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 A returning players opinions on our units; Wracks

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A returning players opinions on our units; Wracks  Empty
PostSubject: A returning players opinions on our units; Wracks    A returning players opinions on our units; Wracks  I_icon_minitimeWed May 26 2021, 22:06

The mainstay of all coven armies, cheap and tough they are idea troops for screening and holding objectives. Lets take a look.

At first glance it must be said that wracks have a very solid stat line, a basic wrack has 2 poisoned attacks, t4 and a 5+fnp they are decent melee fighters. The most interesting thing about this unit though is the unique weapons options you have access to. They have access to 2 ranged squad weapons the much hated liquifier (dt sillyness) and the ossefacator. Now the liquifier is an improved flamer with ap-2, its just really solid even without the DT buff. The ossefactor on the other hand I have mixed feeling about, it wounds on 2+ with great ap and 2 damage, it's just a shame it only has a single shot.

The Acothyst has access to allot of stuff, most of it is kinda duff. The electrocorosive whip gives him 6 str 5 poison attacks at -2ap which is solid, everything else is kinda junk in comparison. Ranged wise your only real options are another liquifier which is the just amazing (2 flamers in a 60 point squad) or the hexrifle a heavy weapon. Now at first glance heavy weapons for this squad might seem like a bad idea and in some situations you would be right. At strength 6, -2ap and damage 2 with snipers and mortal wounds on a 6+ they are really hard hitting, I only wish we could get a small unit armed solely with them, would of made a really nice heavy support choice for covens.

Wracks are good for their points, they are the ideal screening troops, do a good job of clearing enemy units with their flamers and are generally very points efficient.

An improved unit of wracks +1 invun save +1 leadership and ignore the first failed save each phase (they can technically tank a volcano cannon with that ability which is hilarious) at 10pts each they are wracks plus, and while they are still not winning any prizes in the melee department they are certainly really tanky. This unit works really well with a few chronos and obsessives collectors, they can be an absolute pain to wipe out for some armys.

Coven wise POF get allot out of wracks making allot of the support weapons that would usually be thrown at them need 4+ to wound that's a missive jump in survivability. Creed have more accurate wracks which is important when you consider how few attacks they have (comparative to wyches at least). Twelves +1ap on melee weapons makes them all ap-2 which is terrifying to tanks, monsters, MEQ, ect it's just really solid. Dark harvest is interesting, considering just how many small wrack units you can have it can be a very solid way to inflict mortal wounds. In short all the melee buffs are just solid bonuses to the units damage.

Next time Wyches.
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A returning players opinions on our units; Wracks
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