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 Drukhari V Knights. !st Real Game of 9th

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Drukhari V Knights. !st Real Game of 9th Empty
PostSubject: Drukhari V Knights. !st Real Game of 9th   Drukhari V Knights. !st Real Game of 9th I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 03 2021, 03:39

Had the pleasure of playing an old buddy for my first real game of 9th and wanted to share some thoughts/strats/ideas.

He was playing a Castellan Knight and 2 of the smaller but still 24 wound Knights with the Rad Flamers, Claw and cannons, and Roboute Guilliman. Not the most competitive for 9th but it was good to see what I could do. I brought:

Real Space Raid 14 CP (10CP)
-2 CP Relics
-2 CP Warlord Traits

Black Heart Patrol
Master Archon w/Huskblade and Blast Pistol (Warlord, Hatred Eternal, Djinn Blade) - 90
10x Trueborn with 2 Blaster, 1 Dark Lance - 135
5x Incubi w/Klaivex -80
5x Incubi w/Klaivex -80
Ravager w/3 Dark Lances-140
Ravager w/3 Dark Lances-140
Venom w/Splinter Cannon,TLSplinter Rifle and Grisly Trophies - 80
Venom w/Splinter Cannon,TLSplinter Rifle and Grisly Trophies - 80
Raider w/Dark Lance, Splinter Racks - 95
Raider w/Dark Lance, Shock Prow - 90

Black Heart Patrol
Raider w/Dark Lance, - 85
5x Warriors- 40
Ravager w/3 Dark Lances - 140

Cult of Strife Patrol
Master Succubus w/(Competitive Edge, Triptych Whip) - 75 Adrenalite
Succubus w/Razorflails (Precision Blows, Dark Lotus Toxin) - 60 Adrenalite
10x Bloodbrides, Shardnet, Razorflails, Hydragauntlets, Power Sword - 145 Adrenalite
10x Wyches -100 Grave Lotus
9x Reavers w/Heat Lances x3 - 210 Splintermind

We were playing 4 objectives, corner deployments. He put everything in Robs bubble, I hid my venoms, ravagers, and Reavers where they could pop out and shoot at both of the smaller Knights, trying to bait Rotate Ion Shields. I put my 5 man squad in the webway and my bloodbrides in deepstrike in the raider. Turn 1 I Swift Outflanked my other Wych squad into reserves as I didn't want them getting shot off the board and wanted some later game objective holders.

Turn 1 I brought a smaller knight to 7 wounds with mediocre shooting. Turn 2 he took out 2 Ravagers and my trueborn raider. Lightning Fast kept the raider alive longer than it had business being, he had to charge in the end.

Turn 2 Incubi and Draz disembark to go for weakened Knight and the others push up and hide in the middle of the board. Warriors deepstrike onto a safe objective out of LOS. I move my reavers to move block the second flamer Knight who was pretty far back to stop him from wrecking my incubi. Knight goes down pretty easy and I'm holding 3. He kills the Reavers, kills the Ravager and the venom with the incubi and Archon inside, thankfully no terrible explosions or deaths.

Turn 3 was fun. Bloodbrides come in and I use the strat to disembark behind the castellan. All the incubi, draz, and archon move to charge the Castellan. I used Vect on a random stratagem the round prior to drain him to 1 CP so I cant be interrupted. I use the Cult of Strife strat on a Succubi to stop overwatch and get all my charges off. Rolled all my Incubi at once since he couldn't interrupt and dropped the Castellan.

From there it was mostly sitting on the back objectives and tying Rob and the last knight up on the home objective while I held the other 3 easily.

Lessons learned

-Venoms are much easier to hide than Raiders and is something you don't think about when list building.
-Don't be afraid to use CP for reserves if you can't hide your transports, its worth it.
-Incubi can chunk the hell out of a Knight. Just be clever to not get murdered before you can.
-The speed and cheapness of our units make for great move blockers.
-Razorflails + Precision Blows taking 6 wounds off Robby G is a good time.
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Drukhari V Knights. !st Real Game of 9th
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