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 Another Tourny list 1500

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Another Tourny list 1500 Empty
PostSubject: Another Tourny list 1500   Another Tourny list 1500 I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 27 2012, 03:41

Hi guys, I'm gearing up for a tournament, again, and have devised another list. It's a webway portal list in part because I only have two raiders and in part because I seem to did fairly well the last time I used a list like this.


x2 Haemonculi - Webwayportal, scissorhand, stinger pistol


x2 Incubi (5) - Klaivex, Demiklaives, Onslaught


Wyches (10) - Haywire Grenades, x2 Shardnets, Hekatrix, Blast pistol, Agoniser

Wyches (10) - Haywire Grenades, x2 Razorflails Hekatrix, Blast pistol, Agoniser,

x2 Warriors Squads - Blaser
Raider - Nightshields and flicker fields

==Heavy Support==

Razorwing Jetfighter - Splintercannon, Nightshields and Flickerfields

It comes out to *drum roll* 1467pts!

So strategy is pretty much what you'd expect. Haemys go in warriors and drop wwp. They then join up with whatever comes out giving it feel no pain. The warriors then fly around and shoot. The Razorwing is to thin out horde armies and then provide some weak anti vehicle support.

Now what I was waffeling about was the Raider Squads. If I shuffling things around (ie lose one of the Incubi squads and the other upgrades) I can field two Trueborn squads with 4 blasters and 2 dark lances each. While this decreases the Close Combat potential of the list it ups the anti-vehicle quite a bit. So I'm kinda torn...

Our weapons are TERROR, DARK LANCES and SPEED!
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Another Tourny list 1500 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Tourny list 1500   Another Tourny list 1500 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 29 2012, 16:13

wow ull have 2 define well with a webway portal list lol was it more wins than loses or was it even??

i look at this list and cringe its only got 2 blaster and 2 dark lances and its not mech lol u also have another 33 points 2 add to it as well so i wud urge u 2 look thru add more stuff like bodies as theyll die really fast

90% of ur opponents will be mech ull be lucky if u do face a horde army

if ur not gunna play a mech list take sum cronos engines to help dish out pain tokens atleast bcoz 6+ saves arent exactly gd lol

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Another Tourny list 1500
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