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 Getting soldiers out my my Damned plane

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Getting soldiers out my my Damned plane Empty
PostSubject: Getting soldiers out my my Damned plane   Getting soldiers out my my Damned plane I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 30 2012, 15:34

I'm not sure if this should be here, but this is the rules discussion page, so here goes:

So after 4 iterations of the Vampire raider (Imperial armour update, Imperial armour Apocalypse, Imperial Armour 11 and Imperial armour Apocalypse II), they still haven't given the damned thing hovermode. It explicitly states in the flyers' rules that troops without jump packs may only disembark when a flyer is using hovermode. The vampire raider, the main eldar/corsair raiding vehicle lacks this rule. And yes there is an apocalypse formation that requires you to put foot troops in it. THEY CAN'T DISEMBARK FROM THE DAMNED THING!!

As far as I know, planes can't land unless they have hovermode, so I'm wondering: Is there anything I've missed? Can troops disembark from it? If so, how? This has been niggling at me for years, and I can no longer ignore this cancer of my soundness of mind!

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Getting soldiers out my my Damned plane
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