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 Xelkireth's Finecast Review

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PostSubject: Xelkireth's Finecast Review   Xelkireth's Finecast Review I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 02 2011, 19:43

Okay Archons and Succubi... Here we go.

I went ahead and purchased the Finecast Archon and Lelith. Please keep in mind that my experience with the quality may not be yours. GW is still working out some kinks in their QC department and who's ever heading it up should be shot.

I will admit I will be very cautious working with this stuff. It feels super fragile, but it's bendy. It's frakking weird. It also has an odd texture to it. I can't quite describe it. It is bendy. I mean like bendy like greenstuff that's still setting bending. None of the pieces are brittle, which the reports of brittleness made me worry.

I will say that right of the bat, I notice the detail is crisper. Cleaner. It is not Forgeworld quality crisp, but it's probably as close to the greens that Jes and the boys did, that we'll ever get our hands on. I don't have the pewter Lelith model, so I had to compare the Finecast Archon to the Pewter Archon. Details I noticed right away: The cloak is crisper. The fur on the cloak looks amazing. The segmented armor looks more rigid.

My negative thoughts/criticisms: One: I only had one miscast issue and for me, it wasn't that big. The archon helmet with the frakking huge gazelle looking horns has a problem. The jaw of the helmet isn't square and is missing a little bit of detail. No big deal for me. I have the pewter one if I really want to use it for one, and two, I really am not a fan of the helmet anyways. Two: Some of the flash/mold leftovers is ridiculously massive. You'll see what I mean when you see some of the spikes.

I'll be posting more once I start to work on the models. I've been up too long and my usual shakes are about ten times worse. I will however, post the pictures. I've switched to using Dakka Dakka as my picture hosting service. You can view the pictures here in good detail, but if you click the picture, it should take you to the Dakka picture and you can zoom in a little bit without loosing detail. My camera's decent, but not fancy.

Now... For what you all really want... The pics. Please note the Finecast plati/resin is not this dark. It's almost the same light shade of grey as the older style plastics.

Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229928_sm-Archon%2C%20Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast
Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229927_sm-Archon%2C%20Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast
Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229929_sm-Archon%2C%20Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast
Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229930_sm-Archon%2C%20Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast
Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229931_sm-Archon%2C%20Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast

Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229924_sm-Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast%2C%20Lelith%20Hesperax
Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229923_sm-Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast%2C%20Lelith%20Hesperax
Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229926_sm-Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast%2C%20Lelith%20Hesperax
Xelkireth's Finecast Review 229925_sm-Dark%20Eldar%2C%20Finecast%2C%20Lelith%20Hesperax
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PostSubject: Re: Xelkireth's Finecast Review   Xelkireth's Finecast Review I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 02 2011, 20:03

I'm not sure if spikes on Lelith handpiece and near right ankle also aren't miscasted. I had exactly 0 of those spikes done right. Either it's flash that make them appear dull or they are shorter than they should be.

Anyway thank you.

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Xelkireth's Finecast Review
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