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 Mandrakes in the bedroom.

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Mandrakes in the bedroom. Empty
PostSubject: Mandrakes in the bedroom.   Mandrakes in the bedroom. I_icon_minitimeWed May 02 2012, 18:12

It was in the spring of the year 138M42, the night was coming. In a luxurious bedroom Michelle Ionza was tucking in her youngest kid, a boy at four named James after her and Zachary Carrus' mentor James Natrax and James Stremm the colonel of their regiment. She wore a nice colorful dress, the only thing denouncing her as a warrior was the sword and bolter she always carried with her, as assassins never were too far away, and as a commissar she always had to be ready for duty. She was chewing some gum to mask the scent of alcohol and lho as she had had a few sips of wine and more than a few lho-rods as usual.

Carrus was as usual having a bottle of wine in the luxurious living-room with one of his commissariat friends, Alan Hart while they were discussing and laughing over matters like scaring PDF-recruits into pissing themselves when they tested their mettle. Ionza entered the well-lit room, the two men were sitting in nice and broad ivory-chairs with purple cushions. Carrus dressed in a fine fine uniform of the commissariat without a single medal raised his wineglass.

Ionza spoke first. "Hi boyfriend." She smiled as she got seated on the lap of Carrus, and kissed him.
"Hi girlie." Carrus passionately answered the kiss. "The kids are in bed?" It sounded halfway between a statement and a question, one on his hands came to rest over the silky dress of his woman who just poured herself some expensive wine into a glittering crystal wineglass.

"So you were having a pissing-contest again?" She looked harshly over at Hart, who choked on his wine due to her harsh tone. "Is it this long since I found you as a young commie who wanted to whip the life-blood out of a younger cadet, just because his lasgun malfunctioned due to wrongfully executed bayonet-drills?" The small woman let her harsh brown eyes fester on the youthful face of Hart, who swallowed hard.

"Dear, Hart outranks us-" Carrus began, but Ionza silenced him first by putting a finger to his mouth, then she kissed him again. "Hush now sweetie, I want the cadet I found to answer." She giggled, taking pleasure in tormenting her former protege.

"Ehm." Hart swallowed hard yet again. The bulky man squirmed visibly under the gaze of his former mentor, despite she being far less threatening of appearance than him. He had countless scars running across his face and body, she and Carrus had almost none. He sweated visibly remembering vividly how she had flogged him 39 times times at the Schola Braxia for a minor mistake like almost killing a cadet. He endured her terror as she hounded him day and night for two years, until she deemed him ready to graduate. Carrus on the other hand had never been much to fear in his opinion, yet his men seemed visibly terrified of him, he rarely whipped people, heck he had always been considered a bit wimpy by Hart who had only seen Carrus' good sides as he advised and supported where Ionza lashed and screamed.

"I-I'm s-sorry Commissar Ionza." Hart trembled a bit. He took a sip of wine. He was a Lord-Commissar, yet that mattered not against the Commissar-Regents kissing in the chair not far from him. "I-I just talked to Carrus." Ionza's mouth opened in her unnerving and evil grin, showcasing her white teeth. "It's okay, just wanted to see if I still could terrify the Lord-Commissar." She giggled sweetly, as if she haven't just scared the living daylight out of Hart, who really weren't afraid of much.

The line of thought was broken as the lights seemed to flicker. Carrus and Ionza immediately shook off that they had drank. "Did you sense this?" Ionza felt the chill as she was just wearing a petite cocktail-dress, Carrus didn't even need to answer, both were on their feet getting their disgusting black powered swords into their hands, Carrus had his melta in his left, Ionza her blessed bolt pistol. "What's going on?" Hart grabbed his powered sword and bolt pistol, they were of exquisite quality, made by a master, yet they were nothing to the weapons Carrus and Ionza wielded. Same with his Rosarius, powerful, yet nothing compared to the black eagles adorning the chest of that couple.

Meanwhile the Mandrakes were slipping out from the shadows, two Storm Troopers stood by the door guarding the dormitories of the children. This had since Carrus and Ionza with friends had shown up be a peaceful place. The planet had for the last fifteen years been ruled by them, they weren't even competent rulers on their own, but their ability to judge talent sat them apart from most inept rulers.

The two Storm Troopers at the door quickly had their throats slit as the shadowy Mandrakes with contempt and ease just slit them. They didn't even have time to register they died, they had noted the sudden chill, but their inexperience prevented them from raising the alarm. Carrus on the other hand, experienced in dealing with such creatures at breakneck speed smashed through solid though elegant wooden doors painted white or brown, and glass-doors alike showering the guards at the respective doors with glass and splinters as he smashed through several doors on the way to where his kids were sleeping at the first floor.

"Comeon you morons, follow him! Don't just stand there pretending you are puzzled!" Ionza roared as she trailed Carrus through the damage he caused as he sprinted towards the first floor. He even burst through the marble-railing of the stairs in his desperate ditch.

Smiling the four Mandrakes passed through the shadows, unknowing Storm-Troopers died one by one, their reinforcements fired wildly in the corridors, while the six children of Carrus and Ionza fled into the bedroom of the oldest one. They hid quivering with fear, the thing Mandrakes feed upon.

The Mandrake Knayrach Jadonyr took a good bite out of the throat of a nearby Storm Trooper who flailed wildly. He was eviscerated by the Mandrake following Jadonyr as his needle-sharp hands found the weak-spot in the man's Cerapace Armour and released the lower bowels of the man while the Mandrake sadistically drank the lifeblood of the young man, enjoying the agony of his death and the youth of his blood as he bled out at the purple-carpeted marble-hallway screaming in dreadful agony, making the remaining Storm-Troopers go pale from fright.

Their hearts were hammering, the last four stood back to back, bayonets mounted. They fired at the flickering shades infront of them, but no-one hit anything. This was a last stand, they were fighting a foe far too insidious in the hallway with luxurious mosaics of the Emperor not involving combat as Carrus and Ionza hated that style. Yet the four young Storm-Troopers fought a futile battle. They struck out and shot without hitting anything but air.

Then one died, his throat was just bitten by a Mandrake, the young blood of the elite soldier poured out. His mate screamed savagely and actually managed to bayonet the thing biting him, but it was an insignificant scratch to the thigh of to the creature, the resulting swipe of claw tore the man's head off. The two remaining Storm-Troopers were overwhelmed, they inflicted wounds, but none were anything but scratches as they were torn apart by the Mandrakes with their intestines getting to be twisted decorations in the sense of the Mandrakes.

They slowly entered the room of the Carrus-Ionzas, all eight huddled together, totally frightened, the youngest at four the oldest at twelve, five boys and three girls, all dressed in the royal purple. They were so gonna enjoy this, children were always the best targets. Jadonyr whispered to the Mandrake next to him: "Ah taste their fear, they are all so ripe, we shall really enjoy-" That was as far as he got, Carrus burst through the door, locked as it was. He his the shadowy thing directly, his back snapped like a twig, he felt endless pain, he climaxed from the experience, and let out a sensual moan.

Carrus bodyslammed the Mandrakes, sending them flying. The leader's back snapped like a rotten twig, and audible crack resounded in the room, but the human lost both his sword and melta in the impact. And a Mandrake was locking him up, reading his claws to sheer into his soft human body as he tumbled on the floor with the perverted being. He had one solution, he reacted, he bit the throat of the enemy he could more smell and sense than see. He bit it hard. The throat finally collapsed and the creature died after a desperate struggle, while Carrus had to swallow the throat and lots of blood from the Mandrake which bitten over throat was a torrent of blood.

Then the desperate father charged the next Mandrake, they grappled on the floor, the creature bit Carrus' forehead, it left a scar but little else as the long-haired man got on top. He handled desperately as he delivered a brutal head-butt to the twisted creature. Both groaned from pain, yet he delivered two more savage head-butts to it, finally with an absolutely revolting crack the chinbones of the Mandrake's face, his blood gushed out cowering Carrus's upperbody and especially face with the blood and brainmatter of the unholy creature.

The last Mandrake lost his courage, he saw Carrus with a maddening gleam in his eyes pick up his weapons. He know the mon-kieg alone could beat him unarmed, but now he had his powerful weapons. He swiftly faded away, and ran escaping into the shadows. He didn't get far. Ionza showed up, she decapitated him as he sprinted out the door.

"Darling? Did you take the last one?" Carrus called out from within the bedroom, he sounded nervous and angry. He had suffered minor injuries, he then turned to look at his kids. They had all pissed themselves and passed out. "Yeah I did-" Carrus interrupted Ionza. "Girlie, I think the kids don't want daddy here."

"Don't be so stupid Carrus....oh." She saw the damage Carrus had done all covered in blood and gore, he was spitting much, she saw him his long hair was all mattered, the pretty uniform with the purple slash covered in blackish blood, pools of blood dominated the room, he could have done less damage with a chainsword than this. She also saw the kids, they had passed out from abject terror.

Alan Hart finally arrived he heaved after his breath. He had seen Carrus in combat before, but never like this. Ionza immediately darted over to the kids, and got them conscious again, they were all crying and being terrified about daddy. She calmed them down.

Meanwhile in the hallway. "Hart!!! Get me some frakking wine, and awake Sister Grace, if she ain't praying." He looked rather cross, as he ransacked a body nobody present but him and Ionza could sense, his expression was locked in pain, and not his own, it was that from a man who had just lost his children. Hart shrugged visibly as he saw Carrus and his pained expression. Carrus smacked him with his meltagun. "I called for it now you idiot!!!" Hart flew right into the wall, he was shocked the man who had shown him nothing but friendliness suddenly struck fear into him. He immediately darted over to the closest drinking-cabinet, he broke it with the butt of his bolter, it wasn't a long run as Carrus and Ionza liked to have elegant drinking-cabinets with fine wine almost everywhere in their mansion. Then he returned with a fine bottle of 64 year old Freudakian White, he opened it handing it over to Carrus who drank unceremoniously from the bottle.

"Aaaah. That was better." He wiped his mouth with the hand not holding the bottle. "Hart awaken Grace, or see if she is praying for whatever reason. We need her to bring three freezers, also get the Astropath awoken, Kelkaris will like this little gift." Carrus looked spiteful at the dead and critically injured Mandrakes decorating the floor. He took another greedy gulp of the bottle before grabbing Hart by his greatcoat, bringing his face to face Hart. "This is just the foreplay, war is upon us, war laddie. Trust me I know it." Hart swallowed heavily as he heard Carrus, he spoke the truth, the bliss was over. Nothing could prevent it, the fun was over. And worse for Carrus, his kids would never look him into the eye again, and not shiver in abject terror.

Ionza finally stepped out of the room, Hart were long gone. Storm-Troopers swarmed the area, it didn't matter. the answer were written in the hopelessness of the face of Carrus. Ionza spoke softly while kissing her grizzled husband. "We shall avenge this, and Kelkaris is an old friend." She grinned evilly to her mate, as they made out. "He has an Eversor, that can fulfill both your desire for revenge, and his for damaging the Xenos." Carrus smiled a bit as he stood there wiping his face. "Grace and Lucius can implant him with a nuke. This is the work of Archon Dagoth." Carrus held the proof, a small pendant of the Cabal Ragor in his hand. "That frakking thing is alive again, not even my melta could kill him finally."

"Yeah he shall pay for this, and nuke it is." Ionza kissed her man with passion dropping her weapons, hands running in the hair of her mate. She knew he was unbalanced, yet the nuke-idea was brilliant despite the cost it would have on the civilian-population. She knew Archon Dagoth. He would again send Mandrakes to cut the head off the snake, predictable she thought. He would pay now, and they saw Grace enter the hallway dressed in her black and white Sister Hospitallier power armour giving orders to less experienced medics. She smiled a bleak smile knowing her poor husband had lost his kids forever and ever.

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Mandrakes in the bedroom. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes in the bedroom.   Mandrakes in the bedroom. I_icon_minitimeWed May 02 2012, 18:51

This made me laugh. The thought of the children that terrified is... hilarious.

Very nice writing.


Mandrakes in the bedroom. YiVCUio
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Mandrakes in the bedroom. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes in the bedroom.   Mandrakes in the bedroom. I_icon_minitimeWed May 02 2012, 19:18

Tnx Cavash for the kind words, and yeah it's hilarious the kids scared crap of daddy. Smile
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Mandrakes in the bedroom. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes in the bedroom.   Mandrakes in the bedroom. I_icon_minitimeTue May 08 2012, 10:11

@Beaviz81 wrote:
finally with an absolutely revolting crack the chins of the Mandrake's, his blood gushed out cowering Carrus's upperbody and especially face with the blood and brainmatter of the unholy creature.


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PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes in the bedroom.   Mandrakes in the bedroom. I_icon_minitime

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Mandrakes in the bedroom.
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