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 Cult of the Bloody Kiss

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PostSubject: Cult of the Bloody Kiss   Cult of the Bloody Kiss I_icon_minitimeWed May 26 2021, 16:54

Cult Name: Cult of the Bloody Kiss
Leader: Lady Lilin Namaak "The Crimson Whip"
Allegiance: Kabal of the Gellid Blade and the coven of the Pierced Eyes

Physical Descript: Tall, very slender but muscular, and graceful with long elegant limbs. Facial features are sharp; high cheekbones, a narrow nose, pointed chin, etc. Eyes are large and heterochromic. Her left eye is black while her right eye is blue. Hair is dyed a light blue-ish grey, and worn in a waist long braid. Her skin is milky white and flawless. Fingernails and toenails are painted crimson.

Personality: Lilin is very distant from her subordinates. She has no bonds and feels no compassion for anyone, including herself. She accepts any challenge presented to her in hopes that she will be killed but is also unwilling to just give up out of fear of death.

History: The elder of the Ranunium twins, Lilin was largely ignored by her affluent family as her younger sister Meridiana showed much more potential to succeed in The Dark City. They claimed she was too soft.
She struck off on her own at a young age and fought her way into a prominent wych cult, The Cult of the Liar’s Blade. She soon became a favored blood bride of the succubus, Renya Namaak. They grew very close, each considered the other a friend and lover, and they enjoyed a fierce rivalry always trying to outdo each other. The two were favorites in the arena. The crowd would loudly cheer whenever Renya would crack her crimson agoniser and they would applaud when Lillin would dance though a hoard of alien gladiators with her twin razor flails only to have her opponents fall apart a moment later. The two became an unbeatable team.

Unbeatable teams however tend to become stale in the arena so it was decided that the two would battle to the death. Before the match began the two vowed to fight to kill.

The two fought and bled to the roar of the crowd. In the end however it was clear that Renya had the advantage. With a sweep of her leg she tripped Lilin and left her vulnerable to a killing blow. She raised her agoniser to finish off her lover. She looked down at the fear in Lilins face as she reached blindly for her fallen weapons.

The finishing blow never came though. Renya just stood there with her weapon raised and smiled but it was not a Dark Eldar smile. It wasn’t cruel and twisted grin like the rest of her dark kin had. There was no joy in it seeing her prey splayed out before her. It was a sentimental smile. The kind of smile you get after you finish a great book, happy to have read it but sad that it’s over.

Blood sprayed from Renya’s neck. Lillin looked up in horror as her face was covered in the red mist. She had found her blade and swung blindly and the woman she had the closest bond with slumped to the ground in front of her, felled by her own hand.

The Archite of the cult strode majestically into the arena to declare the winner and appoint her new Succubus. She grasped the weary and shocked Lilin’s sword bearing arm and hoisted it into the air. The crowd was defining. The world seemed hazy in Lilin’s head as the Archite turned her for all her fans to see.
When she caught a glimpse of her fallen lover the world became perfectly clear again and she smiled. It was not a sentimental smile however. There was much joy in seeing her prey standing vulnerable next to her. It was exactly the cruel and twisted grin of her dark kin.

The segmented blade of her razor flail separated and the dagger studded lash dropped, wrapping itself around her leaders arm. With a quick side step and a flick of her wrist the blade snapped back into shape severing the Archite’s arm in several places. Chunks of Eldar bone and flesh plummeted to the sandy floor. The warrior queen shrieked and tried to flee. Lilin, however, would not allow her to leave the arena this day.
Lilin discarded her weapon. There was not enough left of the Archite to feed to the Beast Master’s kymeras. She walked back to Renya’s body, bloody foot prints in her wake. Kneeling down beside her fallen lover, she lifted her head which was, despite the brutal fight, still flawless and unstained. Hers however was stained red with the blood of her former love. She leaned down and gave Renya a final kiss, leaving a perfect bloody print on her pale lifeless lips.

Under her rule, Lilin Namaak as she now called herself, renamed The Liars Blade the Cult of the Bloody Kiss in memory of Renya and her own rise to power. She remains undefeated in the arena. Every foe she faces inevitably falls to her crimson whip.

Cult breakdown (based on force organization chart)

Unit Name/Syren/Ship Name
The Final Kiss/Lady Raerzana/The Queen Lilin III
The Hydra Brides/Lady Kavara/The Hydra Eye
The Beautiful Death/Lady Amakash/The Narcissistic Mirror

Unit Name/Hekatrix/Ship Name
The Exquisite Agonies/Lady Zhela/The Vain Blade
The Alluring /Lady Hellia/The Arrogant Dagger
The Glamorous End/Lady Drexic/The Elegant Egotist
The Deadly Ballet/Lady Sharay/The Center Stage
The Dancing Daggers/Lady Kaylaa/The Dark Pegasus
The Red Blades/Lady Maral/The Bleeding Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Cult of the Bloody Kiss   Cult of the Bloody Kiss I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 27 2021, 18:25

Got any pics of this interesting cult?
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Cult of the Bloody Kiss
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