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 Ever growing army of death

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PostSubject: Ever growing army of death   Ever growing army of death I_icon_minitimeThu May 14 2020, 10:36

Xian the Ever-Nemesines Haemonculus is fascinated with death and seeks to destroy hope throughout the galaxy by wiping out life entirely. She likes to create larger and larger Grotesques by continuing to inject growth elixers and macrosteroids to push victims to breaking point, some unfortunate or blessed individuals can suffer growth to become Dreadnought sized and are given Talos-like weaponry, or even larger and more terrifying.

Xian's cause has not only drawn support from the Covens, but from other Aeldari factions as well. Several Spiritseers also fascinated with death have brought their Wraith Constructs to march alongside her. Outcasts from the Dreaming Shadows masque of the Harlequins have also joined. The Troupe's obsession with the dead brought them to Xian's side to try to stem off death. More death obsessed armies are joining Xian to create a force strong enough to bring Xian's vision of a lifeless galaxy to fruition.

All of Xian's troops wear masks of some kind. Possibly to hide their identities for some obscure reason, or to hide the fact that they are all constructs of Xian's master works in some way.

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PostSubject: Re: Ever growing army of death   Ever growing army of death I_icon_minitimeSat May 23 2020, 03:48

Your army/armies are beautiful! Your conversion work in the coven is impressive, using vypers to make talos (I believe) is a great idea and well executed . The use of so many fantasy models as well as the use of fleshy and soft colors is beautiful. The craftworld wraith army has a nice aesthetic, the pastel colors really bring it out and gives a "ghostly" look to it, well done. The harliquins, just wow so far, the soft colors really give them a deadly appearance. The demon head with the gunner on it is a great touch, especially splitting the legs apart to sit on top of the horns. I'm gonna keep watch on your progress. Keep up the work you're doing. Excellent!

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Ever growing army of death
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