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 How to beat new competitive tyranids?

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How to beat new competitive tyranids? Empty
PostSubject: How to beat new competitive tyranids?   How to beat new competitive tyranids? I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31 2021, 10:44

Dear fellow players

the other day i attended a tournament playing against Leviathan Tyranids using the new War Zone Octarius book. The enemy used Maleceptor (rerol dmg synapse) + Hive guard (with ignoring AP 1 and 2 adaptation), both shielded by Malanthrope who was warlord with chapter master rerols trait. Rest of his army was CC Hive Tyrant (with -1 to wound) and Swarmlord propelling blobs of genestealers my way boosted by one unit of Warriors (+1/hit synapse). My question is how do you beat this with drukhari? Combo of 2+ WS slingshoted genestealers from LOS blocks coupled with hit reroling and dmd reroling hive guard siting in los block ground floor with warriors seems really oppresive. If he goes first he charges me across entira map with genestearels and shoots with impunity. If i go first, he pops -1/stregth from Maleceptor and -1/hit from Malanthrope and i do very little dmg.

Thanks for any tips.
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How to beat new competitive tyranids? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to beat new competitive tyranids?   How to beat new competitive tyranids? I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 01 2021, 12:43

Against a list like that you need to be hyper aware of his threat ranges, and what can Double Move/Assault.

Hive Guard have a 36" range, and they dont want to move and shoot. Generally they are hiding in the back field, behind a Ruin. You do not want to put 1 boat in that threat range, because it will be dead.

However, having multiple Raiders touching Dense, all within that threat range (getting ready for a next-turn-charge) is a viable tactic. Also, Reavers can move 18"+2"Movement Drug+Advance 8"+Charge (7" average)+Cult of Strife +1" = 36". The same range as Hive Guard.

Against the Stealers, you need to be hyper aware of where they are. Stealers are very fast, but are also quite costly and dont do THAT much damage. They need to get in range of an ideal target, and Raiders are not Ideal Targets. Positioning and screening will be your primary response to them (Court of the Archon, Wracks generally).

In general we continue to do our standard tactic, positioning to trade up. Nids are not very point efficient, so getting a few units of Wyches/Incubi into combat will generally swing things in our favor. We have great secondaries that will force the opponent to come to us (Herd, ROD), so we should be able to set up those favorable trades.

Be aware of the opponents threat range, and stay outside of it as much as possible. Abuse Dense Terrain as much as possible.

Good luck buddy!
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How to beat new competitive tyranids?
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