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 Drukhari Rules, Kroot Models

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PostSubject: Drukhari Rules, Kroot Models   Drukhari Rules, Kroot Models I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02 2020, 07:04

Hello all, I have been reading for a long time to gain insight on Drukhari tactics, and as I begin gaming again with 9th edition would like to get a bit more involved.  I am a Kroot fanatic, and have been for nearly two decades, but have settled on Drukhari as the count-as army for my models.  I am particularly interested in building a Coven army after reading this little blurb:

Drukhari Rules, Kroot Models The_Feast_of_Pech

I would like to build an army that represents the results of this raid.  It sounds like Coven are in a decent place for the new edition.  I'd also like to try out an Ynnari detachment that involves lots of beastpacks, in order to get various Kroot beasts onto the table.  I'm more about the models than the rules but that doesn't mean I want to be awful so will look forward to discussion about the codex choices as new strategies evolve and are discussed.
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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari Rules, Kroot Models   Drukhari Rules, Kroot Models I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04 2020, 12:42

Ive recently been converting some fantasy crypt ghules (little hunch back guys) into Wracks with the extra bits in the wrack kit. You get some extra facemasks and weapon arms in there, enough to bash together 3-5 extra dudes with each 5 man box.

From a modeling perspective, should be a fun adventure, please post some pics when you are done
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Drukhari Rules, Kroot Models
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