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 good shredding to everyone

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good shredding to everyone Empty
PostSubject: good shredding to everyone   good shredding to everyone I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 25 2011, 19:44

hi there, i'm from Italy and i'm a old whfb player starting playing it in 1996 . never touched the w40k matter since last 3 years when a friend of mind decided to sell his own SW army. i bought it cause the leeches of dark space were reaching my mind Smile . bought a SM codex and studied it . never played till a year after . i found it a very nice and more direct game than whfb . i modified SW turning them into regular SM and then in BA.
i alway liked the dark elf/ dark eldar theme, the stories and so on ... so here i am with a regular but not so huge army. the last 3 years i have painted at most. i own BA , a little army of Sisters, Necrons (bought from another friend) and DE.
i liked them very muche i like the speed and the true evil they bear.
have a nice shredding and a bloody XMAS !!

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good shredding to everyone Empty
PostSubject: Re: good shredding to everyone   good shredding to everyone I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 26 2011, 00:56

Ciao Shredmaster, welcome to The Dark City on this, our first, Christmas Day!

The lure of the Dark Kin is irresistible, once bitten by these beautiful models and the fine codex those slab-sided Muh-reenz will never look that same again Very Happy

I am sure that you will enjoy the form!
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good shredding to everyone
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