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 Dark Eldar Current Rumour Compilation

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar Current Rumour Compilation   Dark Eldar Current Rumour Compilation I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 01 2012, 18:11


Welcome to the rumour compilation. The idea of this thread is to keep all current rumours and news compiled in one simple, easy to read post. This post will get updated as and when new rumours surface.

Forge World

Imperial Armour Book, TBA 2013-2016,
The next 3 to 4 years of IA storylines have been written and Dark Eldar will be in one of them. Current DE storyline is being rewritten as is too dark for 40k. Possibly with Slaanesh
Source: SotonShades of BoLS, FW Open Day 2012,

Black Library

Path of the Incubus, March 2013
- The second book in the Dark Eldar Path trilogy, written by Andy Chambers.
Source: inside cover of Path of the Renegade.

Fantasy Flight Games

The Soul Reaver, Late second quarter 2012
- An upcoming adventure supplement for the Rogue Trader RPG, focusing on the Dark Eldar.; includes Kabalite Warrior career path. This is part one of a three part expansion.
Source: Fantasy Flight Games,

Models yet to be released from new range:
Asdrubael Vect & The Dais of Destruction
Lady Malys,
Duke Sliscus
Baron Sathonyx
The Decapitator
Voidraven Bomber
(Various sergeant, upgrade options, Trueborn and Bloodbrides excluded)

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Dark Eldar Current Rumour Compilation
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