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 My V9 Codex updates

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My V9 Codex updates Empty
PostSubject: My V9 Codex updates   My V9 Codex updates I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10 2020, 10:57


So the V9 is coming.
And our Codex will be rebublished.

Today, I share with you, what I  would like to see updated.

Court of the Archon : 3" aptitude for each :
Medusae: <Kabal>Units within 3" of any <Kabal> Meduasae win +1 level to Power From Pain
Sslyth: No change
Lhamaean: <Kabal> units within 3" of any <Kabal> Lhamaean win +1 to bless with poisonned weapons
Ur-Ghul: Can make Heroic Intervention within 3"

Incubi, Mandrakes, Scourges units :  
Mercenary Contract : Choose one for each unit before the batttle
Hunters : reroll one dice to hit per turn
Killers : Reroll one dice to bless per turn
Guards : Reroll one dice to save per turn

Drukhari Beasts
Arena pack:
Before the battle, for each beastmaster choose up to three beast units to make a <Arena pack>. This Beasts units take up one slot in a
<Arena pack> Beast units within 6" of the <Arena pack> beastmaster win Re-roll hit rolls of 1, beastmaster Leadership and the following pack aptitude.

Razorwing Flocks : "Cloud of feathers" : In Engagement range, subtract 1 from the hit rolls of
attacks that target friendly <Arena pack> units within 3" of any <Arena pack> Razorwing Flocks models.

Khymerae : "Deamonic speed": Add 2 in advance or charge move for friendly <Arena pack> units within 3" of any <Arena pack> Khymerae models .

Clawed Fiend : "Berserk charge" : Add 1A if it charged in the same turn, for friendly <Arena pack> units within 3" of any <Arena pack> Clawed Fiend models .

Reavers: For every three models in the unit, two model may replace its splinter rife with a heat lance, a blaster or take a grav-talon, cluster caltrops.

Venom Transport capacity of 6 (like Starweaver or falcon)
Raider Transport capacity of 12 (like Wave Serpent)

2-New Plastic Models for
Clawed fiends
Razorwing Flocks
Court of the Archon

Archon on Flying Raid Throne
Succubus on Flying Arena Chariot
Heamonculus on Coven Monster

Huskblade: Dg D3 become Dg 3 on 6+ to bless
Archite Klaive: Dg 2
Hellglaive: AP-1
Heat lance: Range 24"

But these weapons are not bad with V9 costs.

4-Transports  Stratagems
Venom 1CP; Raider 2 or 3CP
Kabal : If a <Kabal> Character is embarked in <Kabal> transport, embarked <Kabal> Units can fire within engagement range
Wych Cult : If a <Wych Cult> Character is embarked in <Wych Cult> transport , embarked <Wych Cult> units can disembark within engagement range
Coven : If a <Coven> Character is embarked in <Coven> Transport, <Coven> auras be used from this vehicule

The dream for Kabal
Raid Throne; 3CP: if your Warlord is an Archon, a Kabal Ravager win Transport 6, Save 5++ and 4++ against ranged attacks, and your Warlord must begin the battle embarked in this vehicule.

5- Drukhari Ziggourath : Flying Lord of War Or flying Fortification Network

Edit : rewrite after the discovery of 9th rules
Edit 2 : Arena Pack
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My V9 Codex updates
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