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 500pt DE vs. DA and IG Infantry

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500pt DE vs. DA and IG Infantry  Empty
PostSubject: 500pt DE vs. DA and IG Infantry    500pt DE vs. DA and IG Infantry  I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 26 2012, 13:58

Sunday, several people I'll be playing a league with this summer decided to host an warm up for some of the newer players ( We have a brand new Blood Angels player, and myself. Both brand new to the hobby.)

I ended up playing two matches due the speed my first match unfolded. The first was against a Dark Angel army, and the second was against an Imperial Guard with boatloads of Guardsmen.

Report 1: Dark Angels.

This match ended before it really even started.
My list has massive issues, due to lack of models. (I'm purchasing an out-going DE player's army, while they switch to Necrons. They told me to not drop any more money on models, and just grab his. So I was forced to play today on very limited resources.)

The Dark Eldar:
Succubus w/Agonizer
The Duke.

5 Wyches w/Hydra Gauntlets + 2 HWG
5 Wyches w/Shardnet + 5 HWG

10 Warriors w/ Splinter Cannon (This ended up being my true failure in game 1.) deployed with the Duke for bonus poisons.

The DA player sets up in cover, but with LOS on my wyches. He's rocking a pair of Razorbacks, loaded to the brim with 5 Marines + Librarian, and the second with a group of 5 marines.

The Razorbacks have Lascannons, as well as plasma guns.

I deploy in cover since I lack Raiders/Venoms, and prepare to be eaten alive by the cannons on my long run to the razorbacks.

Turn 1:
He kites my Wyches from the start, and lays into my wyches with Lascannons.

I can't hit the Razorbacks with my Warriors, so they look pretty in cover and wait.

Both set of wyches run toward the DA.

Turn 2:
More shooting from the Lascannon. Even with Pain tokens, I can't do anything to save against the cannons. Cover saves failed each time. Now in range of the Plasma guns, I'm still failing every save and not being allowed to take FNP saves. I'm pretty well resigned to my fate at this point, as I have 4 HWGs remaining, and no way to hurt the Razorbacks otherwise.

Turn 3:
DA player rapid fires plasma into my face, and Lascannons hit.
I have 2 HWGs remaining.

I finally get an attempt to attack the Razorbacks: 1 HWG misses, 1 glances. Nothing happens.

Turn 4:
DA kills off my Succ and my last HWGs. I concede.

Lesson Learned: Bring. Dark. Lances.

Battle Rep 2:
Against the Guard, I played a MUCH better game.

We played Objective control.

The IG player was using all infantry (which was so refreshing after the murder I experienced a few minutes before.) including a group of 20 Inflitrating guard, with a unit of 5 with them. (I do not know any of the Guard's units, forgive my descriptions.)

He has 25 Cadians with 2 Grenade launchers, a command squad, and a 6 man Stormtrooper group with Combi-flamer.

IG deploys first, and goes first.

Turn 1:
He moves slowly into his first objective, Nothing special happens here.

I move both wyches into cover and take my first Objective, and move my warriors into Splinter cannon range. Fire away and take out 3 Guardsmen.

Turn 2:
IG's Stormtroopers Deepstrike in, as well has his infiltrating group. They order Like the Wind, and I have 18 las shots coming into my wyches. 7 wounds take out an entire unit in cover instantly. The stormtroopers flame my warriors, thanks to a perfect DS, and I lose 6 warriors in total.

I finally get my chance to retaliate, and my group of 5 wyches earn their keep. They attack from cover into the large group of infiltrating guard, and take out half of them in one attack (Thank you roll 5 on Combat drugs) and sweeping advance them off the table. My warriors sit still, and unload 10 shots into the storm troopers, and take out 3 of them, and my Duke charges into melee with the remaining two, and remove one, leaving him locked in combat.

Turn 3.

IG Runs and shoots at the wyches, leaving 4 Alive. The 25 guardsmen remove a warrior. The Stormtrooper fails to put a wound on the Duke.

I return fire on the guardsmen with my splinter cannon, and remove 4 more men, The duke leaves one storm trooper sergeant standing with one wound.

The wyches charge into the squad kiting them, and murder them, as well as sweeping advancing them off the table, now to three pain tokens! But it wasn't without a cost, as they are now down to two models,

IG attacks, put a wound on the Duke. Only my Splnter cannon remains on my Warrior unit. Wyches lose a model.

Wyches are one unit strong, and charge fearlessly into the remaining command unit, causing one death. They smack him back, and slay him finally.

The Duke finishes off the stormtrooper, and the splinter cannon warrior is dead.

T5: Happens!

However, I have one model left on the board, and no way to contest the objective. I take myself to the center of the board and blown to pieces by las fire.

Moral of this story: Wyches.... Rule.... 60 points of wyches ended up killing nearly 300 points worth of units. The splinter cannon did a GREAT job at thinning the IG herd, but didn't do well enough on it's own thanks to cover saves.

Thanks for reading and I realize my biggest mistake of all here, was not taking any raiders/venoms, and taking 2 HQs on a 500 point game. This was limited exclusively by my lack of models, but I think in light of that, I did almost as well as I could have hoped.

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500pt DE vs. DA and IG Infantry
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