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 Court of the Archon best setup

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Capt Keiv
Capt Keiv

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Court of the Archon best setup Empty
PostSubject: Court of the Archon best setup   Court of the Archon best setup I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 22 2011, 21:23

I know that the Court of the Archon isn't a popular choice among the DE player community.. It is not very competitve, but anyways, how can we get this squad to be optimized.

As I was looking into the codex, I found out that you must have an archon in your army, but he doesn't need to join the court. The problem is if we have a character in the Court, we lose the only good thing in there... T5 majority. If we don't put any good character in there... we are likely to loose the medusa and lhalemans pretty quick.. which are the only good characters with a decent leadership.

First off, the good stuff!

3x Sslyth

The rest Wink
1x Lhaleaman
1x Ur-Ghul
1x Medusa

Now at that point, if we add a character, we got T3 majority, but what if we add a Haemonculi Very Happy
Let's give this guy a venom blade.

We have a squad that costs 200 pts. 11 wounds at T5 majority. 19 S5 attacks on the charge, 7 poisoned attacks 2+. and 1 random flamer for overkill or nothing (medusae) and FNP everywhere. Good leadership, wound allocation tricks and they don't use FOC, more space for your Elites!

You can either add a raider or make them pop out of the webway.

As I said, I know it is not the most competitive squad out there, but still, they will kill a lot of stuff.. just don't tie them up with some terminators Very Happy

Don't forget, you need to play an archon, but you could just tool him and drop him with 4 incubi in a venom, extra SC.

That's how I would play them if I had to! Any thoughts?

- Capt Keiv

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Court of the Archon best setup Empty
PostSubject: Re: Court of the Archon best setup   Court of the Archon best setup I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 22 2011, 21:58

It's a workable build.

I think most people understand that the goal is to spam up Sslyth or Ur-Ghuls or Medusae depending on the point of the build. I am a reasonable fan of adding a Haem and having multiple Medusae to just flame the hell out of stuff and that's probably my favorite Court build since it actually does something that the rest of the army really can't. Ur-Ghul spam is fine, but really it's just Wyches with a flamer, and Sslyth spam is fine, but really is splinter spam with moderate assault potency, and if I was super excited by that I'd probably look at Hellions first.

Court of the Archon best setup K93hWhs
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Court of the Archon best setup
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