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 The Thorn Court

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PostSubject: The Thorn Court   The Thorn Court I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 23 2022, 16:51

I would like to start quick and dirty here.

I played my Craftworld Eldars for years, and did build up quite a force.
Then I wanted to start with the Dark Eldar in addition to that, but soon switched to something completly different, and played historic tabletops for some years.
However before I did switch, I bought what I would call a solid starter army with the Combat Patrol, several Kabalite boxes, some Reavers, Raiders and so on.
Now that I get back into it people asked me to play not 40k, but those smaller games like Kill Team, and Necromunda Community Edition.
Luckily I got way more bits and pieces then I could ever use, and so before throwing all those fine models into the bin, I thought I could start my own little Drukhari pirate force.

To mark a start somewhere I go with the system I enjoy more, and so I will work on one a gang for that.
As a base I first wanted to use a Spyrer team, but decided to go with Redemptionists as it seems appropriate to just roam around that human Hive world and take as much loot as possible before the raid comes to an end.

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The standard Gangers and Juves are a bit of a Kabalite and Wytch mix, and the whole crew gets some pelts of different animals. I hope that this will add some color and flair to the army, as I oppted against the wings Corsairs usually got. I have those, from Forgeworld I believe, but I just do not like it much.

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Gang Leader in this case will be a old Craftworld Eldar Autarch model I got, armed with plasma pistol and a even older Striking Scorpion energy claw.
For my two Zealots with two handed close combat weapons I tried to go for a wytch champion look.

Missing so far are the Heavies, armed with heavy flame throwers. I might use the heat lances for those, as they are kind of the same? I mean its both heat.

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The Thorn Court
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