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 Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well?

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Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? Empty
PostSubject: Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well?   Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 06 2021, 10:52

Hi I'm a returning player looking to put together a Drukhari force but I want to sound out what works well before I commit to which Kabals,Cults and Covens I wish to use.

Formally I used a Craft world army that I called the Dai~San(Warriors of the Sunset) who had lost their faith in the Eldar path and rather than continue in the Eldar way were sinking into a path of destruction simular to the dark kin....because back in the day the Dark elves weren't all that.Now I've returned to the Warhammer universe there was only one faction for me!

I have bought Archons,Kabalites,Succubus,Wyches,Reevers, Homonculius,Wracks,Talos/Crinos,Incubi,Mandrakes and Venom so far.But don't really want to use Raiders,Ravagers and Aircraft If I can get away with it....I used to use lots of Guardian squads with platform guns with Warp Spiders,War walkers, and lots of Jetbikes & Vypers to hit hard and fast and hope to do the same with my Drukhari.I plan to add more Talos/Cronos,Hellions and Reevers with an aim to pin my opponents then strike with melee units shot in by the Kabals and Talos with the Wracks and Mandrakes contesting objectives.I know Drukhari are a glass cannon,but my thought are using lots of cheap and basic units to swamp my opponnents (Mostly Marine and Chaos Marine players).

I'm considering using a Poison Tongue/Cursed Blade/Dark Technomaster combo,but not sure if this combination would help or hinder each other,or if other choices would blend I'm looking for advice please.🙂

Thanks in advance.🙂
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Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well?   Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 06 2021, 14:00

As to Kabals, Cults and Covens working together, it's honestly hard to go too far wrong as they function largely independently of one another.

Only thing to note is that it's usually better to take all your transports from a Kabal faction if you can (Venoms want Poison Tongue, Raiders want Black Heart or Obsidian Rose), as Cults and Covens tend to do little for them.

Regarding your unit choices, the only thing that might cause you issues is using Venoms instead of Raiders. They're generally regarded as being rather overpriced for a transport with just 6 capacity and what amounts to 1-2 Heavy Bolters as armament. It might work but I'd definitely suggest leaning away from spamming Venoms. Perhaps just use them for some core units and then lean more towards units like Hellions or Grotesques that don't need transports?

In terms of subfactions:

- Cursed Blade is perfectly fine. It's a solid, no-nonsense Cult that will benefit almost anything. It'll allow your Hellions and Reavers to hit at S5 (so they can spend their combat drugs on something else like extra attacks, extra toughness, extra BS in the case of Reavers etc.), and lets your Wyches hit at S5 also if you use their combat drugs to upgrade their attacks.

- Poison Tongue is okay and will probably be a good choice if you're set on using Venoms. A lot of people value its redeploy stratagem very highly. Only thing I'll say is that I'd maybe advise not leaning into poison too heavily, mainly because most of our poison weapons are rather lacklustre due to a lack of AP and damage.

- Dark Technomancer isn't necessarily bad but it is very specific. It only affects ranged units (and not liquifier guns after an errata), and Coven are a predominantly melee faction. It can work if you want to lean heavily into Cronos (and maybe Osseffactor/Hexrifle Wracks), but if you're looking into Grotesques or Talos or Wracks with any other loadout, you might want to consider alternatives:
- Artists of Flesh (a custom Coven) is popular as it generally gives the most resilience for your multi-wound models.
- Dark Creed is based around Ld debuffs and so can be useful if you intend to lean into that sort of thing (e.g. with a lot of Phantasm Grenade Launchers).

Hope this helps.

Also, if you have an actual list in mind, we might be able to offer some more specific guidance and suggestions.

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Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well?   Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 06 2021, 14:51

Dark Creed works well with Raiders. Grizzly Trophies and PGLs. And that is nice with PT Venoms.

Well, when your opponent doesnt ignore Ld debuffs and attrition tests...

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Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well?   Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 06 2021, 15:11

As said above, kabals, cults and covens will work well together regardless of obsessions : kabal provide fire support, mostly the anti-tank that the other factions may lack, cults bring devastating melee on a fragile frame, and coven are the anvil, slowly (by our standards) creeping up the board while staying alive.

As for actual combos :

-Black heart will get you some of the best raiders you can get to put your wyches/wracks/grots in. In addition, the +1 to PFP will allow you some fun turn 1 charge. You can load a raider with any combination of grots/wracks/wyches/characters, deploy it aggressively, and launch it as far as you can with enhanced aethersails to get that turn 1 charge, if possible on a shooty unit, so that it can't retaliate if it falls back (most of the time). Whatever happens, you'll get 3 grots and a few infantry models right in the middle of your opponent's army, and that's always fun.

-Dark creed/Poisonned tongue/trophy takers, for maximum morale shenanigans. Hard-countered by some factions unfortunately. But surprinsingly effective if you can pull it off. Don't forget your grisly trophies and phantasm grenade launchers.

-Poisonned tongue's stratagem can allow you to redeploy any of your raider, and you can fill that raider with coven/cult units. Not to be under-estimated.

-Dark technomancer can get you access to some pretty shooty raiders if you equip them with disintegrator canons (now cheaper than DL) for maximum synergy. A DT dissy will melt marines and be about as effective as a dark lance when shooting vehicles. And you will need something shooty to not waste the transport space on those raiders. Not the most effective combo but could be fun against the right opponent. In addition, if forge world is allowed, you can bring a DT tantalus to the table, which is a complete monster against anything, and can carry 16 models of whatever faction you want.

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Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well?   Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well? I_icon_minitime

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Which Kabals, Cults & Covens Blend well?
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