hiding fact from me my friend. Neither Commissar is perfect, but I won't parlay with you about this as we will meet and greet with them. I will send lieutenants Gruer and Finlay to the Schola to observe them as their adjutants. Both are young officers, recently promoted." Stremm looked annoyed at the lack of trust from his old friend. All he demanded was honesty, and even that small gift were denied him. So now he appointed those two as their adjutants, they would report the truth.

Stremm clicked on the buzzer. "Adjutant, please bring me lieutenant Jordan Gruer and Ivona Gruer." He looked at Harken with a sneer. Harken just mercilessly peered back, he felt outmaneuvered he hated that. Stremm continued. "We went to this honored Schola Progenium together. Both of us are orphans." Glancing down at the report-card of Carrus. "Heyh he ain't even a death worlder, hell he is a silver spoon-" Harken cut him off. "Say that to Carrus' face and he is likely to kick your off if you are lucky. He might not be born at a battlefield, but he sure as hell grew up on one. I should know, as he has faced me down one on one and survived."

The face of Stremm went pale. "You-you are saying Carrus can stand up to you..." His word trailed off. "By the Emperor I thought that weren't possible." Stremm looked at Harken worried. "You ain't lyin-" Harken's harsh glare cut him off. Pressing the button of the buzzer again, Stremm said. "Order belayed, I don't need the lieutenants anyway." Harken stretched in the comfortable chair while sipping fine wine. Stremm watched the confident Harken stretch. He shuddered, even Space Marines couldn't stand up to Harken in close-combat and here a mere teenage, not looking as much either could hold him at bay. That certainly meant something when Harken had told him last year that he finally had found a Commissar for the scouts in the data-slate he sent him.

Carrus and Ionza met up at the LZ. They quickly entered the vox-shack and voxed in a Valkyrie. We will return to them returning to the Schola Freudakia later on.

As Harken and Stremm was reminiscing of old times and getting drunk together, Smith and McLandi came and demanded entry. The adjutants swiftly let them inside Stremm's office.

Stremm laughingly got seated, same with Harken, they leered towards the officers. "Speak up laddie, or did the cat catch your tongue." He smiled, four bottles of wine were on the desk, most of the paper were spread around the floor or stained with the rings of wine from the glasses Stremm and Harken drank heavily off, not that they did that anymore. Both were now drinking out of a bottle each, the bookcase was open, showing off the bar.

"Just take a bottle officers. Smile and be happy, and tell us whatcha think of the new Commissars." Harken drunkenly told both while regarding them with slurry eyes. Mclandi and Smith hesitates a little, exchanging glances, then they got a bottle of wine getting a hold of deep chairs each.

"Well Carrus didn't too bad, and even stared down Nuts McHendrix, so I guess the lad is talented enough. He can obviously track..." Smith trailed off as he glanced at the data-slate lying open at the desk. It showed off the profile of Carrus. He read it carefully, and the slow reactions of the inebriated Harken couldn't hide the truth about him being in a relationship with Ionza.

A smiling McLandi saw it as well, then she spoke. "You know she dragged my two Chief-Snipers out of bed-." Harken interrupted. "Did you let your Chief-Snipers sleep while new Commissars entered the regiment?" Harken looked at her with a coldness he had never had in his eyes before. He continued. "You can count yourself lucky you wasn't executed McLandi." She swallowed heavily then took a good slurp of the wine-bottle before speaking. "Commissar Harken sir. Commissar Ionza has ordered our relationship cancelled. I had my doubts about that when she ordered it, but I will follow that order." Harken's face reddened. McLandi continued. "Colonel Stremm sir, permission to be dismissed.?" Stremm merely nodded, and McLandi swiftly left the room.

Harken looked ready to explode with anger, he had much love for McLandi. And now that brat Michelle Ionza had ordered her to stop her relationship with him, and she was gonna hide behind it. He knew Carrus would also sanction the order, so there were no way in hell he could countermand it. He thought a moment how easy life were before either entered his life. Always going from regiment to regiment, woman to woman. Then two kids who he normally never cared about did stuff he didn't expect and next he knew he were at the Schola teaching them stuff, if they were knocked down, he taught them a new way of breaking an arm or worse, then they were up and fighting again. He sighed and his anger quickly gave way to a proud smile. The birds were learning to fly already.

"Smith continue your report." Stremm's harsh voice snapped Harken right out of the education of Carrus and Ionza as both humans, but also as military personnel. "Yes, sir. Commissar Carrus would fit in, most of the troopers unsurprisingly hates him already, but he is intelligent enough to flag that he were chosen not chose to enter the regiment." Harken looked at Smith, halfway as in wondering if he could read his lips. Halfway as in wondering why they were still rambling on about his charges.

The trio continued to drink well into the next morning, talking about anything but relevant stuff, so we will trail it off from here.
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This is pretty cool so far...
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Thanks Zehra. Smile Means a lot.
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Chapter III

We will now have a short fallback to Flinch and Merc.

Both Flinch and Merc boarded the Valkyrie coming to ship them back to the Schola Freudakia. Merc shivered and drank of the wine-bottle as he went onboard the transport. He wimped as he felt boxed in by the gray walls inside it. Everytime he closed his eyes he saw the emotionless eyes of Carrus and Ionza, their evil grins with lit lho-rods. One hefting that thrice-cursed meltagun at him, the other with that bolt pistol.

"Relax Thierri." The soothing voice of Flinch snapped Merc out of his negative chain of thought. "Soon we will be home and all this will be over." Both knew that was a lie. Now they were to be cadets, worse Carrus and Ionza would both personally keep an interest in them, and that was not good.

They drank of the wine-bottles. Merc passed out before they landed, he was mentally and physically drained after a long day of fighting. Flinch weren't in much better shape. Both were dehydrated as neither had the iron-constitution the hard jungle-fighting made you develop. Both were medivaced to the infirmary by the medical teams Carrus had ordered. The last thought trailing through the mind of Flinch before he passed out were: "Maybe Carrus ain't so bad at all." He thought it right after hearing: "Thank the Emperor that Cadet-Commissar Carrus had the foresight ordered us here, if not we would have transported them to the morgue."

Now we will trace forward to Carrus and Ionza returning from action, back to the Schola.

Carrus and Ionza stumbled out of the Valkyrie, their armour laid in a mixed heap on the floor of it. That was tomorrows business. They were drunk as they trailed past the sentries and guards entering the huge grey building. Searchlights scaled the high walls with barbed wired atop. Every guard the couple met gave perfect salutes as they fearfully glanced at the scarlet sashes both had around their waist.

The couple trudged through the hallways, the occasional guard looked at them in fear as they saluted. They merely gave a shrill nod with a fast smile each back with lit lho-rods in their mouths. They rapidly got to their room, the Hole in the Wall. The primitive brown wooden sign had been crudely bolted into place. The cracks in the concrete wall was visible for all to see. Carrus and Ionza went past that door. A much more discrete almost invisible door were swiftly opened. Finally they were home.

Inside were the rather large rooms they possessed, it was a luxurious shack. None but the best of the best progenia were allowed to sleep in such quarters. Yet they had for the last two year. The nicely furnitured room showed a mix of style and decadence. The best part was that bathroom complete with a hot-tub. Not even Harken had the keys for this room, the private quarters of Carrus and Ionza. Just picture a luxurious and neatly kept apartment with mostly red and green carpets and white marble floors and walls with lots of finer paintings.

Carrus and Ionza were allowed to sleep the day in. They had fought hard yesterday. Both woke up with hammering headaches, and choose to take it quite easy. Now not even Head-Missionary Natrax couldn't order them around anymore, even if he for any reason should have such an odd wish. Now the couple dressed in more colorful unarmoured Commissar-uniforms. They retained the sword and maingun, but they were unlikely to see action now with sashes adorning their waists. The couple went through the bar-like Hole in the Wall, they felt sad knowing their happiest days were over. Not even the custom floorboards that croaked, or the jukebox brought either much joy. The barroom were adorned with the skull of various creatures both had slain. It was a testament to their youthful exuberance despite all the time they had faced certain death, and mostly together. Pride over their new position were washed away, their graduation weren't the public spectable the promotion of a Commissar normally were with all the Commissarial cadets assembled in the Commissarial hall. No they had discretely been given a sash each by the headmaster of the Commissars of the Schola Freudakia. Both felt sullied. by the thought.

They quickly exited through the main entrance of the Hole in the Wall. "Commissars." A nervous-looking Cadet-Commissar in their class looked at the couple. "Speak your mind CC (Calling a Cadet-Commissar CC is a horrendous insult to that person) Hanson." Ionza said while she let her angry eyes go through his uniform hoping to find some error. "Head-head. Head." The man stuttered. "Speak your mind man, or loose your own." Ionza looked ready to explode, Carrus held her back. "No-no dear, I'm hungover, so the last thing I want is you kicking Hanson in the groin again. Just focus and speak your piece Hanson." Carrus looked tired at the Cadet-Commissar who enviously looked down at his sash. Hanson were a full year older than Carrus, yet Carrus were treated like gold just because he were an unparallelled fighter. Yet he was kinder than Ionza, whose response to a wrong guess tended to be a roundhouse-kick.

Adam Hanson were a tall, lanky 20 year old. Green eye, one bionic eye of mediocre quality (Ionza pierced one of his eyes with a knife when he insulted her once, worse Carrus had offered him one of premium quality) it glowed red in the metallic placement it had in his flesh, he had scars running across his face from both Drill-Abbots and that couple which had mangled his previously good looks, his skin were palish, narrow face almost with no nose (Ionza again), he was dressed in a greyish Cadet-Commissar garb which were far to short for him and weren't allowed to carry any weapons unlike the well-armed couple. As a person despite for all the physical harm Ionza had done him, he hated Carrus the most. He was everything Carrus weren't, theoretically good, but Carrus was practical and popular. Man how Hanson hated Carrus.

Hanson continued. "Head-Missionary James Natrax summons you both to his office." "See, everything works as long as you concentrates." Carrus smiled and met Hanson's cold glare of hatred with his smile and warm blue eyes. "So run along now Hanson and have some fun with....oh, theology-class (Carrus undoubtedly looked at the class-table hammered into the wall opposite the door of the Hole in the Wall)." Carrus had a teasing smile. He was so frakking glad he didn't have to go there anymore. Infact he hadn't attended that class in three years. Investigation-class with the Arbites-Cadets were much funnier, and taught both Carrus and Ionza valuable lessons in how to plant evidence as well as uncovering of course.

They swiftly went over to that compound not far from their rooms, finger-prints, eye-scans and voice-scans confirmed it was them of course. The compound of the Drill Abbots was now entered. The walls were overtly decorated in visions of the Emperor and Primarches fighting endless battles. Neither Ionza nor Carrus liked that style, they fought enough themselves and fighting usually showered both in mud, blood and things rather not written down. Several soldiers (with neatly fitting gray-black Storm-Trooper uniforms along with hotshot lasgun held on their waists) on guard did spotless salutes, only to be greeted by their small nods with smiles as the couple went through the hallways.

Eventually Carrus and Ionza reached the outer confines of the Office of the Principal. Both subjected themselves to the frisk-searches and further scannings, until Natrax a man with wild green eyes, dark complexion, grey heavy beard, heavy furrowed brow, blank skull, clad in a greenish robe which didn't reveal the heavily muscled figure beneath it, almost a head taller than Carrus waved them inside.

The couple rapidly found themselves inside the luxurious office of James Natrax. The walls was lined with bookshelves who actually were in use as they contained the reports of the students of the different sections of the Schola Freudakia. Carrus shrugged a bit looking at the size of his disciplinary-profile.

"Take seat Commissars." The gnarled voice of Natrax sounded old, extremely old. The hair on the back of both Commissars stood. The couple carefully got seated in the fine chairs with Grox-bones as handles and legs, dressed in the finest silk humanly possible to get. Both Carrus and Ionza returned the smile of Natrax when they got seated. As usual Natrax himself remained standing. He let his all-seeing green eyes peer into the souls of the couple. "Now you have graduated. No surprise there. Two years early is a bit more of a surprise." Natrax looked especially at Carrus when he said the last part. "I have come to understood that you both are to spend about three months here as Drill-Abbot and Drill-Abbess." Natrax thought it was fun with those titles, as neither was meant to be monk or nun. "Oh God-Emperor how both would reek as that." He thought in his silent mind while only his odd smile gave out that he thought of anything other than lectures, at least in Carrus' mind as he was all but certain the man was totally devoid of humor.

"Get to the point Master Natrax." Natrax snapped back and out of his line of thought with the small contempt Carrus said master with. Natrax knew it was more a habit than meaning for the young man to speak that way, but yet it unsettled him. Carrus' blue eyes glared back at his with unrelenting faith in the Emperor.

"Yes the point, forgive an old man to marvel a bit about the work his former student had done." Natrax smiled at both of them, who glanced confused at each other. "Sorry my dearest lad." Natrax's glance fell right at the slightly squirming Carrus. "I just couldn't help glancing at what Harken could have been. Anyway, your mum Carrus is terminally ill. I have cancelled the order for you about joining the Shadow-Tigers. Instead you will see out your three months here, then I'm sending you home with your best friends young Carrus to mourn your mother. Not many progenia ever gets to know their." Natrax glared at the emotionless face of Carrus, he saw sorrow in his eyes, but worse he saw ambition, unbridled ambition. "You are both dismissed Commissars." Both Carrus and Ionza did sharp military salutes with their black Commissar-hats (they wore the same style, rather low peaked-caps with a blackened out skull similar to the guard of Carrus' sword at the center of their caps) under their arms. Natrax did the same salute back.

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Carrus felt out of this world as he exited the office of Natrax, rapidly retrieved his meltagun and power sword from the guards of Natrax. His mum were dying, he could remember some tenderness and such, but mostly it was old Sister Joanna who were his mother, not his biological one. Yet he felt pain in his heart as he knew his mother was dying. Ionza was also lost in wonder, Carrus had time and time again bragged about the day he would be king. Now the opportunity were here. His mother were dying, he was ripe and full of ambition unbridled. She watched her young prince, he seemed lost in thought as she retrieved her own power sword and bolt pistol.

The couple rapidly trailed over to the infirmary after asking about Flinch and Merc. The walls changed from the war-glorifying walls the Drill-Abbots lived and worked between to the somber white walls for the sick and injured with surgeons, doctors and nurses of all vocations hurried to save the life of students who had been out from anything from accidents at live fire drills to students who had tried to commit suicide by any means.

Both shuddered as they walked past rooms were doctors declared students dead and nurses took the time. People they met in the corridors jumped even more than usual, they were already feared, but this was ridiculous a scarlet sash shouldn't have this effect. Eventually they met the Sister Hospitallier Nana Grace. Tall for a woman as she was slightly shorter than Carrus, unblinking dark-green eyes, the classic black hair in the Sororita-hairdue, shapely formed, an ugly scar totally marred her beauty as it ran from her forehead at the left side over one of her eyes to the neck, she was dressed in a rather practical white lab-coat. She had for the past three years been assigned to the convent at Terra, she was a member of the Order of the Torch. She along with the best and brightest of the Sister Hospitallier held the Catus Advance as she was just as much an adviser to Natrax, a soldier accompanying the cadets into the skirmishes and a scientist as she endlessly studied the ancient tomes in the Schola-library as she was doctor and compassionate nurse for the sick and injured.

Grace smiled at both, she had been a classmate of Ionza who were an old friend of her's, with her hoarse voice which Carrus actually thought were quite sweet to his ears she said. "Congrats." She made a curtsy to both as she saw their scarlet sashes. "Thank you Grace, but I must be brief sister. Do you know were Kaldor Flinch and Thierri Merc are? We have only three months before we must go to Ciralix, Carrus might give you the details if he sees fit to do so." Ionza had little time for curtsies and such dwaddle, though she made a small and gracious one.

"Yes, follow me Commissars, I was in charge of treating them both." Grace paused a little, then spoke again. "Ehm Commissar Carrus what is sister Ionza referring to? Anything I could do?" She looked worried at Carrus, their religious standing was far from each other, yet he had always been a support for her even thought she at times felt he was corrupting Ionza. "My mother is dying, we shall see out our time here. Can you be kind enough to travel home in advance Sister Grace? I have no-one I trust more with medical issues than you, so I want you to go there to keep my mum alive until I return home." Like him Grace hated her own first name, so he was persistent in calling her Grace, who had a healthy respect for both as she had been the best mate of Ionza since they were 12 as Sororita-adepts. Her respect for Carrus were more due to him always treating her with courtesy as he would never try to cross her.

Ionza was Grace' bunk-mate when she started attending the Schola Freudakia many years earlier. New progeni are often sleeping in bunks, many powerful friendships are forged which can last for centuries. She was the only student at the Schola Freudakia Carrus actually was scared of, no wonder she had stood up to him more than once in close-combat, but what really scared him were her aversion to drugs even alcohol she regarded as impure even when doing surgery she rarely used drugs on the patient. Her skill as a torturer were peerless, Carrus had been forced to watch many a time as he had wrangled in a cadet worshiping the ruinous powers for her. As combat gear she wore a blackish combat-suit very similar to Carrus, a power sword, laspistol as backup and a bolter which she was quite the shot with. She also had a pelt of a Shadow-Tiger as the last progenia there. Three students had one, she, Ionza and Carrus.

"Commissar Carrus I'm delighted in your faith in me, and I will travel to Ciralix Prius in a day. Also I'm truly sorry for your loss." Grace heard how sad Carrus were when he asked her to take care of the medical issues, and it was a golden opportunity as many friends and associates of Carrus had traveled to Ciralix Prius the last two years. She was a bit jealous of Carrus there, he unlike most progeni knew his parents. For her the parent-case were classified, not even Harken had the clearing to retrieve that information.

The trio rapidly made they way through the infirmary, walking past many of the pinkish doors were young soldiers fighting the Roamers were held up, at times they met a Cadet-Commissar coming out of a room after giving a cadet beyond saving the Emperor's peace, he saluted them and the two true Commissars responded as usual. "There they are, room 241. I'll wait on the outside my lieges." Grace made a small curtsy, receiving smiling nods in return. Carrus and Ionza entered the room.

Merc and Flinch were weak and dehydrated. Carrus and Ionza had made critical mistakes in giving them alcohol, but how the hell could they know they hadn't drank anything at all at that point? The two Commissars didn't exactly look pleased at their young proteges. "So!" Ionza sort of screeched. "At least you are awake. Were you too slowed to even get a sip of water?" She let her cold brown eyes peer into their souls while sounding quite irritated. Flinch answered. "Sorry lady, but we-we were out of water and didn't know if the streams we passed were safe to drink of." Now Carrus butted in. "What with your water-purifying tablets? Did you forget about them?" Flinch answered again. "Brother Thoray said we didn't need them. OW!!!" Ionza rapidly drew her whip and a quick lash left a bloody scar across his torso. "What did I say about Brother Thoray?" She snarled. In unison both Merc and Flinch loudly stated. "Brother Thoray is a fool, never listen to Brother Thoray!!!" Ionza smiled a shrill smile before they left.

The next few weeks flew by, Merc and Flinch were both introduced to the officer-program by Carrus who were the more reasonable of the couple. Then they rounded up the men and women who would be part of Carrus' honor guard when they returned to Ciralix Prius. Grace was included of course, so were the Cadet-Commissars Rick Higgins, Jurten Mack and Cal Simpson. All three were tall, bulky deathworlders, with burning brown eyes, short black hair, bronzed skin save for Simpson who was dark-skinned and lots of scars from battle and ritual practice despite the Drill-Abbots at the Schola Freudakia always meting out severe punishments for such acts. Most of the friends of Carrus and Ionza were regarded as troublemakers with all their less than mature pranks, so Natrax was glad to see them go, though Grace was a model student which were a severe loss.

Ionza like Carrus had no desire to fight for her life. She like her mate thirsted for the good life with good wine, exotic food, riches and the least amount of fighting that could be desired. Few knew about the true nature of them. Here they were the iron-willed Commissars that drilled fearlessness and duty to the Emperor into budding Storm-Troopers, none were finer in finding what cadets really were fit for than them. Indeed they were a rare breed, they had the ear of both young and old at Schola Freudakia.

Meanwhile Head-Missionary James Natrax took a Valkyrie to the basecamp of the Shadow-Tigers. He was worried which showed at his face. Lord-Inquisitor Selpid had ordered him to send home young Carrus with his friends. Natrax knew Harken and Stremm his former students wouldn't be too happy finding out that the two Commissars Harken carefully had groomed for the purpose were to go Ciralix Prius. Harken knew well of Selpid, and that threat would even stifle his rage. For the occasion Natrax dressed in a rather greyish robe, it hid some weapons as he knew Harken were a violent man.

At the LZ Stremm stood with his two guards. Their high-powered lasguns were slung over their waists. Stremm shuddered in the cold rain, not just from the cool temperature of the rain which slipped off his green greatcoat, but also of the thought about going up against his mentor, Natrax. He thought over all the harsh lessons Natrax had dished out to both him and Harken as boys. Whipping them into shape, making them able to face down quite a lot of the horrors of the universe. Stremm induced all his training to avoid shivering as he saw the Valkyrie with Natrax land, and felt even worse when he met the eyes of Natrax.

"So Commissar-General Harken is a problem my former charge?" Natrax spoke with his voice needlessly sweet. He could barely contain his outrage. "Yes Missionary. Harken have been a prob-" Stremm trailed off as Natrax put a finger to his mouth. "Pathetic, you should be able to discipline him yourself." "Sir. I'm a Colonel, so I have no authority over Harken. Had Commissar Carrus or Commissar Ionza been here, they would without no doubt have kept Harken in line." Stremm looked angrily back at Natrax who just nodded. "Take me to the quarters of Harken." The two men were walking as they talked.

As for Harken, his regret over Ionza's order had him slipping into a depression, which neither her nor Carrus were aware off. Worse his former lover seemed to spend too much time with Stremm, which annoyed him to unknown degrees. He missed the kids, they colored his life in a color no woman, fighting or other friends could. As usual Harken were drunk in his quarters, half-naked and not really in a mood for anything but a fight.

Suddenly there were a knock on the iron-door. "Get lost!!!" Harken growled picking up a boltgun of Astartes design, he gripped it tightly as he slammed the door open, pointing it straight at Natrax who just glared at him. "Is this a way to receive your old mentor?" Natrax was about as tall as Harken himself. Harken thought a bit, then slowly lowered the bolter. "Sorry master. I-I'm just so confused." Natrax saw the depression in the eyes of his former protege.

"Pathetic." Natrax shook his head while he rapidly disarmed Harken, and pushed him back into the room so he hit his bed which collapsed under his weight. The whole room were dirty and dusty, a far cry from the pedantic Commissar Carrus and Ionza were used to teaching them. "There must be something in that old saying, that the teacher always go better along with the pupils of his student, than his student." Natrax looked at Harken in cold disregard, his voice were chilly. "You have seen wars which have ripped every woman you have loved to pieces, and you mull over a couple of over-independent kids? Who ain't even dead, and looks to live past our age?" Natrax was full of suppressed rage. "Had Commissar Carrus or Ionza been here, God-Emperor, they would have flogged you for dereliction of duties Commissar-General. So on your feet SOLDIER the regiment needs you as a Commissar not a lout!!!"

Harken stumbled onto his feet, but was unsuccessful, one half-empty bottle of sujamma made him stumble so he collapsed back onto his bed with a loud groan. Natrax only facepalmed. "Emperor what an idiot I raised." Then he shrieked. "GET ON YOUR FRAKKING FEET SOLDIER!!! I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOUR STUPID EXCUSES!!! THIS ROOM SHALL BE SPOTLESS WITHIN THE HOUR!!! UNDERSTOOD???!!!" Harken quickly got on his feet, making a stiff and surprisingly good salute considering his condition before he answered. "Yes sir, fully understood sir."

Natrax smiled glumly, neither Carrus nor Ionza never were stupid enough to disregard him, like Harken at times did. He exited the bunker. "Stremm!!!" Stremm hurried over to him. "Make sure Harken is on jungle patrol the next few days, and walk with me." Stremm quickly answered. "Yes sir." They walked to a secluded area, then Natrax spoke. "I'm sorry my lad, but Carrus and Ionza have important duties now, far beyond the reach of even your regiment. I'm sorry laddie, but there are things you can't know." Stremm's jaw tightened as he just nodded in response. Natrax grabbed him by the shoulders looking straight into his eyes. "Don't tell Harken, I don't like it anymore than you do, but keeping silent of this is the imperative right now. Understood?" Stremm merely nodded as he realized that Carrus and Ionza, two excellent Commissars wouldn't join his regiment. He was very worried, his regimental Commissar went on drinking-binges, the two who kept that man grounded were bound for better things and he would likely have to choose from "the finest" Cadet-Commissars which usually meant he would get the useless hardliners better suited for a Penal Legion than anything else. Stremm watched his old master walk away, while he thought about how the hell he should ready the troops for them not having two rather sympathetic Commissars but now hardliners Harken was more than likely to execute.

Not that it was that bad, most of the Commissars at the Schola Freudakia were indoctrinated and tough, but Harken, Carrus and Ionza had personally executed those with mental disorders and the cadets that viewed human life as easily wasted tended to have Ionza sniping them so they spent hours dying. Most of the Cadet-Commissars were competent and loyal soldiers who regarded it as a sin to waste human life as Harken repeatedly had laid heavy weight on, of course they were skilled in ferreting out Genestealer-infestations and cultists as well. He was more than just the mentor of Carrus and Ionza, he shaped the generation of Commissars coming from Schola Freudakia in the years around M42 as Harken made sure that the tutors, Drill-Abbots and other teachers held his views. If not he executed them, or he let one of his students execute them as heretics as their first kill.

The Commissars were, Jack Little a heavyset and rather short male with a fair complexion, scarred facial features which included a misshapen mouth and a lacking ear, Dominic Woods a tall dark-skinned male with brown striking eyes, face was not too scarred compared with most students there, his bodily features were heavily muscled as he was pretty damn good with a chainsword and then you had Taylor Wasnewski, tall and thin, half his face was of metal after a disagreement with Carrus, both his eyes were bionic lasers after he looked too closely at the axe of a Feral Ork, most of his body were metal after Carrus blew up an Ork Dreadnaught and it promptly and literally blew up in his face. Despite the horrendous injuries Carrus had inflicted on him Wasnewski felt no ill will towards him. All were quite sensible as political officers who just were a tad too bad for the regiment as soldiers as they weren't quite the elite-soldiers Carrus and Ionza were, as neither had the Shadow-Tiger cloak. It must be noted that neither was very close to Carrus and Ionza.

Less than a month later the two Commissars with their allies were traveling home, on the Dictator-class Cruiser Heritage. Which Ionza joked must be a sign from the Emperor himself, even through saying that made her shudder as if the Emperor himself glared at her.
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I am reminded why I don't much care for Commissars.
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They keep the guys in line, they ain't nice people. Smile
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Chapter IV

The flashback.

Enginseer Lucius an extremely tall man of almost 2.5 meters, with only two human organs left in his body, brain and taste-buds, the rest were metal, dressed in a dark dirty burgundy colored robe having two red las-eyes, five different set of arms sticking out of his body with different things attached to them, like one drill, one adjustable screwdriver, one crane mounted on his back just to lift heavy stuff, the rest remained human-like as human hands are quite handy due to the adaptability of them when fixing guns, walked through the armory of Schola Freuddakia with his heavy iron legs making heavy ringing noises.

Rows of guns stood along gun-placements at the different tall, metallic, gray shelves in the dimly lit armory. The heavy ironed boots of acolytes scurrying out of the way as Lucius neared became dimmer. Lucius didn't care, he was drawn towards the rows with the meltaguns.

This sound was new, and totally different, Lucius picked up the weapon. He had heard weapons groan over misuse, hard handling, dropping and clumsy reloading. This one didn't, he examined it closely. It was pining, it was pining about a Storm-Trooper cadet. That made no sense, after studying the weapon he took it with him outside, he loathed being outside with humans scurrying around, noisy, inefficient humans, they were not like the harmonic machines. Worse were that blasted sun, it always was so sharp. Lucius didn't like going outside one bit, still the weapon were obviously pining, and it gave him an headache.

Lucius stepped outside. The sun almost blinded him, so he adjusted his las-vision. He groaned, students were everywhere, still the weapon were pining for that blasted cadet. The Schola Freudakia were bathed in sun-light, hadn't it been for the occasional transport carrying live targets for the senior students landing, it would seem like a very pleasant place to be with the bird-songs and the sun. It wasn't, it was a Schola Progenium, were innocent boys and girls were learned to kill and be drilled in the name of the Emperor. Teenagers with screaming Drill-Abbots/Abbesses were running in front of the huge concrete buildings singing odd songs, other cadets were making pushups while merciless tutors lashed them for every mistake, only a few of the senior progeni had any time off at all. Lucius continued forward as everyone made sure they gave him a wide berth, an Enginseer were best avoided.

Seeing Drill-Abbot Henan a scrawny tall man, merciless dark eyes, balding head, probably in his late thirties, dressed in a greenish Storm-Trooper garb without the armour, Lucius just went up to him. As usual he was abusing and kicking some of the fourteen year old Storm-Trooper cadets from the tiniest error in their pushups. Lucius cared more for a mice scurrying across the floor inside the armory than he did for any of these young boys.

"Drill-Abbot." Lucius' shrill mechanical voice rang out. The students rapidly rose to their feet trying not to shiver. Henan also straightened up, with a visible shiver he replied in his rather ratty voice. "Enginseer."

"Where do I find Storm-Trooper Carrus?" The red eyes of Lucius glared at Henan.

"Storm-Trooper Carrus? Excuse me, but that-" Henan was immediately cut off. "Storm-Trooper Carrus, where is he?" Lucius had adjusted his volume to almost shrieking, Henan and more than one cadet lost their bladder as they watched in terror the many arms of Lucius flail.

"At-at-at the central hall, I-I had him scrub it-" Henan began. A harsh glare from Lucius stopped him. Lucius continued towards the central hall.

Zachary Carrus at 14 a rather thin boy, not very tall either, sat on his knees in his dirty brown robe while scrubbing the marble-tiles of the central-hall with a toothbrush. Once more punished by Drill-Abbot Henan for a stupid reason, he had performed well in the live-fire exercise, yet he was punished. What could he have done to prevent the plasmagun malfunctioning? Nothing. Worse his best friend and bunk-mate Friesen was the one killed.

Dutifully Carrus carried out his punishment, Henan had it in for him from day one. Even ignoring the recommendation of Commissar-General Nathan Harken. Henan hated him because he was a silver spoon, but one day he would have his revenge, Carrus knew that as he cleaned the tiles one by one while the toothbrush slid out and in to the cold water in the bucket by his side.

Suddenly a shadow of something inhuman appeared over Carrus. He froze in abject terror, then got up. It wasn't like the other passing shadows that paid him no heed. Carrus got up and turned. Glaring down at him were Enginseer Lucius. Carrus felt his heart pound with fear.

"Are you Carrus?" The sound rang in Carrus' ears, one of his eardrums burst leaving a small trickle of blood dripping down his right ear onto his mattered brown greatcoat.

"Storm-Trooper cadet Carrus, Enginseer sir." Carrus spoke loud, only the closest scrutiny would have revealed that he shook with fear of the Teach-Priest.

"So you are responsible for this?" Carrus knew he had been responsible for stuff like spiking the oldest Storm-Trooper cadets rations with sleeping-drought and other stuff, but his chain of thoughts were interrupted when he saw the meltagun the Enginseer were cradling. Lucius had dampened his voice-box a bit now.

"Enginseer?" Carrus looked up at Lucius with a mix of both terror and surprise at his face. "This holy weapon pines for you." Carrus was literally knocked down by the force of which Lucius gave him the gun. He spat blood as he tried to get on the feet. Five Drill-Abbots saw what happened. They didn't see Lucius often, and this was indeed an unique occurrence, he was volunteering a weapon without agony to a cadet. None, but the most honored of the senior cadets were allowed to carry a weapon.

"Carry this on you at all times Carrus." Lucius quickly scurried through the hall, as Drill-Abbot Nabokov, a tall, lanky, grey eyed and haired, hair and beard were in a style reminiscent of R.E. Lee dressed in a greyish, thought colorful Commissarial garb, he hurried over to Carrus who obviously got injured.

"Are you okay cadet?" Nabokov's hoarse voice asked while he looked compassionate at Carrus who just nodded despite coughing blood. Nabokov knew he was lying, getting a hold of the injured Carrus, getting one of his arms over his shoulders.

"That was damn impressive. Few can face down Enginseer Lucius as calm as you boy." Nabokov rarely gave praise, Carrus just coughed out. "I wish I had ran, but he would likely have used that damn drill-" Carrus trailed off.

Another Drill-Abbot lifted Carrus' other arm over his shoulders picking up the meltagun with his free hand. They froze in terror as Lucius returned. "Carrus." Lucius pointed a finger straight at the chest of Carrus who had pinkish spittle dripping out of his mouth. "Tomorrow you shall report to the armory."

Carrus smiled as he passed out. Any punishment was better than the punishment that idiot Henan laid at him for no reason whatsoever. He knew Drill-Abbot Nabokov at least were on his side at times, the last thing he heard was Nabokov whispering to his colleague. "Why the hell is Carrus assigned to the Storm-Troopers? He would be much better as a Commissar or Arbiter."

Carrus of course didn't hear the two Drill-Abbots argue as the other meant Carrus was a horrible student, and one week later he awoke in a hospital-bed with Nabokov standing over him as he came through.

"I have good news young tiger." The old man croaked. "What is it Drill-Aboot Nabokov? *cough* Sorry, sir." Carrus were weak. his ribcage had been mainly broken when Lucius handed him the meltagun. "What the hell?" Carrus saw the meltagun lying on the small desk beside him.

"That's the present from Lucius, Carrus." Nabokov smiled over the shock and surprise on Carrus' face. "Hm, there went my theory of this being a dream. I ain't drafted over to the Commissar-cadets as well?" Carrus' head spun. He glanced confused over at Nabokov.

"Get dressed Storm-Trooper cadet. Enginseer Lucius awaits you in the armory." Nabokov made his voice harsh, he knew Carrus' days as a Storm-Trooper cadet were numbered, soon he would be a Commissar-cadet. Yet he couldn't hide the pride that Natrax had informed him that Commissar-General Nathan Harken was on the way. Nabokov grew up hearing about that Commissar, and Harken had personally recommended Carrus' entry to this honored Schola Progenium two years ago. He knew Carrus' fortunes were about to change for the better.

Within the hour Carrus with his meltagun were trailing through the armory. He used a flashlight as it was damn dimly lit down there. Half of the rods in the ceiling had flared out, the other half blinked. It was clinically clean down in the bunker were the weapons of Schola Freudakia were kept. Carrus looked around. "Where the hell were Lucius?" He thought.

The flashlight shone brightly in the dim darkness, at times Carrus shuddered as he recognized failed cadets who had been lobotomized and mind-scrubbed, they had been turned to monstrous servitors. That was the prize of failure at this most honorable Schola. Worse for Carrus, he was a bad Storm-Trooper cadet. Which meant he was likely to face such a fate. He shrugged off the negative thoughts continuing inside looking for the Enginseer.

"Acolyte?" Carrus finally stopped a non-lobotomized member down at the armory. He smiled regarding the plae face of the man, he thought, the brown greatcoat didn't exactly reveal features. "Take me to Enginseer Lucius at once, I'm Carrus he has ordered me down here." The guy looked at Carrus with a look that could kill, as Carrus interrupted him in maintaining the Machine Spirit of the lasgun laying on the table. Yet the name Carrus had been mentioned by Enginseer Lucius the man in charge of the weapons and ammunition here. He waved his hand and Carrus followed him through the dimly lit corridors with shelves full of weapons.

"There he is." The irritated tech-acolyte pointed at Enginseer Lucius who was busy repairing a Valkyrie under the hangar. He was muttering for himself as he changed some piping on it while doing a total overhaul of it's engines. It had been used hard, Lucius hated that. Those stupid human pilots always used the Valkyrie too hard when airlifting cadets of any kind to the jungle.

"Excuse me Enginseer." Carrus called out. Lucius didn't hear him, far too busy cleaning out filth from the engine. "EXCUSE ME SIR!!!" Carrus yelled at the top of his lungs. Now Lucius heard him. He let his arms holding him many meters up in the air of the hangar slowly lift him down. His red glare met the blue glare of Carrus who barely flinched.

"Ah yes, Carrus." Lucius' metallic voice called out, Carrus merely shifted a little looking back, he felt safe with the meltagun resting at his belly, hanging from straps over his shoulders. He smiled to his teacher. "What is my duties Enginseer?" Carrus smirked as he expected to be told something mundane like changing the failing rods in the ceiling or wash a Chimera.

"Go through 103 rows, take right, and maintain the meltaguns." Lucius went up to Carrus, and as Carrus blinked and shifted he conjured forth a key-card, it was one of the most powerful at the Schola Freudakia, Carrus had seen such a card only in the hand of Head-Missionary Natrax and other extremely high-ranking personnel. He recognized the AdMech symbol at it and a horrid picture of him splatted on it in the typical lack of style the Tech-Priests had.

"Sir I have no-" The stern look of Lucius got Carrus to trail off, this was more of a golden opportunity. "Ehm I meant thank you, Enginseer Lucius." Lucius merely looked as mad as ever back on Carrus. "Why are you still here? Get over to the meltaguns and maintain them." Carrus could hear the anger in the voice of Lucius as he was handed the key-card and a set of keys. He rapidly ran towards the section of the melta-weaponry as Lucius went back to maintaining the holy Machine Spirit of the Valkyrie.
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Two years later. Carrus encountered the bully and rapist Storm-Trooper progeni Kettil in a hallway. Kettil was 19, would have been handsome but his disfigured face had been mangled horribly by a Commissar-cadet when he began there, that one met his end in the furnace. He was blond, blue eyes, tall and muscular, dressed in the sky-grey Storm-Trooper outfit. His eyes got narrow as he saw Carrus, he looked forward to kill the teenager for that throwing-knife to his shoulder a week ago. He drew closer to the grey-clad cadet. He knew Carrus wouldn't have the time raising his meltagun.

Grabbing a hidden knife he lunged at him. Carrus side-stepped, then Kettil felt a sting deep inside him. Everything slowed down, the pain was mind-numbling, he tried to gasp for air, instead blood filled his lungs, he tried to move, nothing, then pain, it hurt like hell.

"Now you die Kettil as you deserve. I'm only sorry I couldn't save Louise from you." Carrus spoke with barely controlled rage.

Kettil realized Carrus had stabbed him with hidden monofilament knives. He slumped back at the gray concrete the stairs were made from. He was gutted, worse he still lived. Now old man Nabokov appeared at the stairs.

Carrus thought he would face execution for certain now. He was covered in blood, Kettil was only mortally wounded not dead. He would speak up, Carrus looked up at the grey figure of Nabokov.

"Carrus, draw your laspistol, and execute failed cadet Kettil for attacking a Commissar-cadet." Nabokov sounded as stern as always. *Tchock* Carrus without hesitation, but with a damn big smile on his face drew his hidden laspistol and executed Kettil. He had gotten revenge for more than a few beatdowns over the years, not to mention the injuries he had suffered on the field of sports from Kettil.

Nabokov smiled glumly. Now he knew Henan would go openly for him Kettil were his favorite student (no wonder they were rumored to be father and son, though Kettil was the son of the sister of Henan), but that didn't matter, one year and the tumor inside him would kill him. At least he had protected Carrus from meeting his fate at the hands of Henan. Instead he was to be put in with the most dour of the students at Schola Freudakia, the students of the Commissariat. For Nabokov himself, he had served over forty years undistinguished as a Commissar. He had five grown kids and a deceased wife, for the last five he had been teaching budding Commissars despite his lack of frontline service.

"Commissar-Cadet Zachary Carrus, that was your first execution, now follow me." Nabokov saw Carrus simply nod smilingly then follow him. They trailed over to the quarters of the Commissar-cadets. Most of the Drill-Aboots and students rapidly got out of their way. They trailed all the way over to the central-hall of the Commissars.

Carrus saw the smile of Ionza, his lover, standing at the main hall. She looked so cute in the Commissar-garb she now were wearing, red quite tall peaked cap, nice greatcoat adorned with gold edges, black pants and combat boots, a dark purple coat hung over her shoulder and she was hefting the longlas over her shoulders with her hands resting on the gun behind her head. She smiled at him.

They had met at 13. She gave him his first kiss then as old Natrax told her Carrus wasn't likely to last long. Now they had a badly concealed relationship as Ionza were known to often spend time in Carrus' quarters with the meltaguns. He had a bed there as he hated sleeping with 200 other guys and blanket-parties aimed at him on Henan's behest had soured him.

Drill-Abbess McLandi discovered Ionza's ranged abilities when she fired at targets on the 500 meter range instead of the 100 meter-range as ordered. None of the Drillers ever take much note of her except the few times she was singled out for praise. So Ionza quietly just adjusted her sights at the 500 meter range which the snipers utilized.

The lasgun was of poor qulity, yet after a few shots she hit the targets. Drill-Abbess McLandi saw that. She was in charge of training the snipers. She was impressed as she thought that weapon was pretty much useless at ranges over 300 meters, yet the young woman laid there silently notching down the targets.

"Nice firing." McLandi smiled at Ionza who looked shocked back. "Relax I won't punish you for not following orders. Just get on your feet."

Ionza was rapidly on the feet. "Yes ma'am." She made a sharp salute to the experienced Drill-Abeess.

"Follow me." McLandi started walking while she hefted her longlas, they went on top of one of the grey concrete buildings. The weather was all fine.

"I have someone I would like you to kill, a tall, dark and handsome male of the commissar-cadets. It's the one with the flashy ear-ring, and with the girls flocking around him." McLandi spoke, Ionza merely nodded as she followed her.

McLandi handed Ionza her longlas. "See the cadets sitting in the shade of that large tree?"
"Yes ma'am." Ionza replied quickly while she settled down.
"Shoot h-." *Tchock* Ionza had already gotten the sights and range adjusted. With on shot the student leaning against the tree was shot right between his eyes.
"Permission to take out the rest." Ionza sat crouching, she let the excellent sight of the longlas pinpoint the position of a female cadet of the Storm-Troopers, she was pretty. "Granted" *Tchock* She was dead with a gaping hole in the back of her head.

Three more quickly followed, Ionza shot them so they died suffering for the next hours. McLandi was much impressed, she now knew she had a candidate for the honored 81st.

"I trust you didnt mind the twist of me shooting the other guys fatally?" Ionza smirked, she was confident. McLandi observed the snipings through her binoculars. She merely shook her head.

McLandi penned down an order. "Here, and go see Zachary Carrus in the armory, he will give you the weapon." She handed Ionza a quickly written order. "Thank you ma'am." Ionza made a sharp salute as she ran towards the armory.

She entered the armory, her order laid written in her pocket. She saw him. He had changed, he was still gaunt, but looked much stronger and taller now, she had grown herself to her full size, though a fair bit skinnier than at 19. Carrus were polishing an ordinary and well-functioning lasgun, in the brightly lit armory. Much had changed in the two years since Lucius appointed him Master of Arms.

He was wearing a burgundy-colored greatcoat, she was in her black sisterhood-garb. She heard him whistle an old tune as the lasgun were swiftly dissembled then he used his rug to carefully while sitting on a table leaning himself on the wall cleaned the gun, just as Lucius had impatiently taught him (the part with dissembling the gun, not whistling and carelessly sitting on the table while doing that).

Carrus saw Ionza before she saw him. He smiled at her, not too often did he get visited down there. Rapidly reassembling the lasgun he jumped down from the table. She walked calmly over to him.

"I got orders-" Ionza started to speak, Carrus just cut her off. "Really? Like I never heard that one before." He Looked at her with a teasing grin. Ionza rapidly gave him the order.

"Ah Drill-Abbess McLandi, she is okay." Carrus smiled at her as he read the note. "Hm longlas, you are a sniper? And must be a damn good one, not often do I get requests from Drillers to allow a student to wear weapons when they are sixteen. Infact I have been the only non-graduating student to be allowed to wear anything but a laspistol." Carrus looked skeptical at Ionza, it was clear he had reservations about the order.

"Well you can face down Drill-Abbess McLandi yourself." Ionza was annoyed, not only did this young man patronize her, but he also dared to brag. "Heyh I meant no harm, I merely how unusual such an order is." Carrus smiled and sounded disarmingly, then he paused a little, as if his glazed eyes recognized her. "You look familiar, have we met?" Ionza merely snickered. "Three years ago, you were cleaning a Chimera up. We talked briefly. I'm glad to see you still alive and kicking." Ionza smirked as she talked to him.

"Ah it was you." Carrus remembered full and well, he lit up in a wide smile. "Why did you kiss me?" He looked confused at her. "I don't know. It just happened." Ionza shrugged as she didn't have a good answer. She kissed him after old Natrax told her that he was unlikely to last long. She had just entered the Schola as a student, and they had walked past him scrubbing down the vehicle.

They walked over to the longlas storage, with Carrus unlocking and locking doors as they went past. Since he was taken under the protective wings of Lucius he had changed the armory as Lucius preferred to operate the more advanced equipment leaving it to Carrus to reorganize it as he saw fit. Now Skitarii sentries were stationed everywhere, only Carrus and Lucius had access to everything. Carrus had installed rooms where it before were just shelfs with racks of guns. Now green metal lockers had replaced the gun-holders. Many of the Drillers had objected due to their restricted access, but Lucius had permitted the changes and Natrax personally congratulated Carrus on them.

Carrus opened up a final crate, inside it laid a longlas in pieces. Quickly Carrus assembled the weapon, while talking. "This is the finest longlas of this Schola Progenium. Lovingly made by Lucius himself. Effective range 3 kilometers, shoots special hotshot ammunition as well as ordinary lasgun-bolts, weight less than 3 kilograms. It's a Lucius Mark II Longlas. Worth a fraking fortune." Ionza stared perplexed at the weapon.

Then Carrus held up the sight. "This one is designed at the forges of Caracus IV. Caracus Vision sight. It can see anything, infrared, ultraviolet, things I can't even name, can zoom so things being 3 kilometers away seems like they are standing next to you." He looked seriously into the eyes of Ionza as he spoke. "This is the finest longlas ever made, only the legendary snipers of the 81st. Freudakian has access to such a weapon." He held the longlas in his hands, before resting it's stock onto the ground. It was almost as tall as Ionza.

"And now it seems like you, a mere teenager also has it." Carrus sighed as he surrendered the fine weapon to her. "Yes it's the finest weapon I have ever seen." Ionza glanced perplexed on the fine longlas. It seemed like it was made for her. "You can keep the weapon as your own." Carrus swiftly penned down an order taking a notepad on the grey metallic desk which the Tech-Acolytes used to maintain the longlases, prongs and other tools for weapon-maintenance were hanging on the wall behind the desk easily accessable. He then forged the signature of Lucius on it. "Relax, Lucius never punishes me for forging his signatures." He smiled as he looked on the surprised girlish face with her mouth half-open. "He only grades my forgeries." Then she was handed the order.

A fine bottle of 42 year old Freudakian white wine came up to rest on the desk, along with two drinking glasses. "I hope you drink, whatcha name by the way?" Carrus glanced over at her as the wine-bottle were opened.

"Ehm yes I drink, my name is Michelle Ionza, you can call me Michelle if you want to. Your name then?" Ionza was a bit perplexed about Carrus suddenly sitting down at the desk and opening a fine bottle of wine. "Zachary Carrus. Call me Carrus, dad must have hated me." Carrus shrugged as he poured the wine into one of the glasses. He continued while handing Ionza the bottle. "Naming a kid Sack was a horrible idea, should be a law against it."

Ionza merely snickered as she poured the wine into the second glass. "Few here knew their parents me included. Cheers." Both lifted their glass and tasted the fine liquid inside. "What about Lucius? Doesn't he object to the alcohol in here?" Ionza looked a bit scared at Carrus as the Enginseer were quite the scary sight.

Smirking Carrus brought up fine Ciralixian lho-rods from his robe. He handed one to Ionza, then took one himself, using his laschisel to ignite both. "No problem, Lucius was the one ordering the wine. He caught me drinking some cheaper stuff a year ago. So I had to request the good stuff instead." Carrus drank deep of the glass, smiling as he sat there smoking.

"Emperor, I was certain he would kill me when he caught me drinking. Lucius was mad at me for drinking what he called Grox-spittle ordering me to get some Freudakian White 20 years or older." Ionza giggled as Carrus talked, while she sipped of the fine wine. "Luckily for me, no planet makes finer wine than Freudakia." He smiled. "Do you like it?" She smiled a broad smile as she nodded. Neither teenager knew what they started as they rapidly started to pour down wine. Next day they confused and with headaches woke up in the same bed.

Ionza smiled at Carrus as they stood in the Central-hall of the Schola-Commissars. She knew Henan the tormentor of Carrus would be dead soon. Carrus quickly dressed up in the flowing Commissar-garb.

"You are both to report to Head-Missionary Natrax." Nabokov looked at both cadets, with a smile on his face, he knew they would be effective. Ionza was gifted as a Sororita, just her fear of the Emperor made her less than willing to pray. Carrus he had tutored from time to time over the years. He would adapt.

Less than a week later, after a severe beatdown by Harken Henan just disappeared. There were little doubt who caused the disappearance as Carrus had given Henan quite the beating the day after for failing to salute him him in front of 20.000 cadets at the Schola Freudakia.
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Hmmm, still an interesting story!!!
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Glad you like it, it's basically two teenagers coming of age and really being something they shouldn't be.
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Chapter V

Editor's note: This Chapter is written in honor of my grandma who died today, 22.01.2012, one day short of being 93. Must you rest in peace Grandma.

Grace had traveled in advance of Carrus and Ionza, she had used the last week on Freudakia to round up the finest medical personnel at the entire planet. Personal Sister Hospitalliers for the ruling family accompanied her. They arrived on the shuttleport at Califrona the capital of Caralix Prius. It was a modern shuttleport with much traffic at both commercial and military levels. The weather was grey with clouds gathering, cold blistering winds swept the nearby region causing every sensible citizen to be inside unless it was pressing business to attend to.

Lined up against the grey concrete walls were the surprisingly disciplined Ciralixian PDF, but what caught Grace's attention was the hooded short crone standing in the center of the reception-party (she was far shorter than even Ionza standing no more than 1.5 meter tall). Her yellow-brown hood disguised her features. Yet Grace saw them clearly. She knew the old lady was dying, as everything about her displayed the obvious signs of having rejected the latest juvenat implants, the skin were greyish, the soft shivering and the smell. The crone was perched on a staff-sword. Only the armoured hands of her betrayed that she was indeed a warrior, Grace felt the mellow green eyes of her rest on her. Gazing at her black power armour covered in sigils, her powered sword dangled by her hip, her bolter clanked against her belly and most of all she felt unworded wonder about her shadow-cloak.

Grace went straight up to the crone, the generals and staff-members behind the crone was better dressed, yet not in charge. "Sister Joanna. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." She kneeled infront of the old nun, watching her wrinkly face clearly as she saw her.

"Sister Grace." The gnarled voice of Joanna hit Grace. "You must be a fine Hospitallier indeed, since Carrus has sent you for his mother." She regarded the other medical personnel, wondering how the hell Carrus could afford this. It wasn't like his dad Arturus would give him any money. Joanna had given the Bringer of Insanity to Harken when he visited Ciralix four years ago, with instructions to pass the weapon on to Carrus.

"Come child. Humor an old woman." Grace was swiftly on her feet following Joanna. They walked over to a huge window overlooking the buzzing shuttleport, with shuttles of any kind landing and taking off. "So how is Carrus? The truth please." Grace almost jumped due to the harshness in the voice of Joanna.

"Carrus is a fine Commissar, brave superior-" Grace began, but Joanna interrupted her. "If I wanted to hear that, I would have sat his his dataslate on vocalized. Cited for bravery a few times, saved the life of his soldiers. Blah, blah, blah. Not what I'm after. How is he as a human?" Joanna looked annoyed at Grace.

Joanna grabbed the shoulders of Grace. "This is important. For three years military and Arbitrators has been coming from Freudakia. I recognize a coup d'etat when I see one. So how is his ambition? His mood? How does he plan?" With a look of despair the old woman regarded the young. Her fear was obvious.

"Ambition....unbridled. Mood? Usually happy, but prone to anger." Grace felt nervous as she spoke. Joanna's face paled. "His planning is straight forward and aggressive. Though he often let his consort do the planning. It was her idea of him sending his friends to infiltrate the PDF and Arbites." Grace glanced worriedly on Joanna.

"Has anyone else seen through it? Sister Joanna?" Grace shifted as Joanna got the dataslate up with Michelle Ionza while shaking her head. "No young sister, Ionza's plan is water-tight, nobody will see this coming. You can relax I'm on your side Sister Grace."

Joanna glanced at the profile of Ionza, for once there weren't just the heroic crap there, this was balanced. There it stated her weakness for lho and wine, her mood-swings, it warned of her war-weariness and greed (she and Carrus already owned a few mines and two casinos due to their careers as bounty-hunters in the Freudakian capital Matrovska). Also it mentioned she was brave, uncompromising, an excellent marksman, her grade with a power sword was off the chart. Joanna smiled as she read the profile, thinking they left out her most important stat, schemer.

"This dataslate is unusual Sister Grace." The two Sororitas looked at it. "Whatcha mean? Sister Joanna?" Grace squirmed as she watched the profile of Ionza. She knew Natrax wrote honest profiles, but this was ludicrous. Ionza wasn't this unstable. "It speak the truth, not just glossing things over as they tend to do." Joanna let her unblinking green eyes peer right into the soul of Grace. "How do you think Carrus will handle an arranged marriage to Elanor Donal? Sister Grace."

"I-I was certain arranged marriage wasn't common here on Ciralix. Carrus told me you view that as abominations" Grace sounded confused, Joanna merely nodded. "And Elanor, Carrus mentioned her once. She murdered a servant with a spoon for being late with her supper at seven." Grace shifted worried thinking about how Carrus and Ionza would likely react with ultra-violence. "As for the reaction. Carrus reacts violently to almost everything, I can't envision him not executing whoever had facilitated that move with the bride to be."

Grace continued, letting gesturing and facial expressions show how serious she was. "The man solves psychiatric cases with fire. He carries a meltagun for the Emperor's sake, and has executed over 100 students for mental breakdowns due to knowledge of Elanor. I have no doubt whatsoever that she will die soon, plus I'm willing to end her misery myself if you allows Sister Joanna." Grace hefted her boltgun into her hands, with a loud clang she pulled the spring loading a bolt into the chamber showing to Sister Joanna she was more than willing to do the wet-work.

"You are not allowed that my child, Carrus will undoubtedly want that pleasure himself. Come now Sister Grace we have much to discuss my fellow Sororita." Joanna calmly laid her left hand on Grace's bolter pulled it down. "As for that wedding it was Arturus' idea, he is likely bringing down the thunder with that decision."

The two Sororitas headed toward the exit where a black Arbitrator Rhino were waiting on them. Grace recognized the two Arbites standing next to it, they had graduated last year, and were friendly with Carrus and Ionza. She didn't like them as she regarded them as simple thugs, nevertheless she happily saluted the two heavily armoured men, clad in their black Arbites uniforms with their helmets in their left hand and bolters slung behind their shoulders on the right.

The two Arbitrators and the brace of Sororitas got seated inside the Rhino. Grace recognized that they were more disciplined now, as they always tended to speak out of term much like Carrus and Ionza. Now they were escorts, they worked closely with Sister Joanna who had brokered no failures from them. Both had learned many harsh lessons from the old Sororita, who picked them out despite most of the Arbites being more qualified. They were close to her former charge and she liked to hear their stories about him when alone. Oddly enough she looked most of all forward to meet Ionza, the woman who tamed Carrus.

"Driver, take us to the Governor Palace." Joanna's voice rang clearly inside the cabin of the Rhino. She smiled sweetly at Grace. "You turned in lots of favors for this assignment Sister Grace. Not many junior Sororitas could have pulled this off. The friendship of Carrus and Ionza must mean lots to you." Grace blushed a bit as she nodded.

The Rhino sped through the streets of Califrona. It laid in the special official lane on the highway driving at breakneck speed. The city was well-lit, with high-rises and cathedrals. Spires pointed towards the sky. The Governor Palace was a large fortification with it's own soldiers. They were clad in a purplish armour with sky-blue overalls and helmets. The officers were golden cuirasses on their adorned armour. On the other side of the city was the Arbites-HQ, a large grey complex with autoturrets pointing everywhere, high gray walls surrounded both buildings. Califrona was busy with traffic from both regular cars and hover-cars for the more wealthy residents.

It had started raining. Heavy raindrops went down from the skies. The Rhino stopped infront of the black adamite gates infront of the Governor's Palace. Large guns peered from the walls near it. The palace was a small copy of the Emperor's Palace on Holy Terra.

The four occupants of the Rhino unloaded into the heavy rain. Joanna marched forward not even bothering to salute the two sentries standing infront of the gates inside the small guard-booths, black and cone-shaped. Across the street a huge cathedral loomed, with colorful windows in stark contrast to the Governor's Palace. It was grey, with mighty spires, the High Gothic construction was a masterpiece. Grace couldn't hide a small snicker as she thought about how much Carrus and Ionza would hate it.

*dat-dit-dat-dat-dit-dat-dot* "Code accepted, fingerprints, DNA-trace and eye-scan please." A mechanic voice almost screamed as Joanna printed in her personal access-code. She willingly let the scanner scan her eyes, take a saliva-test and take her fingerprint. *Tchock* Joanna jumped as she thought it was the laspistol of Carrus which discharged, it wasn't but with amazing speed a small door in the nearest adamite door slide open.

"Anything wrong Sister Grace?" Joanna smiled at the perplexed young woman, who looked a tad afraid back. "Oh the sound just reminded me of-" A hoarse laugh from Joanna cut Grace's words short. "Carrus' laspistol?" Grace merely nodded, and they trudged inside.

Their heavy boots clanked against the pavement in the front-yard of the Governor's Palace. They passed two more checkpoints with vigilant guards who slowly got more more heavily armoured, going away from the bright sentries outside the palace to guards in black carapace armour with helmets concealing most of their faces (smiliarily to the Arbites, but with skulls instead of the eagle). They wielded bolters unlike the lasgun-armed men at the front.

The scenery changes as they walked deeper inside the palace, at the outskirts was the grey corridors of concrete with few people but armed patrols showing any signs of life. The more inner palace was of white marble, with rich decorations, foundtains and fine trees lined parts, the corridors and halls was busy with scribes of all sorts, with acolytes behind them overburdened by stacks of paper, Tech-Priests and Astropaths scurried by. White-yellow columns lined the halls they entered. Grace was a bit overwhelmed as she saw people just running by, all giving her Joanna and the two Arbites with them a very wide berth.

They entered the inner palace. The security-tests took hours. Joanna caught a glimpse of Ryzan the gigantic body-guard of Arturus Carrus, clad in his black power armour. Her eyes just grew narrow as the four passed him, he stood with his hands on his hips, watching the two Arbites escorting the two Sororitas with cold disregard. Neither Sororita showed any sign of flinching, though both the Arbites shivered slightly as they saw the threatening Ryzan.

The hallways now entered were rich with golden-framed Planetary Governors of the past, the achievements were written on Grox-hide under the picts, the black alabaster made the halls seems sinister despite the picts on them with Planetary Governors and heroes of all sorts hanging there, with their deed written in High Gothic on Grox-hides. The lighting was bright from the black alabaster-roof, from time to time higher officials of any Imperial organization with retinues scurried hastily by, as did vigil and well-armed patrol-teams.

Eventually the adamite-steel door of the inner sanctuary for the Carrus-family was reached, armed guards escorted them through the nice gardens with fountains, several types of loving cared for fruit-bearing trees lined the lush fields, and from time to time they saw children of the royal family run by, playing some strange kind of tag dressed in the finest silk.

Finally the well-guarded room of where the ailing mother of Carrus lay dying was reached. Both the Arbites stepped back, more than happy to wait outside. Grance and Joanna ventured inside the white walled, though heavily decorated room with picts of Carrus as a young boy, and a few more recent of him showcasting him as the brave Commissar of today (though most were oddly honest as they showed him with a lit lho-rod). The room was filled by the scents of incense, and other sweet smells to hide the smell of the slowly rotting flesh of Alice Carrus the mother of Zachary Carrus and many of his siblings. Grace gasped as she saw Alice, were she should see a beautiful woman in her 50's she saw a wreck, the disease was not a disease, it was poisoning. Only Alice's will to see her son kept her alive. It was the easiest diagnostic Grace had ever sat.

Alice coffed hard, blood gushed from her nose and eyes, she looked straight at Grace with blood-red eyes. "So you are the one my youngest son has sent to keep me alive?" Grace squirmed and opened her mouth to answer. "Doesn't matter I will stay alive to he comes home. So go ahead Sororita, do whatever you must to keep me alive" The voice was putrid, gargling and showed strain. Nothing like the soft voice Carrus had told her about when he at sentimental moments reminisced about his quite happy childhood.

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The next three months Grace with the best doctors worked frenetically of keeping Alice Carrus alive. They knew Carrus and Ionza would come home soon, yet time was running out. Alcie grew weaker for each day. Finally Grace heard the news a shuttle had landed. Carrus and Ionza had arrived on the shuttleport.

Hoss Carrus didn't look forward meeting his youngest brother as he stood with official representatives. Beside him stood the second oldest brother Joe, a known sadist, which oddly didn't worry about the prodigal son returning home. Both were dressed in the white uniforms befitting royalty, with purple sashes running across their abdomen, and unearned medals adorned their chests. Behind them stood their families, or in Joe's case his three concubines. Despite the chilly weather and rain they were dressed in scraps of leather of differencing color showing off their voluptuous attributes. Hoss' family looked more like royalty with his wife wore in a jade-green long dress, quite adequate for the ballrooms of Ciralix. Both brothers were a good tad taller and heavier than Carrus due to their spoiled living.

The grey shuttle landed through the mist. The main door swung open. Out of a ball of smoke came Carrus and Ionza. Carrus had been unusually silent and withdrawn during the past months, the fate of his mother weighed heavy on his shoulders. Also he had another duty to bear. Artutus was likely to be murdered by him in ice-cold fashion. The meltagun clanked against his armoured belly as he walked down the ramp with the love of his life right by his side. His mouth was shaping in a scowl while he smoked a fine lho-rod. Both had dressed in their blackish battle-attire carrying with them the usual battle-gear.

Ionza looked a tad worried as she walked next to Carrus down the ramp towards the brothers of Carrus and the other Imperial representatives. She smirked as usual hiding her own insecurity while the lho-rod were lit in the corner of her mouth. She had opened the holster of her pistols under her greatcoat as she were in no doubt about the course they were about to take.

They walked across the the tarmac on the shuttleport, past their many proxies who stood there in the honor-guard. Other commissars followed behind them. Most were their classmates, graduating two years early. They had given the couple an unusual wide berth due to the poor handling Carrus showed in handling his mother imminent death. Worry was also in the ranks as Ionza had briefed them that they would have to meet up in battle-gear, as she suspected an assassination-attempt were imminent.

The couple walked to stand infront of the older Carruses. Zachary Carrus looked with hate right into the eyes of his second oldest brother. Useless piece of slob he thought. Joe thought of his younger brother with mere disregard.

"Where is Martin McGrath?" Carrus spoke looking straight into his eyes. While he spat out the lho-rod.
"Dead." Joe answered his youngest brother without flinching.
"WHAT?!" Carrus yelled with a voice well used to inspire fear.
"He was killed with your horse-" Joe began calmly, Carrus interrupted him.
"WHAT THE HELL?? I-I MEAN WHO THE HELL DID THAT??!! Carrus screamed, damn irate. For everyone but Joe it was clear what would happen next. They had seen the telltale signs of when he was about to commit an execution due to provocation, yet Joe disregarded that.

"Your horse kicked my knee off, so I killed-" *Glack* In one smooth move Carrus drew the Bringer of Insanity, and beheaded his brother. Then he kicked the body so most of the blood sprayed right at the concubines, who screamed in abject terror. That didn't last long. Ionza quickly drew her laspistol and all three died before they had consumed the monstrosity of first Joe getting beheaded, then he was kicked back to them showering them with the gushing blood exploding from the body. The military staff froze in horror, the allies of Carrus drew their weapons pointing them at the few soldiers present not on his payroll.

Now his attention was diverted to his older brother Hoss, who shivered visibly. "Anything wrong big brother?" Carrus made his voice calm and soothing, little trace that he had just killed his own brother, and let his lover kill off the concubines.

"Y-you j-just killed Joe." Hoss quaked as he spoke, Carrus merely spat at the body of his older brother as he stepped over to Hoss while he wiped the blood from his sword with a handkerchief. "So I did, well I planned to kill him anyway." Carrus smiled as he ignited a new lho-rod with his laschisel. For Hoss the unsettling smile and innocent blue eyes of Carrus was far worse than the bloody deed just committed.

"Ain't you glad to see me?" Carrus gave his bulky brother a good hug. He smiled, Hoss looked horrified as he was being hugged by a Hive Tyrant, an Ork Warboss or a Greater Daemon, not his youngest brother. "O-Of course I-Im." He squirmed against the hard cerapace protecting the body of Carrus. The pain was unimaginable. He felt a rib pop before Carrus let him go.

"You are to go to Freudakia, and never return Hoss." Carrus told him while he smirked evily. "You are to run the brace of casinos me and Michelle owns there. Your claims to this throne are forfeit Hoss Harken." Carrus quickly produced a document from a pocket inside his greatcoat. "You will first sign in your original name Hoss Carrus, then you will sign in the name Hoss Harken." Carrus pointed at the dotted line. The wording like everything Carrus wrote were simple and interpretation couldn't be possible. Hoss rapidly signed.

"Wifey as well." Ionza pushed her forward, her alluring voice didn't hide her mild contempt for the woman. A gaunt, rather plain woman, she looked mortified as she was pushed between the two commissars. Hoss rapidly gave the document over to his wife, who rapidly signed. They knew Carrus showed them some small degree of mercy.

Unlike most of the family Hoss hadn't dismissed Carrus as a kid. He knew Carrus likely would take the throne, especially when news arrived that Carrus was a Cadet-Commissar when Carrus was 16, Hoss at that point were 21 and newly married. Now almost 4 years later he knew he was lucky to be alive. The document would protect them.

"Both signed. Good." Carrus took back the document. "Now you are to board the shuttle and the Heritage will take you back to Freudakia." He felt a slight regret as he saw Hoss and his family started to walk past them with his two kids infront of them, they looked so pale and scared.

"Hoss." Carrus called out. Hoss turned. "Another place, another time we would have been friends, instead of just brothers. You are a good man with basic values, that's why your head is still attached." Hoss smiled slightly though that disappeared with the next statement from Carrus. "Unfortunately you must die, I can't risk usurpers to my throne."

Carrus turned around as he heard the screams of the family getting gunned down, his smile had vanished from his face. He looked regretful, yet it had to be done. Hoss had been polite and such to him, but he was a dangerous schemer. Plus he couldn't risk Hoss warning his dad about certain things.

The party walked to a waiting Valkyrie. Both Ionza and Carrus smiled as they watched the familiar aircraft. They had over the past three years been flown in at over 300 raids by them, so that was indeed a design both loved. They rapidly with ten other commissars entered it. Ionza smacked her armoured glove against the wall signalling to the pilot for the take-off.

The aircraft quickly left the shuttleport, and a quick air-trip later it landed at the head-quarters of the Arbites. Standing in the familiar style of the Arbites with their fists on their hips. Infront of them the huge Arbites Provost Daniel Frost towered. He had held the position for less than a year. He smiled as he looked at the dismounting commissars. No wonder, Carrus and Ionza was old students. Never had he had a finer brace of detectives than those. He had long had a burning wish to make them into excellent Arbites, but Harken had interfered with that suggestion. Yet he was proud over being able to form them.

"So I see you arrived live and well." Frost spoke with his booming voice. He smiled where he stood in the heavy carapace, black with the golden Aquila-pauldron perched on his left shoulder. He towered over the two commissars who didn't exactly look large in this group. Beside him stood the two Sororitas Grace and Sister Joanna.

"Indeed, thank you Arbiter-Provost Frost." Carrus spoke, but everyone knew he was distracted by Sister Joanna which he immediately walked infront of and kneeled for showing his grace for his old mentor. He smiled the smile he had used many times when she were about to punish him for both small or large misdeeds. She looked worried back.

"Carrus, my boy, what have you done?" Her gnarled voice shattered through the air, she looked worried at her former charge. "Mother Joanna, I-I have erred." Carrus looked up at her with no small measure of nervousness. Everyone who knew him, had heard his many tales of what a disciplinarian she was, yet he had remained indomitable and untameable every step of the way in and out of classes. Yet here he was kneeling infront of her, like the many time she harshly punished him for minor things.

"What have you done?" Her question rang harsh. "I had to kill of Hoss and his family." Carrus quickly closed his eyes as the old woman slapped him hard. "I have always said you are too quick to sacrifice others my dear boy." The old Sororita leaned in with her gnarled greyish face next to the young face of the commissar. She looked at him with sternness.

"You are a fine young man Carrus." The old woman hugged him hard, and he returned the hug. "But I want to meet Michelle, Grace has told me so much about her. And your view about fear of the Emperor, well it was always hard to get you to say grace over the food so I suppose you have found your religion, which is good." She gave up the hug and grabbed his shoulders. "That you reek of lho, is a less pleasant new thing about you, but I never thought you would manage to keep away from that anyway." Carrus shrugged visibly under her gaze.

"Come to me child, in the Emperor's name (Grace did the Aquila as she said that) ain't you a beaut." Ionza walked over to her doing a graceful curtsy. "It's an honor to meet the holy woman that raised my consort." She smiled nervously, watching the dismay from Joanna over that she also reeked of lho and a heavy perfume Carrus liked her to wear.
The two women gave each other short hugs.

"You have much to do my two young commissars. Come with me." Joanna waved at them to follow her, Carrus sprang to his feet and started a quick conversation about the state of the planet with Provost Frost. Grace and Ionza exchanged quick hellos as well. Yet they had soon boarded the Rhinos which thundered through the street, the front ones even crashed into cars killing people in order for the convoy to get through.

"Sister Grace." Carrus sat between her and Ionza inside the black Arbites-Rhino. "How is mum?" She noted the trace of sadness in his voice. "Not good, she is all but at the last leg of her journey." Carrus waved dismissively. "Diagnose?" Swallowing heavily Grace spoke. "Poisoning. She have been poisoned, I-" Carrus interrupted her. "Typical. Well we all know what will happen next."

The escorts stopped in the inner-sanctuary of the Imperial Palace. Carrus smiled against the many guns bristling from the walls. Outside stood his honor-guard. Dressed in the black and purple of House Carrus. The two commissars did sharp salutes to them.

Triumvir (a fancy title for the head-bodyguard) Ryzan stood in front of them. He was wearing a black power armour, the helmet which few had seen him without, including Carrus towered over even the Arbites-Provost who tried to peer into his eyes. A style Frost oddly enough had learned from Carrus. His teeth gritted in anger as he saw the young commissar, yet he returned the salute as he worryingly peeked at the meltagun rested against the belly of the young man.

"She is in the west-wing right Master Ryzan?" Carrus spoke clearly. Ryzan merely nodded. "Well you and your men shall wait here, me and my honor-guard will go inside." Ryzan sweared low, now it would be more difficult. He saw Ionza with curiosity was walking behind him, while she looked at the power armour, no doubt what she was checking for, that longlas was a mean weapon if he had ever seen one, he shrugged slightly as he saw it dangle behind her right shoulder.

The honor-guard of Carrus with two Arbites in front quickly went through the aforementioned corridors of the palace. Even guards quickly went scarce as they saw they approach. The door-guards just ushered them through without incidents as the look of the faces of Carrus and Ionza told them they were itching for kills. Finally they all found the room where Carrus' mum were resting.

Carrus entered with Ionza. "Mum?" He looked straight at the wreck that once was his mother tears filled his eyes. Ionza heard him sob for the second time. The first had been when old Nabokov had died, he had strangled the man to death as a last request from the dying commissar. Carrus had been a wreck for weeks after that harrowing experience two years earlier. She shuddered thinking of the very real possibility of Carrus likely strangling his own mum to death as well. The room was full of sickly smelling perfume to cover the rotting smell of Alice.

At once Carrus was at the bed-side of Alice. He was mournful. She smiled at him, as he removed his heavy gloves stroking her chin. "So you finally are home my son come closer." Carrus leaned in. "Kill them all. And do me one last favor."

"Anything *SOB* Mum." Carrus' tears flowed down his cheeks.
"Strangle me, I've seen you." Alice had a surprising strength in her last words.

The young man hesitated for a few seconds. Then he got on his armoured gloves, and crushed the throat of his own mother. Now a mere husk. The two Sororitas silently entered the room as he started crying. Ionza was stroking his hair gently.

His head turned. He saw them through the blur. Then he saw her. "Bloody hell!" He strode to his feet. It was too late. The assassin easily sheered the powered blades into old Sister Joanna. Only Grace's instinctive parry had saved her life, but the blow was deflected to Joanna. With pure anger she sat after the assassin.

Carrus landed at the feet of Joanna. He knew the wounds were fatal. "I-I'm s-sorry-" *Gack* She died before finishing speaking. Carrus felt his world spin. Now both his mothers had died less than a minute apart. He closed his eyes for mere seconds, the life flashed before his eyes. Memories of how old Mother Joanna had harshly punished him when he missed anything with his laspistol at less than one hundred meters. The love and pride she gave him when he succeeded in anything, how she told him good-night-stories where she vividly in detail described the many heretics she had burned, when she thought him to read.

He rapidly shook his head and got up, and a few second later the steel-door to the room was smashed across the hallway embedding itself into the wall on the other side. Ironically destroying the image of Carrus with his quite many achievements already.

Meanwhile Ionza and Grace gave chase to the elusive assassin who moved with catlike grace, bouncing from column to column. Making a mockery of even their shooting. They saw no why she moved with such, most of the guards had already the bodies of the guards and Arbites who had tried to fight that thing littered the floor.

The two women had to navigate quickly as they had reason to fear that they running with pistols drawn for Ionza's case, bolt and las, and Grace chasing with her bolter, could be shot at by the Palace Guards.

Suddenly the Assassin doubled back. She hurled herself at Ionza, who managed to hit her slightly with her laspistol, yet she was fast enough to draw her power sword. Sparks flew as Ionza's slender epee met the more crude weapon of the Death Cult Assassin. All clad in the sync-glove to make he less visible. Didn't matter, Grace and Ionza saw her just fine.

"Why can't you just die?" Grace snarled as she stroke at the swift assassin. A quick foot to her face from the black-clad creature sent her reeling. The assassin tried once more to get away, but Grace had grown angry and she had spotted the enraging Carrus coming from behind with reinforcements.

Ionza's rendering attacks forced the assassin to concentrate on defending herself as she struck with a speed even the assassin had trouble matching with her power sword, and the assassin also had to be careful about the laspistol of her's. While Grace swiftly maneuvered behind the target. With one swift bodyslam the target was smashed into the white-yellow marble-wall, yet taken alive.

Frost had gathered more reinforcements they surged through the corridors with support from the commissars. Something invisible and murderous were loose in the hallways. Nobody were safe. He was nervous, as his claim to the job, nevermind his life was because of the hot-headed young commissar. Yet he had found the man despite his many faults, the man to follow. The nobles of this planet was worse than most criminals, so Carrus would shake things up, or die trying.

They surged through the various corridors, ordering the guards to lay down their weapons with well-planned surrounding-techniques. The Palace Guard was swiftly disarmed by the mottled force of Arbites and Commissars, who cooperated oddly well.

Carrus reached the three women. He sneered as he ripped of the mask of the assassin. "Elanor." He spat in her face. "I should have guessed as much." A brutal kick from him sent her flying several meters.

"I have spent the last ten years fantasizing about murdering you, and kicking you to death was my preferred fantasy." A new hard kick followed. The two girls with some commissars and Arbites followed at a distance. As Carrus with a new cruel kick made the woman barf blood as she was kicked hard into the wall.

Then to everyone's shock she drew two hidden weapons, with a speed even Carrus couldn't match she went for him. They tumbled to the floor. Only a savage head-butt to the teeth of Elanor from Carrus saved him a slashed throat. He threw her off, drawing the Bringer of Insanity alongside his laspistol as he get up.

Elanor was on him again. With inhuman speed and strength she could shrug off even the grievous wounds the Bringer of Insanity in Carrus' hands caused when he buried it deep inside her chest. The reply from her Carrus luckily dodged as the suddenly clawed hands of Elanor tore off a chunk of the marble-wall behind him. Her left arm was then chopped off by Carrus. The two women with the other soldiers quickly darted towards Carrus and Elanor.

"Demonspawn! I should have known! All the signs were there." Carrus kicked the woman away. She snarled back with a voice that got the hairs of everyone present to stand, just as much as it filled them with enrapture. "I'M FAR MORE THAN JUST A REGULAR DAEMON MY-" Carrus discarded his laspistol bringing his melta to bear as the daemon had been kicked off to a distance were he could safely bring it up, and despite the demon charging in at inhuman speed, his aim was true, and Elanor hit the ground in boiling organic goo. He smiled, as he got up from the ruined wall. His mothers had been avenged.
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Chapter VI

Carrus moved away from the smoking corpse of Elanor. For everyone present except for Ionza and Grace he was the dashing warrior and fearless commissar who had saved the day yet again. His smile was hollow, his eyes were sad. He felt no glory despite his feat. He desired peace, yet harvested only war and the violence he detested so much.

Sorrow for his two mothers also gripped his heart. As did the regret that he had ordered Hoss and his family dead. That wasn't strictly necessary, yet he had ordered the death of them. Three innocent children were dead, none were over ten. That was on his hands.

He shambled over to Ionza, who simply embraced him with their closest friends standing closest to them. "One more day." Carrus moaned.
"What?" Ionza stroke his back as she answered.
"One more day and Mother Joanna would have been 793 years old." Carrus still held his sword and melta. He broke the embrace, and looked at the assembled soldiers. His vision was blurry due to tears, so he stuck his left glove and the the sword under his right arm and wiped away the tears.

Ionza looked at him, he had to steel himself now. She ignited a lho-rod. Nearby she saw Grace frown as she lit it. The hall was full of people, commissars and Arbites walked past pushing lines of Palace Guards on the direction of Frost. He walked over to Carrus and Ionza.

"The Imperial Palace is under our total control Commissar Carrus and Commissar Ionza." He did a spotless salute, they merely nodded in return.
"Yes it seems that way Provost Frost." Ionza answered as Carrus stood in stunned silence digesting the latest moments while commissars and Arbites clapped his shoulder telling him "Great job.". He wanted to just scream.

Grace went up to Carrus, she saw his sorrow. "Are you okay Commissar Carrus?" She waved away the nearby officers of the Imperial law. He merely nodded, her presence calmed him down while Ionza and Frost discussed what to do with the prisoners.

The hall smelled oddly sweet like very expensive perfume, Carrus, Grace and Ionza were immediately on high-alert. The two women immediately drew their weapons. Carrus shook his head hard, and his expression hardened from one of despair to one of anger. Everyone else also drew their weapons. When either of those three had weapons at the ready and steeled themselves to pounce, then something was afoot. That was a well-known lesson on the Schola Freudakia even their enemies followed. So chainswords, bolters, power mauls, laspistols, power swords and shotguns were all drawn. The sound of guns getting cocked with bullets, and chainswords getting started resounded in the room.

Carrus went forth, his melta was leveled in a way he could easily wield it at any comers while his sword were held in a flawless defensive posture. Following him was Frost, Simpson, Grace and others of the great soldiers assembled in the hall in similar postures if they had pistol and close-combat weapons, having longer guns, bayonets had been mounted. They quickly made their way towards a small chapel located in the middle of the hall. Grey-white marble walls, green grass and lush trees were present, in the background odd sounds of birds were calling through hidden speakers. There were also small pavilions there made of white wood. The trees and grass swayed, yet no wind were felt. Ionza drew her longlas after she had scaled a small balcony made of yellow-white marble, she settled down, most of the hall was in plain view for her. The pelt concealed her almost immediately.

The chapel suddenly exploded. Out charged a monstrosity of horrible proportions. Over three times the height of a human, hugely muscular, six flawless breasts adorned it's torso, the face was a mixture of the face Carrus, Ionza and Grace had seen of Linda (the wife of Harken), Elanor and what looked like a goat, the legs were like those of a goat. The skin was perfectly palish pink, the eyes of the Daemon was of golden color, with mischief and terror playing on the almost perfect, yet horrible face of the daemon, filling mortals with endless fear and desire.

Carrus reacted first. His meltagun hissed as the Daemon sped towards him with a speed unmatched by any human. The Daemon laughed at the blast which sizzled against her magical shileding, and sent forth something that smelled extremely arousing. Four Arbitrators near Carrus exploded in colorful lights, while they screamed in unnamed pain.

"SO HAVE I COME FOR YOU MORTAL, I WILL SAVOR YOUR SWEET, SWEET SOULS." The daemonic voice of Elan'Lindras was terrible yet irresistible for all that heard it. Only the fear most of the people present had for the Emperor made sure they didn't run away from the Daemon. It also didn't hurt that Carrus fearlessly was now taking aim, with disgust and hatred.

"REALLY??!" Carrus fired his gun again which yet again sizzled out against the magical shielding, now the others also began firing at her, her magical shielding slowly began to crack as bolters and las-shots sizzled against the shileding, some broke through but only left flesh-wounds on her. "FRAK YOU!!! MY SOUL IS NOT FOR SALE!!! AND CERTAINLY NOT TO AN ABOMINATION AS YOU ELANOR!!!!" Carrus snarled as more commissars nearby exploded in colorful and aesthetically pleasing explosions due to the magic of Elan'Lindras. She roared back. "MY NAME IS ELAN'LINDRAS, NOT ELANOR!!!"

"Honestly dear, I don't give a frak about what you call yourself." Carrus called out with an odd calmness as another blast from his meltagun dissipated before the Daemon. "For me you are scum, Daemon or preferably banished soon."

"DEFENDERS OF THE IMPERIUM TO ARMS!!! THIS DAY IS A GREAT ONE, BECAUSE TODAY WE SHALL KILL OURSELVES A DAEMON AND WITH DUE CAUSE CALL US DAEMON-SLAYERS!!!" The booming voice of Frost rang out as he charged towards Elan'Lindras. He didn't reach her, instead he was turned into a twisted Chaos Spawn, which Carrus executed on the spot. Melting down his former mentor to boiling biological goo.

Elan'Lindras charged into the line of the Imperial defenders, bodies got maimed as her claws tore through the chainswords and Stormshields of the soldiers smashing chunks of former men and women to pieces while showering their comrades in their blood and guts. Yet the first real damage was inflicted by Ionza's longlas pinpointing the eyes of Elan'Lindras. She howled in nameless rage as she lashed at Carrus who used every trick in the book plus some more in order to block and dodge the swift and brutal attacks while brave men and women fell upon the Daemon with power mauls and chainswords.

The Daemon finally managed to kick Carrus which a bright flash of light protected (no doubt the man's Rosarius), but not before his sword actually laid her thigh bare to the bone. Carrus merely was kicked 8 meters away, now she had a mass of bodies of quite able fighters infront of her. Even she had to respect the power mauls of the Arbitrators, but for everyone landing a blow on her, twenty died as the claws of the Daemon slashed out in impossible directions dismembering, beheading and eviscerating at every turn while it fed on the torment from the pain endured by the commissars and Arbiters who still kept coming on.

The blackish uniforms and armour of both types of Imperial officers gleamed with loving care as they charged forward, yet, that care counted for nothing as even power armour was worthless whenever Elan'Lindras got her hands on them. The two black talons of her teared through the armour like it was made of paper. With one flawless swipe twelve commissars and arbitrators lost their legs, landing screaming on the grass with their life-force gushing out of their stumps which once contained the cream of the fighters of the Imperium of Mankind, now they died of blood-loss and nobody could help them. Other were kicked away turning the lovingly made wooden chapels to sharp sticks of wood were more than one officer of the Imperium met his end getting impaled on the wood.

Carrus landed hard, smashing into a wall, yet he quickly recovered. "TODAY YOU DIE FOUL FRAKKING THING!!" He snarled while he spat blood, surging towards the Daemon not caring that an Arbitrator was caught in his line of fire killing the man as well as hitting the Daemon. Ionza's longlas concentrated on the face of the creature which oozed of daemonic ichor as she had blinded it so it only could use it's witch-sight in order to locate the prey.

Eighteen more of the Imperial officers died screaming in a single swipe from Elan'Lindras' claws as she sheered through their armour disemboweling them with blood spraying out in twisted and beautiful fashion, two more were grabbed and squeezed to death by her. Cal Simpson charged in with his bolt-shells bouncing harmlessly off her thick hide. She swiped after him, he dodged her and stabbed deep into her groin with his power sword getting showered by her ichor, but he was too close. He suffered an undignified death as she trampled him, sending his head flying so fast it killed a commissar who bravely fired her laspistol at her as she charged in when the skull of Simpson met the nose of the female smashing through to her brain. She merely slipped back and was dead before she landed with her beautiful face now totally caved in.

"AAAAH SO MUCH LIFE-FORCE, SO MUCH SUFFERING!!! COME ON FIGHT ME!!! I WANT YOU TO HIT ME!!! HIT ME HARD!!" The mad Daemon howled as it devoured an Arbitrator who had really seen too much, savoring the sweet and gory release of his soul as she opened the torso up, shearing through the power armour like it was paper. Then she dropped the still alive man just before Carrus who stomped on the man's heart, killing him, not exactly savoring the irony of how he laid spread in an aquila on the green lush grass with his uniform and armour all opened up.

Tossing aside several commissars who were just dismembered and beheaded by her in extremely horrid ways causing slow deaths the Daemon lunged at Carrus who fought a defensive battle, his sword was what she could sense, and that was just darkness for her. She tried to utilize her unholy magic at him. Nothing happened, the magic just flickered away as Carrus managed to cleave through one of her pincers. He suffered a nasty cut to his left chin in the process.

Meanwhile Grace ran for her life through the corridors. She stopped as she saw the power armoured guards under Master Ryzan. They had removed their helmets. Their faces were deformed due to age. They noticed her. They stood outside the room were Carrus had mere minutes earlier strangled his mother to death. They were discussing the steel door embedded in the marble-wall.

"YOU MUST HELP!!! DAEMON!! IT'S A DAEMON LOOSE!!!" Grace exclaimed. She suddenly knew why she had fled. It was not the fear of the Daemon it was to prevent those former Space Marines going rouge once more. She calmed down, breathed more easily as she with confidence strode into their midst. The Librarian a man called Fenrek spoke first.
"I can feel the unholy presence." His voice were soft and soothing the magic allure of him was not hidden. "Maybe my dreams about us dying for Carrus wasn't the nightmares I interpreted it to be." He shifted drawing both his bolt pistol as well as his force sword.
"How can you be so sure?" Ryzan spoke looking skeptically at Grace.

"Do you dare questioning a Sister Hospitallier about lying?" Grace filled herself with all her holy fury, her eyes lit up with the pure anger only a true Sororita could summon. "You want redemption for you ancient treachery? Well this it is!! Either you follow me to the Daemon and saves Carrus or you live and forever strays from the light." She looked at them certain she would be put down now, yet she had given it a good try. The trump-card was cast, Carrus figured out as a kid the men of Ryzan were Space Marines. Only one other person knew that secret, and she shared his bed.

"I'd say she's right." The Libarian spoke again, and placed himself in a defensive posture infront of the young Sororita. "She speaks the truth. This is our redemption." Raising his voice quite a bit he roared. "Who is with me. It's our time for glory and death!!!" Most of the Space Marines echoed the sentiment. Yet Ryzan remained silent. He remembered every time he was gonna kill Carrus, but instead he taught him a new skill.

"Yes, onward." Ryzan finally after what Grace felt like took ages finally spoke as he kneeled infront of her. Fenrek followed suit, and soon all ten of them kneeled in front of her. She then prayed. "Emperor, noble father. Please absolve these men for their sins and forgive them their sins from the past."

"NOW FOLLOW ME THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!" Grace roared, and started running back towards where Carrus and Ionza were fighting a losing battle. Over two hundred men had died. They saw Ionza jumping down from the balcony drawing her power sword leaving her longlas behind as Carrus desperately dodged another attack which scattered more bodies. She grabbed a horn stabbing Elan'Lindras over and over again in the face which by this time was a mangled piece of gore while she shouted. "DIE!!! DIE!! WHY WON'T YOU DIE!!!" Then she was tossed off by the Daemon.

Ionza landed hard on the grass, and passed out. Yet Carrus even surrounded by a pile of dismembered and eviscerated bodies fought on. He was exhausted, yet the anger and hate he had for Elanor made sure he always struck with fury draining the Daemon slowly but surely as the Bringer of Insanity made sure she couldn't use her foul magic at all. He managed to chop off her left arm using the same spin he had used in the earlier duel. His uniform was messy of blood and guts from his friends who bravely died not even flinching over the cruel deaths they suffered as they continued to slam into Elan'Lindras, shoot at her with bolters and lasguns which did almost no damage to her.

Elan'Lindras howled in anger and pain as she really savored the fight she had with Carrus. Yet her hits only sent him flying, the Rosarius shone brightly as every blow she made to him was dampened. "HAHAHA THIS TRULY IS A BATTLE FOR-" A meltablast stopped the mouth of her. "You are not permitted to speak DAEMON!" Carrus retorted as he backed away from her having seen the onrushing Space Marines behind him.

"THIS IT IS!!! CHARGE THE BEAST FOR THE EMPEROR AND CARRUS!!!" Ryzan howled, the surprise on the face of Carrus was priceless as he doubled back expecting the Space Marines to actually come for him. The two with Heavy Bolters lit up with their shells smashing into the body of Elan'Lindras. Ryzan and five more formed up a half-circle around Carrus with bolt pistols and powered weapons drawn. Ferek shot lighting towards the Daemon sending it flying for a change with a howl of terror.

Ryzan followed suit, and even through his savage howl stalled the Daemon momentarily and the recovered Ionza shooting off the last talon of the Daemon with her bolt pistol loaded with blessed bolts which Grace had convinced her to take along, while the ichor of the Daemon sprayed the trees behind her. That didn't matter much as her magic which were far stronger than Fenrek's just barbequed the Space Marines with the Heavy Bolters leaving just twisted spots of goo in the grass corrupting everything nearby. Ryzan tore a good opening in the belly of Elan'Lindras before she grabbed him and rust ripped him in two.

The six remaining Space Marines howled savage challenges as they charged her while Carrus rapidly reloaded his meltagun covering behind the ruined chapel. "Carrus? Where are you? Come out and play!" The Daemon imitated the voice of Ionza as it charged against them while bolt-shells bounced off her.

The Space Marines swung at Elan'Lindras with their combat-knives and some had powered weapons that caused horrendous injuries weakening her torso as they jammed in their knives and swords. A power fist from one of them cracked and pulverized the left thigh of the Daemon completely as the black armoured Space Marine with the dark face and glowing eyes landed a bone-crushing hit on the Daemon. A quick swipe by a talon cleaved him clean in two from head to groin.

Another Space Marine with a power sword and bolt pistol was simply just beheaded with Elan'Lindras' talon smashing through the raised power sword he intended to block the attack with. The rest with boltguns steadfastly rammed home bolt-shell after bolt-shell into her body, going down one by one as they moved around her, protecting Carrus while trying to keep the Daemon at distance while her magic turned one of them into a twisted Spawn of Chaos who took out two more of their number in horrid ways where daemonic fire consumed them from within the powered armour.

Yet one by one their numbers diminished, one were simply bodyslammed into the marble-wall of the hall, his power armour was crushed and he exploded in a torrent of blood and guts as he cut through the wall into the plaststeel of the fortress tearing a huge gash in the wall at the spot. Others were consumed by foul magic which burned them from the inside where their desire to live and fight doomed them to the hell of the Prince of Pleasure leaving just twisted spots of sweet smelling perfume on the grass.

Elan'Lindras wasn't amused anymore. She had to act fast. Carrus inflicted fatal damage on her every time he hit her with his reloaded melta, and the sword he carried hurt just to be around. Also there was the Space Marine-psyker to deal with. They had spread out, with Grace and Fenrek standing together shooting at her with their bolters. The shells from the young nun hurt really bad. Carrus were covering in the ruins taking pot-shots at her which really messed her up as her left shoulder melted away, and Ionza was on the other side, with her bolt pistol concentrating her fire on the heart-region as well, every bolt hit exploding deep inside her. All were considerable threats for her continued existence.

She snarled as she hurled herself towards Grace, who sure would have died hadn't Fenrek interfered. He slung Grace aside, taking on the huge Daemon and even managed temporarily wrestle down the creature slamming her back against his armoured knee before he was barbequed in a blinding light. Grace screamed a holy curse as she stabbed the Daemon who reeled back badly hurt as her right thigh got a blessed blade sheering right through it.

Then Carrus leapt out from cover. "Die Daemon!! Die from my fire and silver" He exclaimed as he dodged the savage response of Elan'Lindras firing his melta at where he thought the heart was, then he followed the jump with the strength of rage and vengeance as his sword stretched out and it penetrated right into the heart. Elan'Lindras was simply banished into the warp as Carrus awkwardly landed in the rubble cursing as he dislocated his shoulder.

He slowly got up, Grace came up next to him. Carrus winced in pain. "Stay still." He grunted as she set his shoulder straight. "You fled." His voice were grim, his facial expression even grimmer. He looked at her with the gaze of a commissar. He began raising his meltagun at her.

"NO YOU SHALLNOT!!!" Ionza screeched, then bodyslammed Carrus so he missed, looking straight at Grace she yelled. "RUN!!" She struggled with the far stronger Carrus as he tried to fish up his laspistol from his holster. This was not Ionza's way of fighting, and Carrus was merciless in any combat. Grace looked shocked at them, until Carrus let loose a shot with the laspistol which her Rosarius negated in a blink. Once more she turned and ran as Ionza managed through a lucky strike to temporarily knock out Carrus.

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The park inside the Imperial Palace on Freudakia was a ruin. Still the bird-songs rang over the speakers there, still the grass was there feeling natural, it was not. The lighting came from an artificially produced sun hanging in the hall sending down gentle rays of light to the broken paradise. The screams of the dying filled the air. Except for Carrus, Ionza and Grace, only one commissar-cadet had survived the battle with Elan'Lindras as she took her laschisel and with great pain stemmed the blood from her arm while she screamed in abject pain. It had been chopped off late in the fight as she clumsily attacked the demon, and the talon had just lashed out and hit her arm while it darted towards Grace and Fenrek tossing her aside.

The rest had been torn to bloody pieces, and only a handful was still alive lying with broken and shattered bodies in intense agony spread around the hall between the rubble left by wooden pavilions and the chapel who had exploded, if they weren't impaled on the shattered remains of the beams that once made up nice white wooden pavilions where the Carrus-family had used the place for a playground for their kids, yet now dead commissars and arbitrators hanged impaled on the remains of the pavilions, the green grass was colored brown-red. The hall stank of blood. The fine white marble on the wall were covered in blood, guts and war-gear from fallen officers of the Imperium of Mankind. Some places dead Arbitrators had been slammed into the wall, heads crushed like melons.

The two commissars Higgings and Mack returned from their own fighting. They had come from the other side after meeting stiff resistance from the Palace Guards of the Carrus-family, despite suffering losses to the squads they led they eventually succeeded and went back to fetch Grace for her to treat the injured. They had come from the other side of the hall in their blackish commissarial garb, all bloodied from taking out foes at close range while the rest fought the demon, they killed themselves a few Royal Guards. Their uniforms were more colorful that Carrus' and Ionza's but not by much as they had the traditional breastplates of metal which Carrus himself had gifted them with nice golden aquilas on the front matching their tall red peaked caps who also had an aquila cresting it and they wore the traditional golden long epaulettes where Carrus' and Ionza's were blackish and short (actually both had fashioned their epaulettes to conceal hidden throwing knives). They came too late to affect the fighting in any way as they had just seen Carrus banish the Daemon, then brawl with Ionza.

"We better check for survivors." The deep voice of Mack rang out as he scoured the landscape of broken bodies looking for life. Higgins merely nodded while he reloaded his bolt pistol, neither saw any life in the broken bodies they got over to. Most they didn't even look at to decide their state of living as entrails and inner part of human bodies lay everywhere in odd circular patterns crested by a half-moon, while a smaller one pointed the other way. To their disgust they stepped into the innards of an Arbitrator. He screamed in pain. Almost torn inside out. Higgins did the merciful thing stomping on the man's exposed heart killing him with blood spraying beneath the young man as the Arbitrator expired.

Ionza and Grace ran off. Carrus had been knocked out by a surprise-punch by Ionza. They saw him lay in a sort of heap next to a broken tree while Ionza thundered off after Grace down the hallway on the other side of the hall. Mack and Higgins hurried towards Carrus who awoke, slowly getting to a kneeling position where he coffed up a substantial amount of blood. He spotted the two onrushing commissars, and looked straight into the dead face of a friends, Carrus merely turned the decapitated head around while he holstered his laspistol. The glance in the eyes of Carrus got both commissars to stop in the tracks by the ruined chapel.

"Concentrate on commissar Parker boys." Carrus got up while pointing at Angelica Parker, who sat slumped against the wall, one underarm poorer. She was a slight girl, even more so than Ionza, almost white blonde hair, and a totally disfigured face after a Feral Ork had bitten off her face when he survived five laspistol-shots and even her chainsword digging deep inside him, Carrus killed it seconds later splitting it in half from crouch to head with his sword, which routed the Ork host. She had later many problems with Ionza due to her thinking that a woman should try to look her best, no doubt with Carrus onboard as well. Ionza even once when drunk dragged Parker to the infirmary and ordered the doctors to piece her together at gunpoint, only the intervention of Grace prevented the operation as she advocated that she should decide for herself, also she liked Parker's vow of chastity which neither Carrus nor Ionza had much time for.

"Yes sir." The reply came almost instantaneously from both of them. "And please in the future try to look for real survivors... I will take out the remaining that can't be saved" Carrus looked around while he shook like a dog ridding himself of blood and guts which stuck to him while he shambled over to his powerful weapons who laid where Ionza had bodyslammed him a few meters away. He saw how both of them rushed over to Parker, starting to help her.

Ionza caught up with Grace just outside the room where Carrus in rage had managed to smash the steel-door from it hinges, and into the wall on the other side. "Wow, he is strong." Grace had stopped looking in awe at the door in the wall. Ionza panted and then coffed up blood, getting forced to her knees. "I said run not-" She coffed heavily more blood came through her mouth and nose which she wiped away. Dammit!" She shook her head violently. "Please stop running, Carrus won't kill you." Ionza was still on her knees, her hands fondled inside her greatcoat for the lho-case.

Grace kneeled infront of Ionza, removing the case from her pocket. "You are in no state to smoke lho now Sister-Commissar." She tossed the cigar-case down the hallway, it clanked a few times spilling the contents. Then arose dragging Ionza onto her feet as well. "You deserted-" A harsh glare from Grace stopped Ionza in her tracks as Grace simply without effort just lifted her up, cradling her in her arms like she was a toddler. "I got help, very much needed help." The voice of Grace was clear, as was her face and eyes while Ionza squirmed a bit about being carried in the strong arms of Grace, but she knew it was futile as she had even more raw strength than Harken as she was carried back towards the hall.

Higgins and Mack was busy meanwhile giving first-aid to Parker, who were only half-conscious while Carrus went around in the hall checking for life-signs from the fallen warriors in the hall. From time to time he whispered, while kneeling: "Go to the Emperor in peace, I absolve you of your sins." Then came the familiar *Tchock!* And yet another true servant of the Imperium of Mankind had been mercy-killed by him. Still they were busy keeping the woman awake as she was weak from blood-loss.

Grace entered the hall carrying Ionza in her arms. Carrus immediately ran to her, she could see he was far more injured than his speed showed as the demon had inflicted serious damage to him, even as he skillfully jumped a three meter gap created by a fallen statue of his dad. She gently laid down Ionza on the grass looking Carrus straight in the eye. "I ran because I had to tell your bodyguards who planned to kill you." Her eyes blazed with fire as Carrus stopped in his tracks, regarding her. "I ran again because I had to get a proper medi-kit, and some much needed help." Grace got up and looked angrily at Carrus for the pot-shot he had taken at her.

Carrus began to draw his sword, but Grace slammed into him, pinning him to the wall. "Look Commissar Carrus, I have a life to save, you are hurt. Let me save that life, then I can attend your injuries." The swipe made Carrus coff up more blood as he was slammed into the wall, he wiggled as she grabbed his throat with her gauntlet, bringing him to her face, while her other hand was holding his right hand hindering it going for the sword. "Don't you ever mistake me for a coward ever again Commissar. Ionza's mate or not-" "Enough of this madness!" Ionza screamed as she stormed up to her feet, sword and monofilament-knife had with lightening speed appeared in her hands. The much smaller woman broke the stranglehold Grace had on Carrus sending him slumping to the floor. Grace was cast a meter back, Carrus had a monofilament-knife to his throat, while Grace felt the powered sword of her best friend at her.

"Carrus, Grace didn't flee." Ionza looked at Carrus with a tense expression, it was plain to see that the situation pained her, everything about it ached, she was not in good shape herself as a concealed coff with resulting blood showed which she spat out. "And wipe your face boy, a commissar doesn't try to look like a vampire of a pict-drama." She held her monofilament-knife in place to he nodded, then he removed a glove and wiped his face, then she turned more over to Grace. Glaring into her eyes, while towering over the Sororita sword in hand. "Look you are my bestest friend in the whole universe Grace, but please don't make me decide between you and the love of my life." Grace nodded when Ionza scraped her throat with her sword, she saw the tears dripping down the cheeks of Ionza. "Go fetch your medi-kit." Ionza relented her pressure on Grace, while she nodded and sheathed her sword and knife grinning, then she kneeled infront of Carrus, got out a napkin and started wiping blood and gore off his face holding him gently as she had never seen him this vulnerable before while he smiled back tired at her.

Grace rapidly sped over to Parker, she slid across the lawn soggy with blood and mud splattering as she landed soiling the uniforms of the two commissars , the woman was about to expire, she got her syringes into her, quickly engaging her computer at her arm pushing codes analyzing the woman's DNA-data and health while she was saving her life yet again, pushing blood-plasma into her bloodstream, for once she even sedated her to dampen the strain on the body as she treated the stump of her arm, she knew already Ionza would made sure Carrus wouldn't foot that bill. While Mack and Higgins removed their greatcoats and packed Parker in with them keeping her warm. "Mack run to the nearest voxer, and vox for reinforcements." Grace smiled as she told him letting her green eyes meet with his brown. He did a sharp salute before running off.

Higgins and Mack had fought bravely for the entrance of the Inner Palace, only the work of the sniper Jatme made sure the Heavy Bolter-teams of the Palace Guards fell silent, despite that over twelve commissars and Arbitrators had been taken out by the Heavy Bolters with them lying in unidentifiable heaps of blood, guts, armour and weaponry all over the hallway where the Heavy Bolters had crested the defense of the ball-room. They had gone in close with the remaining Arbiters fighting desperate room to room battles with the few remaining and not surrendering Place Guards, many more of the Arbites had been cut down by the skilled inner-guards, yet they were numerous enough to overwhelm them, and the ones taught by Harken never were bad in close-combat. If they got that far, many had been taken out by shotguns and bolters at shorter ranges. Yet they was victorious at long last.

Jatme was a fine sniper plus a fast friend of Ionza as her assigned adjutant by McLandi, diminutive, shapely, dark-skinned woman, with burning brown eyes, black short hair cut in a bob, dressed in a greenish sniper garb with no armour and her Shadow-Tiger-pelt wrapped tightly around her as she entered the hall taking stock of the carnage as she entered it with her longlas at the ready slowly walking into the room. She smiled a tad as she spotted her lover Higgins helping Grace about 50 meters away despite the blood mess. He smiled back at the small woman, as Grace stabilized Parker, and told him to get lost. She was in a foul mood. Carrus had almost killed her for perceived cowardice, which showed in her harsh instructions to the commissars trying to save Parker.

She headed over for Carrus and Ionza. Suddenly a hand grabbed her foot when she walked over a ruined pavilion, she looked down it was Ryzan. Mortally injured, sliced in half. Yet by some miracle by the Emperor he was still clutching to life. "Carrus, Michelle!!" Her voice rang out amongst the ruins. The couple was in the middle of a kiss when Grace called out. "Jatme, guard the entrance, don't let anyone through, shoot them if need be." Grace pointed towards the entrance about 100 meters away. "Higgins you are to return to your soldiers, and make sure none of them returns here." Jatme rapidly found herself an defensive position in the rubble of Carrus' first fight with the demon, while Higgins returned to his men.

Both Carrus and Ionza quickly ran to the fallen Space Marine. He was in great pain. "It's a miracle of the Emperor that he is still alive." Grace exclaimed while doing the aquila. "Can you save him?" Carrus stood over her as she kneeled next to Ryzan. "I shall try." Grace answered while she readied her syringe on her hands. "D-don't." Master Ryzan prayer was pathetic, all the strength and vitality was stripped from his voice.

"Why not?" Carrus answered with eagerness, bringing his face down at Ryzan's level. His pained expression made it plain for Grace and Ionza how he felt about everything.
"My debt to the Emperor is repaid this way. For many years ago, me and my brethren erred greatly. " Ryzan's bloodied expression said it all as Ionza made herself comfortable as she sat down next to him on a rock after she had retrieved her longlas.
"I knew it. You were Space Marines, what did you do?" Carrus smirked as he spoke, sounding excited, though irritated. He had brought it to his dad's attention when ten that the closest bodyguards of his dad likely were Space Marines, Arturius as usual disregarded whatever Carrus stated as stupid crap.

"We served during the fall of Caliban, as members of the Dark Angels Legion." Ryzan continued.
"Yes we heard about the Dark Angels. We were warned to thread around the chapter with exceptional care by Master Natrax himself." Ionza butted in, as Carrus ignited his lho-rod, giving his cigar-casing over to her.
"You must, half of them turned traitor during the Heresy of Horus. You likely know parts about it. Well here is what I know." Ryzan sighed as he lied in the rubble, while Grace stemmed the blood gushing out of his torn body.
"We were Fallen Angels, you three can be trusted by the secret of the shame." Ryzan smiled as he spoke, Grace injected him with a drug which should give him about an hour, then he would die. While Ionza opened the casing, getting out the last lho-rod. Carrus then ignited it with his laschisel.

Ryzan spent a long time dying giving up the dark secrets of Dark Angels to the three young officers of the Imperium of Mankind. He told them how he let pride getting him and his followers to follow Luthor instead of the Lion. They were informed to keep the information to themselves, as the Dark Angels had become far too secretive for comfort now, ten millennias later. Of course lies were told, though all three intervened at different times when Ryzan was stretching the truth, reminding him that he needed full disclosure in order to redeem not only himself but his mates as well through what he was telling them about the Dark Angels and his own exploits.

At the end Ryzan told Carrus and Ionza he needed some time alone with Grace, and she concurred due to his worsening state, and that the commissars and Arbitrators couldn't hold up the reinforcing men led by colonel Jason Liam, who came walking in with Jatme. A tall lanky man, balding. He did a quick salute to them, dressed in his grey-green Storm-Trooper gear, removing his helmet. They gave him their customary nod with smiles back. They had walked over to another part of the hall leaving Ryzan alone with Grace.
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I'm sorry about your grandma, but this was another awesone and sad chapter...
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Thanks Zehra. Really means alot as you bother to do a proper reading. Smile

As for my grandma, she was a harsh but loving figure in my life. Carrus would never have let himself vulnerable for that slap unless is was from his true mother. Which is what he regard her as. Smile

Truth be told she was a fierce little woman that could have my friends tremble in fear, and she was religious as well, heck even as an adult she in her full wrath is fearsome. She is a Sororita extraordinaire now. Smile
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Chapter VII

"The throne-room has been opened and your dad wants to see you." A nervous messenger clad in the black-purple Arbitrator like cerapace armour of House Carrus prostrated himself before Carrus and Ionza before they even had a chance to speak to Liam.

"So daddy want to see the prodigal son?!" Ionza sneered as she spat on the bloodied ground before the messenger. "Remove that helmet at once. I don't trust anyone who's eyes is concealed to me." She had in record-pace produced her bolt-pistol aiming it straight at the man's face even as he was kneeling before her.

"E-excuse me-me, l-lady, but I'm not to speak-speak with you." He trembled as he stuttered out the words removing his helmet, showing the plain unscarred face of a warrior more used to standing around looking ceremonial than one who had served in the frontlines. He was middle aged and balding. "I-I'm only to speak with Zachary Carrus."

"Speak up and get up maggot." Carrus' answer was harsh, his eyes narrowed as he looked at the messenger. "What do dad want?" Then he leaned back, put a hand infront of his mouth in case the messenger could read lips and whispered to Liam. "Get men into the throne-room, get dad's guards disarmed, people are kept away from Grace and try to avoid bloodshed." Liam only saluted and left getting his helmet on as he ordered Storm-Troopers to follow him.

The messenger got up, he laid the helmet on the floor and gave Carrus a small data-slate. Carrus just sneered as he read the news, he threw it up into the air and shot it down with his laspistol. "Sorry, dad has told you the content of this?" Carrus looked quizzical at the man, who nodded. Nobody was surprised that Carrus got the messenger to kneel once more, just with a gesture with his laspistol. Then the man was executed by Carrus.

"Come my love, it's time to meet my dad and your father-in-law." Carrus spoke while he smirked. They walked over to Grace and Ryzan who were still communicating like they were the best of friends, much to the surprise of both commissars, and got the final details about the situation. The Governor Palace was under total control of the soldiers loyal to Carrus and Ionza.

A while later they entered the splendid throne-room of the Carrus-family. Purple hangings went from the white marbled holders based in the roof several meters above the head of any people in the room. They displayed in gold the mark of the Carrus-family, a golden meltagun held by a golden lion in a horizontal state facing left while the motto of the Carrus-family "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (If you wish for peace, prepare for war). War-glorifying tapestry decorated the wall. The usual extravagant style of Primarches and Space Marines locked in combat. It was in the grande style so detested by both Carrus and Ionza. White marble-tables stood in good order around the throne-room, where lightly clad servants came along with fine wine serving the royalty of the Carrus-family.

Almost all were gathered. The room fell silent the second Carrus and Ionza stepped in. Everyone glared at Carrus and Ionza. Fresh of the battlefield. Purple silk was the general clothing for the family though many other colors were prevalent as well, especially pink, they looked at the young man and woman. Smoking lho-rods, while they walked through the crowd. Heading straight for the oldest Carrus-brother, Jack. A huge brute, where Carrus wasn't very big or burly he certainly were, the blue eyes were the ice-cold of a psychopath, everything else abut them were similar, as he had the same dirty-blonde hair as the young commissar. He wore a black uniform, not unlike a commissar, with lots of decorations and several medals, while a purple sash crossed over his barrel-chest. A very ornate sword dangled by his side.

Intense whispering started as the Palace Guards was exchanged by Storm-Troopers under Liam's command. "So you are back." The pleasant voice of Jack betrayed how he felt towards his kid brother. His broad unscarred face grinned in disgust over Carrus and his whore. "And with that!" The eyes got narrow as he eyed Ionza. "A common whore."

"You dare speaking about whores Jack? Look behind you, I hardly call those two noble-women." Carrus pointed at the two prostitutes with hands all over each other behind Jack, near the black windows, lying in a comfortable black-boned coach with purple padding. Coaches like those lined the great-hall all the way, while tall drapes hang from the windows, with golden edges.

"And you are to apologize right frakking NOW for what you called Commissar Michelle Ionza." Carrus took a step forward, people around them started to back off. Jack merely stretched and jawed. "Nah I will assault-"

Carrus slapped him hard, the sound resounded through the throne-room. Jack got thrown backwards into the coach squashing the two prostitutes with a nasty breaking sound as the coach collapsed under the sudden strain, while he lost his power sword as he tried to draw it from his ornate scabbard as Carrus struck him.

"Wrong answer, big brotha." Carrus grabbed Jack by the sleeves of his greatcoat. And planted a vicious hit on Jack with his armoured gauntlet. The orbital bone of Jack shattered as the result of the punch, and Carrus pulled out the eye of the man as he reeled back from his punches while he screamed in pain and terror. He then tossed it into punch-bowl which caused some panic, but that quickly ended as Ionza pulling her bolter and laspistol ended the life of two nobles, before she jumped up onto a table.

"Look now, this is your new ruler. The Daemon-Slayer, the duelist that killed the Rake of Matrovska two years ago, a veteran of a few battles and hundreds of skirmishers. And that clown think he has a chance against Zachary Carrus?" She smirked walking on the table, narrating as Carrus wailed on Jack, which returning punch just broke his hand against the heavily armoured belly of Carrus. "Hah see that not even a landed blow can take him. This is your doom, this is your once and future king." She laughed carelessly picking up the eye-ball of Jack.

"See big brother, you have always been an idiot. Hitting an armoured commissar in the chest only broke your hand." Carrus leered as he kicked the legs out underneath Jack who flew into a nearly table toppling it over, so he got drenched in wine and other edibles while fine crystal glasses and wine-bottles of first rate wine smashed into the carpeted floor while finely dressed members of the Carrus-family rapidly moved out of the way as they didn't want to get included. With his one remaining hand he grabbed a small knife and tried to lunge at Carrus despite being in immense pain.

Carrus just kneeled, broke the arm of Jack as he placed it on his knee letting his armour do the work as the elbow was brought down sharp on it. Jack roared in pain. Ionza meanwhile jumped down from the table right to Arturius Carrus, a rather fat, thuggish fellow, dressed in the royal purple of the Carrus-family. He was even more massive than his son Jack. Easily weighing four times more than Ionza, while at least being half a head taller than Carrus. Beside him two very nervous concubines stood.

One of them were sobbing. Ionza laid her voice with all the compassion she could muster, making it endlessly sweet. "Oh is that your man? Hm? The man my man is beating to death?" She looked into the tall dark-skinned almost nude woman's eyes, she cried. Ionza smiled devilish, and grabbed the mouth of the woman, forcing it open with one hand, with the other she held the eye-ball of Jack. The girl squirmed as she forced the eye-ball inside the mouth. Then she held for the mouth and nose of the terrified concubine.

"Better now?" The woman broke down, and tried to run away. "Obviously not." She pulled out her bolter, and shot her, showering Arturius Carrus and the other concubine with the poor woman. Everyone froze in terror over what happened next, a window was smashed as Carrus decided he was done bashing in his brother's face and body. He threw the man at a window expecting him to fly through the window instead he bounced off while the glass broke.

"Hit the road Jack." Carrus exclaimed as he savagely kicked his brother on the bounce, too savagely, the armoured military boot of Carrus broke Jack's neck and caved in half his face. He expired right there and then as he fell several hundred meters to be squashed on the pavement beneath the Governor's Palace. The execution-square, it was where the Carrus-family made their public executions to keep the public in line.

"Oh it looks like Carrus now is your heir, and I'm your heiress 'daddy-dearest'." Ionza grinned to Arturius as Carrus pulled out his laspitol and shot once. The remaining Carrus-brother fell with a small smoking crater where his left eye used to be. He looked shocked back at Ionza, he knew he likely wouldn't survive for much longer.

"I-impressive shooting. H-How did you do that?" The uncle of Carrus stood next to him, he looked extremely pale, almost pale enough to blend in with his cream-white uniform, with the customary purple sash. Medals adorned his chest.

"Simple, I took aim then I shot, and then Ashur died." Carrus attached his laspistol to his belt, dismissing the compliment of the man, despite it actually being a very good shot at over 100 meters. While shocked members of his family looked at him. A low buzz of whispering came from them as Carrus himself walked over to Arturius who looked with disdain at his youngest son.

The young male commissar just smirked at his dad. "Ain't you glad to see your heir and heiress? Ain't you glad I survived meeting Elanor? Ain't you glad I have murdered mum?" Carrus went straight over to the man, he lifted him up by the throat, by his left. Arturus flailed as he was lifted to the air. He tried to fight back, but every kick he delivered did nothing, his leather-clad hands could do less than little against the armoured fist of Carrus.

With his right Carrus got up his melta. He smiled, then whispered. "Dad, now I shall show you something fun." While he raised his melta, he also raised his voice, making it loudly audible to the many Storm-Troopers in the room. "Kill my family, spare no-one, except me of course." He fired his meltagun straight at the uncle not even caring that three members of his family was evaporated from the surface of the planet as he gave the order, pulling the trigger evaporating them all.

Screams resounded as people tried to flee as Storm-Troopers, commissars and Arbitrators started executed the people present, with bolters snapping and lasguns hissing as royal, lover and concubine alike was both put down in precise firing by the Imperial elites. A few nobles tried a desperate charge against Carrus, but they all ended dead, lacking an eye due to Ionza's laspistol at best, dying in a spray of blood and gore at worst if she shot them with her bolt pistol or dying from the silent hiss of Carrus' meltagun as he and his girl stood there dark in clothes, and dark in mind over the atrocity they were committing against purple and pink clad family of Carrus while they massacred them in droves as the lad crushed the throat of his struggling father.

"There you die. Daemon-consorter. Everything is remembered, nothing is forgotten, nothing is forgiven." Carrus threw his dad to ground, the body was limp. Arturius tried to gasp for air, but his crushed throat made it impossible, he died at the foot of his throne, an elaborate golden throne with purple cushions. The last thing he saw was Carrus and Ionza drawing their swords while they charged into a throng of the relatives of Carrus. Then screams of terror were made as their powered weapons hacked through the mass of bodies, while their laspistols discharged again and again shooting fleeing people with every shot.
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All the relatives of Carrus were dead. Carrus looked grim, the fate of murdering his family was something only a dream coming true and Ionza, plus plenty of wine would wash away.

With secure steps he and ionza went up the few stairs to the throne. She was smiling, her prince had carried the day. She would be safe. Both were reloading their weapons and preparing for the tribute of their soldiers. They had their own throne now in the bloodied throne-room.

Carrus prepared his inauguration-speech, he had prepared it since he was 14. 16 in public.

"As you know this is a dream coming true. I have long-" He was interrupted as three men dressed in the black robes of the Inquisition suddenly teleported right into the midst of the assembled men and women. In the center stood a gray-faced man, the years had lost their meaning on him, he had a black hood, underneath were his Terminator armour, his black eyes bored through the souls of everyone present. Everyone in the room even Ionza kneeled, but not Carrus.

"On your feet men, treachery is afoot!!!" Carrus roared drawing his sword while his melta was unhooked from his gunbelt, taking a few steps towards the three Inquisitors. His melta were instantly trained on the group. "In the name of Commissar-Regent Zachary Carrus, I demand an explanation for this madness!!!" He yelled at them as he got close. The two younger Inquisitors were squirming and not feeling too well due to the sword of Carrus.

The oldest one just smiled, Carrus behaved just as he had seen in the Emperor-blessed visions he had seen of Carrus, with Ionza overcoming plenty of fear and dread as she trained her own bolter at them, drawing her own powered sword.

He licked his purple, cracked old lips, as he laughed. "I see my finest servants are every bit as tempestuous as I was shown in my dreams." The black-clad old man spoke with a croaking voice, it sent ice-cold shivers down the spine of everyone in the room, including his supporting Inquisitors.

Carrus calmed down, and sheathed his sword in the black scabbard hanging by his right side. "So who in the Emperor's name are you? Why are you here Inquisitor?" He looked a tad nervous as he knew he had conducted a severe breach of conduct.

Ionza were quick to place herself between her lover and the old man. "Apologies, Carrus has had a rough day." She sheathed her weapons as well, her brown large eyes were pleading as she prostrated herself infront of the Inqusitor. "Carrus has killed both his parents today, and his mother-"

The grey-faced old Inquisitor cut her off. He smiled an oddly merciful smile. "I'm High-Inquisitor Selpid of Ordo Malleus, I know you perfectly well young Michelle." She squirmed visibly under his gaze. "I know of your virtues, I know of your faults young Michelle. I know you killed your abusive foster-parents at six." He took diligent care of making his words soft. Then Selpid shifted his glance at Carrus who still was standing, he was pale, obviously like everyone else in the room thinking he would likely be purged.

"Young Daemon-Slayer, I salute you, and that Keeper of Secrets wasn't even your first. That is a feat not many can brag about even amongst the Ordo Malleus." He did a hand-wave at him, of the welcoming sort while he leaned at his staff-sword.

"Ehm, sorry master, I-I have just had-" Carrus stopped as the face of Selpid hardened. Obviously excuses was the last thing the High-Inquisitor wanted. He swallowed heavily, and looked around the to the shocked soldiers standing around them. "I killed the Vampire of Matrovska two years ago, but I didn't know that was a demon, he had both his heart slashed and his head went off by one stroke from my sword, which is called the Bringer of Insanity behind my back."

"It's time you got a similar weapon young Michelle." Selpid laid his voice soft, the conjured up a fireball, which shouldn't be possible to due in the vicinity of the Bringer. He sent it right at a wall, prompting nearby soldiers to duck for cover. Out of the broken wall fell an elegant rapier-style jet-black sword, with the same disgusting skull as Carrus had as the guard of his sword. "This is your sword young Michelle." The old man smiled at the young commissars, she looked revolted at her new sword.

"Ehm, the Bringer is bound by the blood of Carrus-" She was interrupted by Carrus. "Well that will not be a problem master." He smiled innocently while he drew his sword, then he drew a handkerchief meticulously wiping the sword clean before shaking off an armoured gauntlet. With a grunt he slashed his right hand. "Ionza hand!" She removed her gauntlet on her right hand reaching it to Carrus, and shrieked a little as Carrus slashed her hand. Then he pressed his right hand to her's and they mixed blood.

"Now this shouldn't really be a problem honey. Before you had my sperm inside you now you have my blood as well." He looked irritated at her, due to him perceiving her hesitation as lack of courage infront of the Inquisitor. "Now go fetch your new weapon, the Bringer of Madness." With secure steps she stepped forth, grabbing the elegant and disgusting weapon with her right hand. The blood bonded her with the powerful sword. She jolted a bit as the weapon was grabbed.

Then she saw Carrus raise his sword up towards the roof many meters above him. "All hail Commissar Ionza!!! All hail the Bringer of Madness!!" The soldiers assembled quickly roared in, repeating the sentences of Carrus several times over. Ionza just smiled a hollow smile raising her own weapon. She felt the weapon binding to her soul, it radiated soullessness and evil. Now she understood why Carrus despite not being very draconian was a very feared member of the Commissariat. It was his sword. (Partly true, but it certainly helped him setting the fear of the Emperor with people.)

Grace entered the throne-room, she looked flabbergasted. "So the Sororita has entered?" Selpid made his words soft. "You are to rule this planet young Sororita." Grace was shocked, but it was nothing compared to the extremely angry outburst from Carrus who shouted. "WHAT?! She are to rule my planet-" Ionza just rushed over, and slapped him on the mouth. "Hush you are speaking to an Inquisitor, not a soldier." She then kissed him, making him shut up.

Then she prostrated herself infront of Selpid. "I'm so remorseful about Carrus' reactions. He has had a rough day." The brazen young woman continued. "He has murdered all of his family, he has had his dream crushed and now we both will commit ourself to your justice High Inquisitor Selpid." The speech was passionate, fueled by many years of training in oratory, Selpid smiled at the spirited young commissar, yet he knew Grace was a far wiser ruler than either Ionza or Carrus. Grace made a quick curtsy and left the room, she had some scribes to find and a planet to organize as the fallout of Ionza's plan was on her shoulders.

"Yes my young commissars, I had wanted you to enjoy some peace, but there are pressing matters to consider on Tanibus Alpha, a hive-world." He drew up a data-slate from beneath his robes. It showed the data. Dark Eldar were attacking the planet along with internal unrest.

"You two along with the commissars Mack, Higgings and Simpson are to reunite with the Freudakian 81st." He saw into the sad eyes of both Carrus and Ionza, who bent necks as he mentioned Simpson. "Oh, I assume one of them is dead?" The two commissars nodded. "Cal Simpson bravely gave his life, fighting the Keeper of Secrets." Carrus spoke, he laid his voice without emotion as the commissar-training had taught him.

"The rest of you lot are to be submitted to my Inquisitorial Storm-Troopers. The Commissars will retain the rank, the Arbitrators, will be re-educated to either commissars or Storm-Troopers." Selpid raised his voice to such a level that everyone could hear him.

"Commissar Carrus, Ionza, Mack and Higgins, will immediately go to the spaceport, and take a space-shuttle back to Freudakia, there they will rendezvous with the Freudakian 81st. and they will submit to the command of James Stremm and Nathan Harken at the Heritage." The four commissars broke rank and started to head for the exit of the throne-room. Their careers had just started, they wanted peace, there were none to be achieved in the Imperium of Mankind. They all knew that.
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Don't inult Carrus' s lady. XD
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The first action.
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