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 9th ed Scourges

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PostSubject: Re: 9th ed Scourges   9th ed Scourges - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 19 2020, 14:40

@fisheyes wrote:
Ah, I see what you guys are getting at. Personally, I think a unit deep striking then FaF hardly breaks the game.

However, I will not be using it to get into/out of transports on the same turn. That is obviously not RAI (to me anyway).

It's not about whether or not it breaks the game, but they're both pretty clearly against RAI. What you're intending to do was expressly forbidden last edition. The F&F strat was written last edition when there was no "normal". Arguing that their intent was to flip their stance on that on this edition as evidenced by the fact that "normal" does not appear in the revised wording of the stratagem is a huge stretch.

It's always better to go with the less powerful ruling, that way you only stand to gain. As it is, you're going to rely on a strategem making you think scourges are better than they actually are. When GW gets around to this, I'm absolutely positive it will be ruled the same way it was last edition (and every edition since at least 3rd).

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9th ed Scourges
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