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 Coven Colour Scheme Help

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PostSubject: Coven Colour Scheme Help   Coven Colour Scheme Help I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 28 2012, 19:36

Hey hey kids.

I don't often post down here in the depths of Low Commorragh but I'm hoping to change this soon by rebooting my Project Log. For the time being however I'm looking for some artistic advice relating to how colours work together etc. I'm currently starting work on some of my Coven units for my kabal and I'm having trouble settling on a scheme that works.

Currently my Kabal revolves around a pallet of about three colours with one or two additions. The primary colour for my Kabalites is Red Gore with a heavy purple wash, with chainmail silver "spiky bits" and Cammo Green with a green wash for "poison/energy". Here's an image to help...
Coven Colour Scheme Help IMAG0363-1
Bad quality I know but hopefully you get an idea of how everything works together. My scourges use a similar scheme but with purple wings.

My Wyche Cult has swapped out the Red Gore for purple body suits (can't remember the name right now, it's the foundation purple) with a purple wash over this. The chain-mail and green are still in their respective places.

Now my problem comes with my Coven. My aim is use my basic kabalite scheme on them using the red gore on their robes, and any armour they have will then be the chain-mail. The problem really comes down to their flesh. I'm not that good at painting flesh tones and the few attempts I've made on the larger areas of Coven units (as opposed to the relitivily small areas on kabalites and wyches) have not gone well.

In an attempt to get round this I've tried a "blue skin" approach. It was a little while ago now but if I remember correctly I used Astronomicron Grey with an Asurman Blue wash. Now this has worked, in that it's given a nice easy "skin" tone that stands out a bit as clearly Coven. However I can't help but think it doesn't quite gell with the other colours in the army.

I will try and get some pictures to illustrate at a later date but my camera is currently a bit worse for ware. But what I'm asking really is do people think this blue tone for the skin would work with the other, much darker colours, or should I try and find a way of painting "normal" skin tones better?

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PostSubject: Re: Coven Colour Scheme Help   Coven Colour Scheme Help I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 28 2012, 20:03

I use dheneb stone washed with leviathan purple and then highlighted again with dheneb stone, you can do this with asurmen blue but i prefer the purple, it doesn't look quite so odd.

Problem you've got with the blue is that it's a component colour of purple, i think it can work, but only if the purple you're using is blueish one. You could try washing your hormagaunt purple with asurmen blue and then use your grey and blue wash skin tone?

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Coven Colour Scheme Help
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