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 Report From FW Open Day

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PostSubject: Report From FW Open Day    Report From FW Open Day  I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 01 2012, 19:08

Hello Ladies,

Back from my fact finding mission at WH world today, it was a bit of a marine fest really, very little indeed to report on anything solid.

However I do have a couple of things for you.

DE wont be in the next IA as thats already set, possibly the one after or the one after that, Alan did say he had done some stuff towards it already.

I said we would all very much like a t hawk sized ish or bigger galleon/barge pirate ship thingy to fill our 'titan' slot, he said that was one thing they would probably look at and that also (he seemed quite keen on this idea) an extra large talos-like Heamo construct. Sounds pretty ace to me, but as I feel it is important that we have some nice big toys but I think we need something kabalite first an foremost, hell they could do a variant on the barge for Coven too (slave cages, autopsies etc)

I also explained that the Tantalus is utter garbage, Alan was surprised he said (and I quote) "well it was carving things up in test games" I said I don't see how thats possible unless ther testers can roll 5's on demand ? I also explained the the douche canoe does it better and is significantly smaller and does not mount "pulse dissonance projectors" and blades.

He kinda muttered something about looking at it so I guess its possible it could see a review for the eventual IA DE book, two things folks, FW will need your feedback if it is to improve and not just "it's gash make it better" I personally will be sending an email explaining the problems with it and offering solutions with explanations, I'll prob do up another data sheet, last time I snet them one of these and an email things DID get changed, some of my ideas made it into print on the phantom so things can be changed and fed back on , at least where FW is concerned.

Also I noticed today the 'original' Tantalus had two Dark lance mounts which we never got in the end, is not like dark lances are teh b0rk3n, wonder why ?

Ok so this next bit is pretty big.

Will (Phantom Titan) Hayes was completely down with the idea of a DE super heavy barge/ship, he even told me about some of his ideas for it , he was very enthusiastic, in fact apparently he had made a start on it, but no one could agree on how it should be and became a bit of a committee / too many Chefs affair and he has put it aside currently with no plans to pick it up at any point, he said it was too big a project to realistically do in his own time, so he/FW could really do with a shove to get it on the boil again as it is technically 'dropped' at the moment,

They should just let Will/Jes get on with it , there is literally no way it could go wrong with them on it.

Talima suggested hitting up the FB page and seeing what the response was like, I think we should defo do that and also I think an open letter from the Dark city to Will/FW would maybe help get the project of life support, remember just because Alan does rules does not guarantee we will see model for it any time in the next ten years....

I'm happy to deal with the letter, I'll have a word with sky about getting a poll up so we can essentially collate the opinion of the entire DE community here into one easy to ingest result, Ill forward that along with the open letter.

Lastly and it's a pretty loose rumor really, but Simon Egan seemed fairly enthusiastic when I asked if he would be doing DE models anytime soon, there are no plans but I think he would really like to, if the Shadow Spectres are anything to go by I think any DE he does end up doing will be fething marvelous.
In the meantime expect to be spammed to death with marines marines and just for a change more marines.....

++Transmission Ends++

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PostSubject: Re: Report From FW Open Day    Report From FW Open Day  I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 01 2012, 20:34

Thanks for the update - I'm glad to hear there are Marines in our future, it's been almost two months since my last view of a new Marine item...oh, wait, also thanks for the DE update too Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Report From FW Open Day    Report From FW Open Day  I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02 2012, 09:27

Excellent, they're making a DE book at some point. I was afraid they had dropped the idea completely. Also, apparently most 40k/FB races will be getting specific terrain pieces, so hopefully we get some DE ones (at the very least we'll get Eldar ones, which would be good enough for me).

And yeah, the Tantalus needs some work. It's a vehicles bigger than a Land Raider and costing about as much, but less durable than a Chimera. It should be more durable and the guns should be better (maybe like the old plasma cannon dissies?), or it should be cheaper and not use a HS slot.

Also, if you're asking Forgeworld about our stuff, could you also ask what's the deal with the Void Dragon Phoenix? The Phoenix got new rules in IA11, including being able to exchange it's pulse laser for a starcannon (the Void Dragon variant's armament). Can DE use those rules, or are we stuck using the older rules for the Void Dragon Phoenix, which is more expensive and can't be used as a skimmer in non-Apocalypse games?

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PostSubject: Re: Report From FW Open Day    Report From FW Open Day  I_icon_minitime

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Report From FW Open Day
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