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 Newbie army list question.

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Newbie army list question.  Empty
PostSubject: Newbie army list question.    Newbie army list question.  I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 07 2020, 00:52

Hi I'm assessing building a 1,500 point army mainly based on Kabal and Wych units with supporting Venom transports and Rivers with a Succubus and a couple of Archos and was wondering if anyone had much success with these type of units without adding many other type of units? If so are there enough Hvy. Weapons that can be added to the basic Kabals to be able to coap with tanks and tougher characters and melee units/equipment available to the Wyches to do well in melee? In essence can basic troops hold their own on the 40K tables or do you really need heavier support and characters to succeed?
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Newbie army list question.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Newbie army list question.    Newbie army list question.  I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 07 2020, 13:32

For Reavers people do use them, but how to use them and their gear will depend what traits you are going, give Cursed blade or Red Grief then put nothing on them, keep them cheap. If going Test of Skill Blasters/Heatlances are fine. You can always put Grav talons on tho for MW's on the charge.

Blaster or Shredder on kabals, no heavy weapon, they are not worth it.

You can run all Kabals and Wyches with venom back up, but if you do you will lack damage to tanks/MC i would go Test of Skill at that point, and add Blasters to kabals. Taking a Flyer, Ravagers, and maybe Raiders does help with big things, but you can make a list without them, its just going to be harder to play as you will be filling that role with mix units, the wrong mistake means its harder to kill your targets.

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Newbie army list question.
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