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 Spearhead Expansion 2250 points

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PostSubject: Spearhead Expansion 2250 points   Spearhead Expansion 2250 points I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 18 2012, 14:08

Anyone have any special advice on spearhead formations? What works? What should I stay away from?

My friend and I are playing a Planetary Empire campaign and he (IG) wants to try out his new Maurader Bomber. Being the sucker that always says "sure" I am stuck in a game I know nothing about.

Some info about the game, we are allowed to tailor our list against each other and to the mission and deployment which we already determined (lightning warfare mission and counter-attack deployment.

I have 2 power stations so I get +2 for the roll to go first and +2 to reserve rolls.

As for heavy choices I have 4 ravagers, 3 talos and a razorwing fighter that can act as a void raven bomber.

He doesn't play parking lot IG, he likes to use special characters and usually has foot soldiers of some kind. He really wants to use his Maurader in the game but can have the option to play a baneblade that he has. I have no superheavy so there you have it.

Just curious if anyone has any experience with spearhead formations while using DE.

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PostSubject: Re: Spearhead Expansion 2250 points   Spearhead Expansion 2250 points I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 18 2012, 16:24

Marauder Bombers aren't too scary in the final analysis - especially in Spearhead where they'll start the game getting a pen hit.

Spearhead has a lot of super fun 'SPearhead formations' you can take. The ones that spring to mind immediately for DE are;

Tank Hunter - you can give up to 3 Ravagers the Tank Hunter universal special rule for 60 points. That's pretty sweet,

Skystorm - Reserved transports that, when they enter, can move 36", still fire a weapon, and the units inside can disembark and assault that turn.

There's a pretty good one for Talos - it gives them Rage (boo!) but it also gives them Furious Charge and Fleet - if you run WWP it is most excellent.

Seek and Destroy - lets you shoot one weapon after turbo-boosting/moving flat out.

You'll also get to start up in your opponent's grill to a certain extent, so Blasters and the ilk are all still good. Overall I think my advice is just to have fun with it, the one game of Spearhead I played felt like Apoc-lite as it was mostly an excuse to just drop a ton of mech on the table.

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Spearhead Expansion 2250 points
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