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 Struggling against Blood Angels

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Struggling against Blood Angels Empty
PostSubject: Struggling against Blood Angels   Struggling against Blood Angels I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 23 2021, 06:49

There are a number of BA players in my local meta and I’ve been struggling against them. Most of the lists are somewhat similar, with a mix of Sanguinary Guard, Vanguard/Bladeguard Vets, a unit of Death Company with jump packs, some intercessors and then supporting crew such as attack bikes, dreadnoughts, eradicators, etc.

They are a mobile and durable assault army, so I find myself not able to use my mobility to my advantage very well. Additionally the DC with jump packs can make a pre-game move, so if I go second (which seems to happen more often than not) it’s an almost guaranteed first turn charge, and they generally have a number of thunder hammers, so that’s bye-bye raider/ravager in turn 1.

Lately I’ve been running a realspace raid with 10 haemoxytes, 2x5 wyches, 2x5 kabalites in venoms, 2x5 incubi, 2x5 mandrakes, 10 hellions, 3 reavers, 3 cronos and 2 ravagers.

Once I can actually get into combat, by incubi/hellions can wipe out a squad, but then next turn they get counter charged and generally wiped out themselves.

I dunno, it seems like BA should be a relatively easy matchup, as on paper I’m more mobile and have a bunch of units that can cut through marines pretty easily, but in practice I’m struggling.

What are your tactics for going against these types of armies?
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Struggling against Blood Angels
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