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 one more bloody dawn for the deamons...

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one more bloody dawn for the deamons...  Empty
PostSubject: one more bloody dawn for the deamons...    one more bloody dawn for the deamons...  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16 2012, 02:34

we have been playing a tournament. marines and gray knights, necron , dark eldar and deamon and tau. now only the dark eldar, the tau, the deamons and necron remain.
i had the pleasure to test my poison vs deamons, and found out three very important lessons.
1. I can't kill a soulgrinder with lances... just cant seem to roll high enough to do anything other than stun the damn things
2. skimmers make life so much easier vs these slow moving infantry army.
3. the dais of destruction is beyond words against melee infantry.... power weapons.. right...

the fight began with the deamons slowly appearing on the quarter next to mine( short edge) and of course they were on the rear facing of my vehicles.
they all rallied to the deamon prince who lead the advance. one blast of fire and the dark eldar realized the problem at hand. the jetbikes high on the pain inflicted by their combat drugs turned on their facing and cut a bloody swatch through the deamon prince, sending him back to the hell from when he came, careening off to; and through, yet another unit. the pink horrors found the irony as they were mercilessly slaughtered by their quarry.
bolts of dark energy howled into the deamons and slowed the advance of the horde.

this scenario had no limit. it would end only when the highlander rule was met ( there can be only one... just in case u missed the 90's) . and it took a while.
almost 6 hours later i had two soulgrinders and a unit of bloodletters hiding behind a forested patch of land in the corner of the board. the deamon players would not relinquish his spaceport. and i don't allow for survivors unless the gain is substantial. the stalemate continued for another 4 turns, in which the shots from the two remaining raider's DL scored kill after kill after kill, as they slowly but surely denied the deamons retribution ( and cover ^.^ )

soon the dawn broke and the deamons skulked back to their hells and the spaceport housed no deamons, just children of commorragh and slaves.

may their gods have mercy on my enemies for i shall...... ooh blood!

let me make myself perfectly clear. if i ever kill you; you are gonna be awake, you are gonna be armed, you are gonna be facing me; only Then u will realize i poisoned the grip of your weapon. Subtlety is not deception.
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one more bloody dawn for the deamons...  Empty
PostSubject: Re: one more bloody dawn for the deamons...    one more bloody dawn for the deamons...  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 29 2012, 16:31

sounds like an interesting tournament and an easy match up if ur a mech army and wat u stated was all obvious lol
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one more bloody dawn for the deamons...
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