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 Black Heart + Ynarri 2000pts

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PostSubject: Black Heart + Ynarri 2000pts   Black Heart + Ynarri 2000pts I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05 2020, 17:54

Hi gang, new to the forums here, and new to Drukhari, though I've been considering them for a while. I'm looking at building something slightly different, with a strong melee element and without leaning on Coven stuff. I played around with a few Cult lists, but nothing really made me happy, list-building wise anyway. After playing a first game with them (Mixed detachment Combat Patrol) I realised two things - Kabalites can dish out some pretty solid firepower against Infantry in general, and Wyches, even with Grave Lotus, struggle to get enough wounds through against anything stiffer than a Guardsman or Cultist. The following list is an attempt to bring the best of Drukhari melee units out as a Ynarri Patrol, while supporting them with reliable Troops and firepower, as well as providing access to Vect and CP regen with a Black Heart Patrol. After buying the second Patrol, setting up yhe Wych unit in the Webway and giving the Incubi Strength from Death, I would start with 8CP, which feels like enough, on paper, considering I get one back each turn and can refund some as well. Here's the list:

Ynarri Patrol:

Yncarne (Ancestor's Grace, Unbind Souls)
20 Wyches (Impaler x 2, Grave Lotus)
2x 10 Incubi (Demi-Klaive)
2x Raider (Dark Lance)

Black Heart Patrol

Archon (Huskblade, Blast Pistol, WL: Labyrinthine Cunning, Writ of the Living Muse)
3x 10 Kabalites (Blaster)
2x Ravager (2x Disintegrator, Dark Lance)
3x Raider (Dark Lance)

Initial plan is to keep the Black Heart units grouped around the Archon on the first turn in order to make the most out of their guns, while zipping forwards with the Ynarri transports. The Yncarne can either hang back and wait for an oppurtunity to teleport, or be set up in deep strike. On Turn 2, I'd spread out on objectives and disembark with the Incubi if charges seem possible, backed up by the Wyches arriving from reserves. If all works out, I'd have three melee powerhouses in the enemy lines, hiting on 2s and re-rolling wounds thanks to Unbind Souls and the Ynarri stratagem (I forget the name). The Yncarne can hopefully get to grips with an enemy force multiplier or combat character.

Obviously, battle plans rarely stay concord with the reality of the battle itself - the idea is that the speed and alpha strike potential of the list can prove adaptable enough to deal with most scenarios.

C&C welcome, thanks for taking the time to read through the post.
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Black Heart + Ynarri 2000pts Empty
PostSubject: Re: Black Heart + Ynarri 2000pts   Black Heart + Ynarri 2000pts I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05 2020, 23:20

I like the Yncarne, but it seems strange having it in a list where you have maxed out so many unit sizes.  If you want a lot of teleport options (and you do) you would need smaller units and count on them being destroyed.  This would also be needed to activate Strength from Death.

Say you add in two Sslyth to the Black Heart Patrol.  Then you have two single-model units that will likely die (and can also perform actions so you don't waste a turn with a 10-man infantry unit).  You can also then add two more raiders to that detachment, giving them a 6++ roll, and let them transport the Ynnari Incubi.  Ynnari transports don't get any useful bonuses.

If you wanted to try something different from the Yncarne, using the Visarch and Drazhar instead, and knocking the Incubi down to 9-man units, could make for some mighty fun killing units of Ynnari Incubi.
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Black Heart + Ynarri 2000pts
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