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  A returning players opinions on our units; Urien Rakarth

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  A returning players opinions on our units; Urien Rakarth 	 Empty
PostSubject: A returning players opinions on our units; Urien Rakarth      A returning players opinions on our units; Urien Rakarth 	 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 02 2021, 22:34

The master sculptor of flesh himself Urien Rakarth of the profits of flesh. Lets take a look.

Urien Rakarth
Hmm where to start, well Urien is certainly tough. Stat wise he's a haemonculus with +1 attack for a total of 5 which is respectable, but once you start digging into his special rules combos you find a character that is actual ludicrously hard to kill. Weapons wise he has the sensible options from the haemonculus list and weirdly a 1 shot flamer style weapon, 2d6 hits strength 3 -2 save. The casket of flensing is nice over all, I think it certainly provides more damage than the shooting of most of our characters it's a bit odd that's its only one shot though.

So with the warlord trait you have the option of being a toughness 6, 7 wound model which is already an impressive stat line, on top of that you have the standard 5+ fnp and in addition you have a 4+ invun something other haemonculus don't get. But wait there's more, attacks against him halve their damage (rounding up) and he will heal one wound at the start of your turn, also hits that aren't strength 8 or higher can't wound him on less than a 4+. Phew that's allot of defensive buffs!.

Well what does all that mean in practical terms? Well it means that other characters with only damage 2 can't kill him take for example Ragnar Blackmane 10 attacks on the charge 8-9 hits 4-5 wounds 2 failed saves after everything, my turn I heal one wound. So Ragnar needs allot more rounds in melee to put you down (at least 8 rounds of combat) and when he does manage to put you down you have a chance to stand back up on a 2+. In fact you take so long to kill Urien that he will just beat you on attrition.

So buff wise you have the standard healing and toughness buff stuff a regular haemonculus can do but in addition you also have the sculptor of torments aura, an ability that adds 1 to the strength and leadership of prophets of flesh core units within 6". So that's Wracks(MEH), grotesques (str 6, T6 big stompy monsters) and talos and chronos (super strong and tough) you could do some seriously naughty things with those stats and Urien will be amping the melee damage of your army for as long as he is alive.

I really like Urien he has come a long way since 3rd edition and is now a fully fledged leader in his own right, no Prophets army should be without him!

next time the Archon!
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A returning players opinions on our units; Urien Rakarth
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