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 Dealing with a Knight in 9th

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PostSubject: Dealing with a Knight in 9th   Dealing with a Knight in 9th I_icon_minitimeThu May 13 2021, 20:24

Hi all,
next week I face my first Imperial Knight, in an otherwise Admech list.
What do they do? How well do they do it?
And what should I do?

It's a Knight Valiant, and I've found the datasheet for it, but I don't know any other rules from different pages in their codex.
From 28-15 wounds it's 10", so not that fast; should I just ignore it?

The harpoon thing looks like it one-shots anything of mine that fails its Invuln, the flamer toasts anything that charges it.

This is my list, which I won't be changing:

Poisoned Tongue
Archon, blast pistol Djinn blade, Hatred
10 Kabs, 2 blasters
5 Incubi
5 Scourges, 4 blasters
3 Reavers, blaster (For Rivalling the Hellions)
Venom for Incubi

Cursed Blade
Succubus, (Master) Dancers Edge, blast pistol, Precision blows
10 Blood brides, blast pistol
10 Hellions
7 Hellions

Homebrew Coven (+1str, Splinterblades)
5 Wracks
3 Grots
2 Talos
7 Razorwings
5 Clawed fiends

Raider for Succ/Wyches
Raider for Kabs
Raider for Archon/Grots

Usually my Haemy/wracks/Talos are a mini Deathstar, Beasts a mid table early distraction and everything else flies around as you'd expect.

So, what should I do about the Knight? Focus all my darklight from turn 1? Charge it with both my Coven and Beasts? Flyby with Hellions to stack those MWs?

Or just ignore it and outrun it whilst running around scoring points?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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PostSubject: Re: Dealing with a Knight in 9th   Dealing with a Knight in 9th I_icon_minitimeSun May 16 2021, 23:07

Your Cursed Blade Hellions will do quite a bit of damage to it being strength 5. Also the DLs from the Raider will be fine with chunking wounds off of it.

I tend to ignore something big like that and handle the other units as much as possible. Kill what can be killed easily then, finish off the things you can gang up on.

I just had a game against IKs this week. Drazhar solo'd a full wounded IK on his own after fighting twice and he did have Hatred Eternal for being my WL. He then went over to a 5++ Atropos and pulled 18 wounds off of him. I know you are not running Drazhar, but, thought I would share.

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Dealing with a Knight in 9th Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dealing with a Knight in 9th   Dealing with a Knight in 9th I_icon_minitimeTue May 18 2021, 13:54

I would foccus on the rest of the list, and let the knight do its thing.

Most boards these days are full of terrain, which Knights need to walk around. Even a 5 man troop unit standing in the middle of his path will DRASTICALLY reduce the knights affectiveness. Shooting lanes and charge distances will be key.

Dont forget he gets a strat to up his invuln to a 4++. IMHO something with a 4++ isnt worth shooting with lances (especially when its T8). Maybe try to bait that out so he wastes his CP?
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Dealing with a Knight in 9th Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dealing with a Knight in 9th   Dealing with a Knight in 9th I_icon_minitime

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Dealing with a Knight in 9th
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