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 Community made codex - HQ Haemunculus

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Community made codex - HQ Haemunculus  Empty
PostSubject: Community made codex - HQ Haemunculus    Community made codex - HQ Haemunculus  I_icon_minitimeSun May 22 2022, 19:02

The haemunculus is going to look a lot like the haemunculus ancient with a few tweaks down.

M8" WS3+ BS3+ S3 T4 W4 A2 Ld8 Sv 6+ 80pts

Master of pain: While a friendly unit is within 6" of any models with this ability, add 1 to the Toughness characteristic of models in that unit.

Surgical aspirant: this model may choose 1 abilities from Fleshcrafting during the psychic phase (i know i know and odd place but itll at least be somwthing for us to do in that phase) you may spend pain tokens to activate one or both chosen abilities.

Tools of the Aspirant: this model atarts with no equipment you may choose any combination of 2 pieces of equipment from the following list:
Liquefier gun, Ossefactor, hex rifle, flesh gauntlet, mind phase gauntlet, ichor injector, scissorhands, electrocorrosive whip, stinger pistol
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Community made codex - HQ Haemunculus
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