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 Original character (conversion help)

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PostSubject: Original character (conversion help)   Original character (conversion help) I_icon_minitimeThu May 10 2012, 18:34

Hi, I believe this is my first post on here, I've been trawling the forums for inspiration for a while, but now I am in need of your esteemed help Smile

Throwing together my Kabal at the moment; I finish university TOMORROW and have an essay to write so of course now is a great time to be doing warhammer, but meh Smile I am looking for advice in converting a character for my army

I won't go into too much detail (save that for my possibly soon to happen plog!) but fluff-wise, putting hesperax in my army won't work. So I am going to use a 'counts as' character for it, and I decided (again due to fluff) to use a male model. However, creating a male wych that will stand out as a special character is looking rather like a bit of a nightmare. Any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Original character (conversion help)   Original character (conversion help) I_icon_minitimeThu May 10 2012, 18:54

Well, I have a Converted Hellion Lord, but at the moment I don't have a spare Skyboard, so his on foot pretending to be a Succubus/Archite. He has simple Warrior legs with a Hellion torso. I used two spare hair pieces to make the bald head from the Warrior box look unique. He is holding onto a Glaive, but I have changed the pointy blade pieces. The one facing down I exchanged for the Power Sword blade and the elevated one has been swapped for a blade fro the talos kit. On his back I fixed the tropy rack that Sybarites/Solarite/Sergeanty charecters have.
On his belt he has a skull dangling on a chain from the Black Templars upgrade set, and on his left had side I gave him an augmetic Splinter Pistol arm.

Essentially, just look at what spare parts you have and experiment. If you find something that looks cool with something from another kit, like most DEldar things do, then don't be affraid go with it. I have an entire squad assembled from the Wych and the Warrior kits, and it is currently my favorite unit. Smile

An eccentric paint job also helps them stand out.

Good luck with your converting. Very Happy


Original character (conversion help) YiVCUio
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PostSubject: Re: Original character (conversion help)   Original character (conversion help) I_icon_minitimeThu May 10 2012, 21:33

I'd probably use the legs of a Hellion with bare feet and the upper body of an Empire Flagellant or perhaps just a Wych.
I have a Haemonculi with a Flagellant's torso at the last page of my log in my signature if you want to see it used.

The arms from the Hellion with a double-handed hellglaive behind his back looks really nice if you cut the pole away and pose him as using dual wicked-looking knives instead.

If you do a conversion with litlle to no armour it might look cool to have a helmet on him.

Consider adding something to count as a shardnet also, since Hesperax has one (in her hair)
Perhaps the pony-tail from the Scourges or some chains with hooks from Wyches or Scourges.

And perhaps mimic the pose of Hesperax to make it clear that she is the inspiration?

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PostSubject: Re: Original character (conversion help)   Original character (conversion help) I_icon_minitime

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Original character (conversion help)
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